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De Copas en Nueva York, 28 Dec 2010 (Rating: 4)

I agree with DigitalPrawn in that De Copas en Nueva York is a quite a unique piece of retro-Spanish software with an uncommon setting and uncommon goals.

I love this game for its simplicity and also for its bizarre and eccentric glamour ... -in fact I believe this must be the most glamorous game ever alongside the Pink Panter !!!- the setting is very inspiring and original and it is also filled with flashing lights and bright colors ...

On the personal side this strange little game also brings many fond memories back to me because I used to play this with my missed grandfather Emilio at his home here in Spain, and I used to have great times with him.

A unique piece of BASIC software full of color and glamour that takes me back in time to when I was a child in the early 80´s.

In the same vein as De Copas en Nueva York I can also recommend some of the games that came with the ZX magazine edited in Spain during the 80´s ... especially El Coloso en Llamas and also En Busca del WC. You can find both games clicking here:

Good luck !! ;)

Manic Miner, 30 Dec 2010 (Rating: 5)

A classic among classics !! Matthew Smith was a true visionary and a genius.

So many good qualities to remark: playability, charm, iconic main character, pioneer of platform games, humor, excentricity, queer atmosphere, simplicity ... nothing less than brilliant to my eyes !!!

One of the best games I have had the pleasure of playing and finishing without cheating. A jewel of a game. A true legend !! A masterpiece of a videogame !!

Valoration? 10 out of 5 for this priceless piece of art.

Manic Miner is one of the reasons why the 80´s were so magical. ;D

In my opinion Manic Miner is the BEST GAME OF ALL TIMES. FULL STOP.

Pssst, 01 Jan 2011 (Rating: 5)

Probably the most original game ever written for the Spectrum . Colourful and delightful with a unique plot. Help the plant grow keeping away the bugs that are taking over .

One of those charming video-games you could only find in the 80´s on an old Speccy !!

Pssst : a game in a million and one of the most emblematic titles from the early age of the Spectrum .

Pyjamarama, 01 Jan 2011 (Rating: 5)

What to say about this wonder ?? A classic within a classic and one of the best games ever created for the machine Sir Clive Sinclair invented back in the 80´s . A work of art from start to finish ! Dreamlike and utterly original ...

Pyjamarama is the only game that reaches the same level of quality and inventiveness as the legendary Manic Miner , in my opinion .

One of the best ! NO DOUBT .

The Rocky Horror Show, 02 Jan 2011 (Rating: 5)

The atmosphere of this game is superb !!

It represents some kind of nightmare situation with a wide range of crazy characters. At some point the main characters will run naked all over the screen !!!

The game is full of bizarre details and the setting is creepy and pleasantly so !!!!!

The action takes place inside an abandoned theatre with an occult laboratory on its surroundings. cool , isn´t it ??

A gem. A classic. A dream of a game come true for the Spectrum.

Ps - Based upon a great movie .

Zorro, 02 Jan 2011 (Rating: 5)

Excellent videoadventure by UsGold !!

Simple but effective graphics. Inspiring setting. Charismatic main character. This game involves you like a film ...

Before rescuing Lupita you will need to solve several tests with the help of your sword and imagination ... truly challenging and enjoyable !! Pretty looking game !!

Ps - again I must disagree with Alessandro who , once again , totally misses the point about this archaic gem and about the possibilities of the Spectrum back in the day ... in fact , I consider Zorro one of the most loved games ever made for the Spectrum -.

Ps - Zorro means "fox" in Spanish .

Scuba Dive, 26 Jan 2011 (Rating: 5)

One of the most original Spectrum games ever. Very colourful and intriguing.

It was exciting to avoid the octopuses and finding obstreperous new aquatic species right underneath them.

Besides , this game has one thing that many others lack, that thing is called magic.

It is magic not being able to resist diving deeper and deeper until you find electric eels, giant squids, and all sorts of strange animals and a pletora of queer aquatic fauna.

Magic, pure magic !!

Ps - I totally disagree with Alessandro. This is, in fact, one of the most loved games ever made for the Zx Spectrum. Anyone who doesn´t love this game is totally missing the point about the 80´s black little wonder invented by Sir Clive Sinclair.

Sgrizam, 01 Feb 2011 (Rating: 3)

SGRIZAM "the mighty sword".

Good intentions that don´t really work quite well in this predictable game by Spanish company Dinamic Software.

Dated even in its own time.

