Reviews for 100 Kilometri (#10)

Review by The Dean of Games on 14 Mar 2013 (Rating: 1)

1986 Load 'n' Run [IT]
by Francesco and Federico Fantazzini

A weird idea around bike racing, using 'Trashman' graphics on the first and last part.
The keys are:
Q-speed up
A-speed down
P-change leader

If you keep the speed around 30 and keep the P key pressed all the way thru the game, you reach the end with no problems. I advise you to use the emulators full speed option. Or be prepared to fall asleep at the wheel... I mean handlebar! I mean keyboard!

Review by dandyboy on 15 Mar 2013 (Rating: 2)

With some more options this budget game could have been a winner ...

Definitely , there are much better cycling games out there .

In spite of all its limitations , 100 Km still retains some of the ZX Spectrum old virtues and vintage flavour , and that´s a positive thing in my opinion . This is why I am not giving this lame game a 1 .

1,5 out of 5 .

Review by YOR on 03 Jul 2021 (Rating: 1)

Now how's this for coincidence? Last review I did was a pointless car racing game and now we have a pointless bicycle race! So yes, this is a cycling game and there is almost nothing to this game at all. No sound during the game, no opponents to speak of, also no fun at all. Follow The Dean's guide and you're set. Also I finished it in 20 minutes and 28 seconds, well a couple of minutes in reality thanks to speeding up the emulator, but still, win. Or rather more feels like defeat because you just wasted time playing this.