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Issue: 1985/1
Page: 76 (PDF) (VIEW)
Article Type: Feature - Red Shift
Page: 14 (PDF) (VIEW)
Article Type: Feature - Julian Fuller & Helmut Watson (Red Shift)
Page: 14 (PDF) (VIEW)
Article Type: Interview - Julian Fuller & Helmut Watson (Red Shift)
Issue: #6 - 1984/4
Page: 28 (PDF) (VIEW)
Article Type: Feature - Wargame market leaders saluted
Issue: #9 - 1984/7
Page: 24 (PDF) (VIEW)
Article Type: Feature - Battling it out with the computer
Page: 13 (PDF) (VIEW)
Article Type: Feature - Come the revolution
Page: 7 (PDF) (VIEW)
Article Type: News/Note
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