Sir Fred, 01 Feb 2011 (Rating: 4)

Good game ! One of the most popular Spanish games.

Took plantforms games to another level.

Cool graphics too !!

La Abadia del Crimen, 01 Feb 2011 (Rating: 5)

Probably the best Spanish game ever released not only for the Spectrum but for any platform.

Based on a novel by Umberto Eco, in this isometric abbey you play the role of a medieval version of Sherlock Holmes, while trying to solve some crimes.

It is fun just to wander inside the abbey in the company of other monks or alone ... the religious/detectivesque atmosphere is superbly achieved !!!

Skool Daze, 01 Feb 2011 (Rating: 5)

Excellent game with plenty of original details.

It reminds me of the best days of the Spectrum.

Sir Clive Sinclair should be thinking of games like this when he invented his machine back in 1982.

Great atmosphere ! Superb game ! Both authors must be proud !

Southern Belle, 10 Feb 2011 (Rating: 4)

Very interesting game from the point of view of the history of simulators.

Trains are not chosen that often as the main vehicles in this kind of software , especially steam-engines ones ...

All in all this simulation game was very seductive for me back in the day and although I never played it to the full , my memories concerning Southern Belle couldn´t be more positive .

4,5 out of 5 for me ... :D

Ps - And I agree with The Dean of Games : playing Southern Belle is a very relaxing experience ... an antidote against stress .

Spy Hunter, 10 Feb 2011 (Rating: 5)

One of the most addictive games I used to play in the good-old-days of the Spectrum !!

Back in 1985 this was a superb game !!

The sensation of speed is impressive and very well implemented.

5 massive stars for this incredible game ,,, !!!

Match Point, 10 Feb 2011 (Rating: 5)

One of the best tennis simulators I have ever played.

PSION is a very well respected company for the quality of their products which is quite remarkable. Match Point is no exception to this rule.

Best tennis simulator for any platform. FULL STOP.

As years go by, the importance of this superb PSION production increases.

A landmark in sporting games.

Even better than real tennis !

A 10 out of 5 for PSION and their Match Point.

Wheelie, 10 Feb 2011 (Rating: 4)

Good game with great atmosphere !

Great sensation of speed and acceleration.

Weird scenarios with brilliant colors.

A classic from the early days of the Spectrum.

All in all I woudn´t give this game 5 points. It was too difficult for my taste !! LOL

Flight Simulation, 10 Apr 2011 (Rating: 4)

One of the best simulators for the Spectrum Sinclair.

I remember playing it hour after hour after hour back in the day.

You can hardly find a better flight simulator for the Speccy.

I´m in love with Psion games ... sad enough they released so few !!!

Horace Goes Skiing, 10 Apr 2011 (Rating: 5)

Marvelous game introducing the legendary character of Horace. Priceless !!

2 games in one pack .

The slalom part is always fun to play .

The image of Horace crashing will stay in your mind forever , and the ambulance sequence ... mmmm ... what to say ?? Delicious ! ! !

Like I said before ... priceless and very 80´s .

A cute-little game ideal for kids . The nostalgic element of this game is bloody marvelous ! ! !

Ps - There should be a TV cartoon show starring Horace ... it would be great to see Horace on the TV screeb , in a soap opera !!! That would be fun . . . 5 / 5 .

Horace & the Spiders, 10 Apr 2011 (Rating: 4)

Horace always seemed to me like a very impatient character ... moving his two legs from side to side without a rest !! Not bad for a blob with no arms ... lol.

One of the most glamorous characters to come out from the all-time Speccy gallery. A timeless classic and a legend itself !

Hungry Horace, 10 Apr 2011 (Rating: 4)

Pioneer game starring the legendary character of Horace who seems to have an insatiable belly.

A charming-little piece of PSION early software !! ;D

Chess, 10 Apr 2011 (Rating: 4)

Very elegant and smart chess simulator from Psion -which is my favorite software company of all times-. Re-discover the pleasures of board-chess with this jewel from the early days of the Spectrum.

The most glamorous chess program in my opinion.

Deathchase, 14 Apr 2011 (Rating: 4)

A very exciting game, indeed !! The sense of speed is very well accomplished in this Spectrum classic .

Accelerate to the limit, and go !!

4,5 stars .

Football Manager, 15 Apr 2011 (Rating: 5)

I used to play this in its Spanish version and I enjoyed it a lot ...

Try to promote from 4th division to the 1st was quite a challenge !!!

Lots of fun with this game especially if you are a patient player. Patience will get the best from this game.

I have played many football management games and this one keeps its value and quality.

What else to say about Football Manager ??? A true classic ! ;)

Baron Rojo, 15 Apr 2011 (Rating: 4)

I used to play this game when I was a kid. It came as a part of a Spanish compilation. It was not spectacular but I used to have great fun playing it !!

Great memories !!

Star Control, 15 Apr 2011 (Rating: 5)

A very sophisticated game combining strategy with arcade parts. The setting is cool and the atmosphere captivating and neat .

Me , a mind-games lover , cannot but reverence this wonderful StarControl .

Very recommendable !! Especially in the two players mode . ;)

Robin of the Wood, 27 Apr 2011 (Rating: 5)

Excellent movility!! Great atmosphere!! Cool music !! Superb game!!

There are no words to describe such a masterpiece ... mysterious , imaginative , colorful , artistic , delightful ... there are too many good qualities to be put into words .

The game-path is quite fast and the movements are silk-smooth .

Robin of the Wood is an underrated jewel that deserves much more praise than it actually gets .

The forest seems bewithched and is deep and menacing with spectres materialising here and there ... you can GET LOST in this game , literaly .

Robin of the Wood is one of my favorite games and I cry because of its distribution denied status . :(

Anyway , you can enjoy the incredible tune right here -->

El Mago, 27 Apr 2011 (Rating: 4)

I used to play this when I was a kid ... it brings so many fond memories to me !!! I enjoy it a lot out of sheer simplicity.

This sort of programs made me love the Sir Clive Sinclair machine back in the 80´s.

Time-Gate, 27 Jun 2011 (Rating: 5)

I remember playing this videogame at the early age of 7.

Videogames were a new thing back then and this hyper-space odyssey left a vivid impression upon me because of its cool atmosphere and its well-designed and strategic game-play.

It is a complex program and it can be confusing at times, but it was an excellent proposal back in 1983 !!!!!!!!!!

Magic ! I keep very fond memories of this game because I used to play it at Christmas Time at grandpa´s home so it got some sentimental extra-value for me .

Time Gate is a very rewarding experience for patient players .... an Star-Trek derivative in some ways , and a pretty good one .

Alchemist, 30 Jun 2011 (Rating: 5)

Excellent atmosphere and excellent game!! you can intechange shapes between a wizzard and an eagle in the search of Warlock ... the evil entity. Very original and colorful. A 9 out of 10.

World Series Basketball, 30 Jun 2011 (Rating: 5)

5 out of 5 for this basketball simulator !!

Not being a basket lover myself, I find this game quite amusing and realistic.

Beating the machine is not an easy task.

One of the best basketball games ever made for the Spectrum.

No flaws , pure joy ! ! !

5 / 5 .

Orc Attack, 04 Jul 2011 (Rating: 4)

A very good game indeed !! Original plot. Simple but addictive. Elude the arrows of the enemy while defending your fortress ... be a knight for a while !!

This old game has a vintage charm that cannot be put into words . . . 3,5 / 5 .

Bruce Lee, 09 Jul 2011 (Rating: 5)

Very smooth movements and very addictive game !! Try to elude the baddies while you collect stars. Cool and one of the best games I have ever played on a Spectrum 48K.

Great memories !!! A true classic !! 5 / 5 .

Pd - This game reminds me of a another Spectrum classic : Zorro .

Dun Darach, 09 Jul 2011 (Rating: 4)

Cool atmosphere, great movements and innovative graphics !! An eerie game, but intriguing too ...

Not a true classic , but rather a game that marked an epoch , a landmark .

4,5 for me ...

The Way of the Exploding Fist, 09 Jul 2011 (Rating: 5)

One of the best martial arts simulators I have ever played !! smooth movements and a great variety of strikes ... great game !! fine memories .

Pronostico de Quinielas, 09 Jul 2011 (Rating: 5)

I am very fond of this utility because I am heavily interested in statistics and probability and this software gives you a fair chance of winning the football pools by means of calculating the probabilities, as simple as that.

This application -wisely used- may turn you into a millionaire !! ;D

Cobra, 09 Jul 2011 (Rating: 4)

Not being an action lover myself -I´m much more into mind games- ... this one is really well designed and enjoyable enough. Well done, mate ! A remarkable game, indeed .. !

Arcadia, 20 Jul 2011 (Rating: 4)

Arcadia brings me the sweetest memories !!!

A very skillful , colorful and quite challenging game indeed ...

Enjoyable with lots of speed on it and many spaceships to destroy !!!

A true classic from the early age of the Spectrum , too fast and very difficult !!

3D-Tanx, 24 Jul 2011 (Rating: 5)

One of the first computer games I ever played and one of the best! Impede the tanks to enter your town single-handedly. Good fun !!

The sound of the bombs approaching and exploding is very realistic !! ;D

Very well for a 1982 game ...

Ant Attack, 24 Jul 2011 (Rating: 5)

There aren´t better games for the Spectrum.

Ant Attack is a classic and a pioneer. Ages above its time.

The movements are so smooth, the plot so original.

This game has the same charm and looks as an old/vintage - sci-fiction - B-movie .

Avoid the unfriendly ants. LOVE IT.

Terra Cresta, 25 Jul 2011 (Rating: 5)

Excellent game !!! the music remained in my head for years and years. . . TERRA CRESTA . . . the only video-game where you kill dinosaurs with a spacecraft !!

Excellent ! ! 5 / 5 .

Ole, Toro, 27 Jul 2011 (Rating: 3)

Not a bad game in spite of the subject matter . Nice touches here and there ... Olé Toro is worth a try.

Where else can you fight a bull with the only risk of getting bored ??

Iron Lord, 27 Jul 2011 (Rating: 4)

A Hollywood production for the Spectrum.

The game that raised the highest expectations when I was a kid back in 1989.

The odds were high with this game and it took many years of waiting for the fans but they were worth it.

It is a cool game with a great atmosphere and some of the best graphics ever seen on a Speccy !

A story within a story ...

Firebirds, 28 Jul 2011 (Rating: 4)

One of the fist videogames I ever played on any platform and one of the ones I keep more fond memories of.

Year 1983 and Firebirds will always come together in my mind ... excellent !!

There is a diabolical side in this videogame ...

Highly addictive in spite of being so difficult, the inpredictable firebirds, the hysterical laughing sound of the firebirds when they are hit, the red devil-like meanie in the final screen, the electrifying action, etc. ...

Curious and unique game that sends a shiver right down my spine !!!

Full Throttle, 28 Jul 2011 (Rating: 5)

A marvellous game. It is incredible that you can do this with a 16k Spectrum . Never surpassed.

Pickpocket, 21 Aug 2011 (Rating: 5)

PICK-POCKET. One of the very first games I ever played on any computer. Tons of nostalgia for me to play it again ;D ... unforgettable.

Simple but effective and very original ... I entirely recommend pick-pocket.

It is cool to elude aliens while trying to capture the pick-pockets. A game in a million. Full of glamour and colour. Cheers for the author !!

There exist also a film by Robert Bresson called Pick-Pocket that is also one of my favourite films ever. 5 / 5 .

Friday the 13th, 21 Aug 2011 (Rating: 4)

I used to have fun with this game because of its weird atmosphere mostly ... it is not an excellent game but it isn´t bad either so my evaluation is rather positive. 4 out of 5 for me .. ;D

Molar Maul, 21 Aug 2011 (Rating: 3)

A very original game for the time !! Don´t ask me why but I have always found this little game very glamorous ... tons of nostalgic value for me !! :-)

Winter Games, 17 Sep 2011 (Rating: 5)

I kinda recommend this game . It brings fond memories to my mind. It is well programmed and quite original for its time. Not a timeless classic but a good game, whatsoever.

The events are challenging and quite charming .

If you like Daley Thompson's Decathlon you will also like Winter Games .

Night Stalker, 16 Nov 2011 (Rating: 4)

Simple but effective game. A shoot-them-up with a difference ... ;D

Bugaboo the Flea, 16 Nov 2011 (Rating: 5)

First international success of Spanish software.

This Bugaboo the Flea is original both in its conception and in its development.

A remarkable game indeed which has aged quite gracefuly and that retains its playability as high as when was first released !!! Sheer excellence !!

Magic !! Pure magic !!

5 / 5 .

Jetpac, 16 Nov 2011 (Rating: 5)

Excellent game !! Nice graphics, lots of fun. A legendary speccy game often imitated but never equalled. 5 stars out of 5. Delicious !

Jet Set Willy, 16 Nov 2011 (Rating: 5)

Whooohuu !! Jet Set Willy ... a legendary sequel for the legendary Manic Miner.

This is more complex and difficult than its predecesor but it is equally enjoyable.

Help Willy to tidy up his new mansion before going to bed.

Highly recommendable. Sheer brilliance , high quality .

Jumping Jack, 18 Nov 2011 (Rating: 5)

Simple but effective game ... love the iconic main character.

You cannot have more fun with less elements.

Many games afterwards where inspired by this title.

Not superb but quite good.

Fantastic Voyage, 18 Nov 2011 (Rating: 4)

Healing was never such fun !! Great game but not superb. Recommendable though. Unique and colourful !!! Be a doctor for a while...

Fernando Martin Basket Master, 18 Nov 2011 (Rating: 5)

Excellent Spanish basketball game !!! RIP Fernando Martín Espina -first Spanish player to ever play in the NBA- who died in a tragic car accident in 1990 -I believe- and who was one of the best Spanish basketball players who ever lived. The game is nice, but the memory of Martin is too large to mention in these few lines. Too sad an ending for one of the best Spanish basketball players in history. Playing Fernando Martín Basket Master is fun but, as a Spaniard myself, it always makes me sad to think of Martin tragic fate. :(

Invaders, 18 Nov 2011 (Rating: 5)

Best version of Space Invaders for the Spectrum ! Great and highly playable !

Habilit, 18 Nov 2011 (Rating: 3)

Bittersweet memories ... it was one of the last games I ever played on my Speccy.

It marked a transitional time for me as I was starting to lose interest in videogames when this one appeared.

Not a bad game at all !

2,5 out of 5 .

Handicap Golf, 18 Nov 2011 (Rating: 3)

One of the first golf simulators I ever played and one that it is worth a try. The caddie will help you in your way ... have a go !! Rather primitive but original back in the day.

Sweet memories ! ! ! 2,5 out of 5 .

Harrier Attack!, 18 Nov 2011 (Rating: 4)

One of the best Spectrum games back in the day.

Let´s go back to the golden days of the Spectrum and you will hardly find a game as cool and as well designed as this one. A bit difficult but quite good.

Fond memories !! A beloved game ... those were the days !!! 4 / 5 .

Havoc, 18 Nov 2011 (Rating: 3)

This could have been a great game if it wasn´t so short !!

The concept is quite attractive if not totally original, the ship is cute, the movements are smooth, the setting is quite impressive ... but it has so few options that you will end up bored pretty soon.

It could have been great but it is only an average title . :(

Fond memories of the early days of the Speccy come to my mind when I see this .

Football Manager 2, 18 Nov 2011 (Rating: 5)

Even more impressive than its predecessor.

FM2 is probably the computer game that I have spent more hours of my life into ...

I used to play with a cousin of mine trying to make a solid team and to promote and win the championship.

I was literally hooked into this game. A timeless classic for me ... This said, I prefer the Pc version.

5´5 out of 5 .

Frank Bruno's Boxing, 18 Nov 2011 (Rating: 3)

A decent game with cute graphics. The movements are correct and the adrenaline factor works well. A nice cartoon-like simulator quite enjoyable by those who like boxing. It is not a superb game but it can be fun.

Frank N Stein, 19 Nov 2011 (Rating: 4)

A very enjoyable platform game that reminds me of the finest days of the Zx Spectrum.

Not a legendary title but rather a hidden gem.

Most lovers of the Spectrum will enjoy this cute little thing .

The atmosphere is great and the movements smooth and silky.

A platformer with a character of its own .

High Noon, 19 Nov 2011 (Rating: 5)

Wonderfuly simple game that compiles all the good qualities of the Spectrum !!

It is still fun nowadays 30 years after its release ... so imagine back in its day.

The limited bullet factor obligues you to think twice before shooting so it isn´t as easy as it may appears at first glance.

You must use your brains as well as your ability in this videogame. As simple as High Noon may seem , I never get tired of it !! ;D

Hunchback, 19 Nov 2011 (Rating: 4)

This was one of my favorites back in the day and it remains an old Spectrum classic due to its simplicity and charm . . . 4 / 5 .

Hunchback II, 19 Nov 2011 (Rating: 3)

This used to be one of my Spectrum favorite games back in the early 80´s ... it reminds me of my lost childhood when those colorful graphics kept me staring at the screen.

An above average game with a touch of magic .

Yie Ar Kung-Fu, 19 Nov 2011 (Rating: 5)

A bloody marvelous game !! The cahracters are varied as so are the movements . Cutely designed.

It is still quite playable nowadays and it has a lot of action. The monochrome setting is well designed .

If Yie Ar Kung-Fu is not the best martial arts game for the Spectrum it must be at the top 3.

5 / 5 .

Livingstone Supongo, 19 Nov 2011 (Rating: 5)

Livingstone, I Presume is one of the best videogames ever created by a Spanish Software company. The variety of screens is wide, the actions of the player are varied as well as original ... all in all a game that one should not miss. ;D

4x4 Off-Road Racing, 19 Nov 2011 (Rating: 4)

I rather like this game. There is nothing out of this world about it but it is kinda nice.

I used to play this on its Pc version and I was in love with it when I was a kid so , there is also a sentimental value for me .

4x4 Off-Road Racing isn´t as dull as it seems at first sight.

4,5 out of 5 stars .

Evening Star, 19 Nov 2011 (Rating: 4)

Quite a good simulation game and also very original.

Especially recommended for patient players.

There are not many games of this kind out there so enjoy your trip !!

180, 19 Nov 2011 (Rating: 4)

I suscribe everything The Dean of Games said about this superb and challenging darts game.

Still I don´t give it a 5 becuase, imho, the graphics could have been better.

Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior, 19 Nov 2011 (Rating: 4)

A bloody violent game.

Not a fight lover myself I must admit that Barbarian is worth a try.

It reminds me of another bloody game: Gladiator.

Emilio Sanchez Vicario Grand Slam, 19 Nov 2011 (Rating: 5)

One of the best tennis simulators for the Spectrum alongside Match Point.

Enduro Racer, 19 Nov 2011 (Rating: 5)

There must be better motorbikes games for the Spectrum ... but I can´t think of one.

Endure Racer is, probably the definitive motorbikes game of the 80´s.

Bubble Buster, 19 Nov 2011 (Rating: 4)

Who knew that Pang had an older brother ??

Bubble Bobble, 19 Nov 2011 (Rating: 4)

For me Bubble Bobble is one of the best games ever made for any platform , although the Spectrum version -somehow- lacks many of the wonderful features that make this title so memorable. :(

3,5 / 5 .

Bride of Frankenstein, 19 Nov 2011 (Rating: 5)

Excellent game with an involving creepy atmosphere that takes you to another land and into another epoch. One of my all time favorite Spectrum games, indeed. ;D

I wonder why Bride of Frankenstein is not more praised in reviews, rankings, etc.

Worse games than this one got much more recognition and undeserved praise. In my opinion Bride of Frankenstein should be a top 20, at least.

It may not be a classic on its own right but is still a superb game with plenty of cool details.

Some may consider exagerated marking this game with a 5 but I´ll do because of the splendid creepy moments this little monochromatic wonder has made me live. A game with a mood and a chacarter this one is ...

Ps - In some aspects this game reminds me of The Rocky Horror Show ... which is also one of my favorite games !!!

Breakaway, 19 Nov 2011 (Rating: 4)

I used to have fun with this back in the day and it is still playable nowadays .

Unique mental game that will test your memory and matching skills !!

Not too dated . . .

Ps - The girl is beautiful, that´s a plus !

Zynaps, 19 Nov 2011 (Rating: 5)

Not a shooter lover myself I must admit that Zynaps is a different class.

A truly masterpiece even for those who don´t love the genre , like myself.

Tapper, 20 Nov 2011 (Rating: 4)

A colorful and humorous game by US Gold !!

Simple and very funny ... !!

Tapper truly deserves a place among Speccy´s most original games ever.

4 to 5 out of 5 . . .

3D Tunnel, 20 Nov 2011 (Rating: 3)

This is a weird game that looks like a nighmare sequence.

Fun for a while, but not for a long while.

The colours are nice , though. : )

Tranz Am, 20 Nov 2011 (Rating: 5)

What an amazing game this is !!

The speed feeling is amazing as well as the maneouvres with the car.

The landscape is also of great quality as you almost got the feeling of being lost in the middle of the desert.

A magical game with smooth gameplay, superb atmosphere, and wonderful movility ... another gem by Ultimate.

Perfection exists, and it is called Tranz Am .

5 out of 5 .

Thro' the Wall, 20 Nov 2011 (Rating: 5)

The first game I ever played on a computer and, in my humble opinion, the best arkanoid-type game I ever tried ... I still play it at times with great delight.

Colorful and charming in its simplicity with tons of nostalgic value .

A must have !! ;-)

Kosmic Pirate, 21 Nov 2011 (Rating: 3)

Maybe not the best game on the Zx Spectrum´s league but at least a very funny and entertaining one !!

A funny piece of vintage software .

Kung-Fu, 21 Nov 2011 (Rating: 4)

Sweet memories from the golden years of the old Speccy.

One of the first martial arts videogames I ever played ... it stayed in my memories for years and years and years ... that must mean something. ;D

Abu Simbel Profanation, 23 Nov 2011 (Rating: 4)

A little too difficult for my taste ... but a nice piece of early Spanish software.

Colorful ... and with everything working !!

Aquaplane, 24 Nov 2011 (Rating: 4)

Lots of fun with this pretty-little game!! Simple and addictive.

Avoid the obstacles as you pilot your bike along the coast.

I have always loved glamorous and eccentric games and this Aquaplane is a good example of both qualities. ;D

Arkanoid, 24 Nov 2011 (Rating: 5)

Arkanoid is a favourite computer game of mine on any platform.

The Spectrum version is no exception to this rule.

5 out of 5.

A classic in spite of its simplicity, or maybe because of it . ;-)

Ataque de Naves, 24 Nov 2011 (Rating: 4)

I love this sort of games mainly for the sweet memories of my childhood that they bring to my mind when I played them at my granfather´s house here in Spain.

Personal computers were a new thing back in 1985 and I was a 8-year-old child fascinated by those flashing colors in 8-bits.

Back then Microhobby was the number 1 computer magazine in my country -Spain-and it deserves a very good and well-earned reputation thanks to its full-color insightful articles.

These 8-bit games used to come as a bonus with that mythical and very missed Spanish publication of the 80´s.

Atic Atac, 24 Nov 2011 (Rating: 5)

Again a classic back in its day and a standard of the early Spectrum era with one of the most iconic title screen presentation images -the wizzard and the beast intrigued me from the first time I saw them-.

Every lover of the Zx Spectrum must love Atic Atac ... there are many reason for doing so: the atmosphere, the humour, the fast movements, a wide mansion to explore, etc...

Atic Atac is one of those games that made the Zx Spectrum what it was back in its day: the most popular electronic platform of the 80´s.

Fairlight, 24 Nov 2011 (Rating: 4)

Incredible atmosphere for this amazing game that expanded the boundaries of the Spectrum back in the day.

Daley Thompson's Decathlon, 24 Nov 2011 (Rating: 4)

An above average sporting game from the golden years of the Spectrum era.

There may be better athletics games out there for the Sinclair mighty machine but Daley Tompson´s Decathlon was one of the first and most accomplished.

8/10 in my opinion.

Danger Mouse in Double Trouble, 24 Nov 2011 (Rating: 4)

A charming and not too well known title.

The levels represent quite original challenges and the two main characters are both funny and charismatic.

Maybe not a game for the taste of the great public but a little-charming cult game.

Defender of the Crown, 24 Nov 2011 (Rating: 4)

I kinda recommend this game to all of those who enjoy medieval adventures.

You play the role of a knight at the service of a king who must deal with many hostile surrounding kingdoms.

A mixture of action and strategy that will delight those players who prefer strategic reckoning to blind action.

The game has many features and the overall setting is very well orchestrated ... I mark this game 4/5 because strategy games with medieval settings have always been a weakness of mine.

Demolition, 24 Nov 2011 (Rating: 4)

A wall-breaker with a difference !

Very smooth and playable wall-breaker with a slight twist from the original.

Worth a look !!! 4 / 5 .

Dundee's European Challenge, 24 Nov 2011 (Rating: 4)

An excellent soccer management game provided with some good action screens too !

Highly recommended for any soccer lover and very addictive !

There are many soccer management games out there but few of them reach the quality of this one.

4 out of 5 .

The Dukes of Hazzard, 24 Nov 2011 (Rating: 4)

The Dukes of Hazzard may not be the best Spectrum game but there is some bizarre and appealing side about it.

It brings many memories back to my mind and most of them are really nice.

The graphics are quite solid and the screen presentation is very neat -which I like- .

May the Dukes of Hazzard be considered a cult game ?? I leave the question open ...

Mach 3, 25 Nov 2011 (Rating: 4)

Mach 3 is quite a good game. A bit repetitive in its development but still very much worth it.

The movements of the ships are silk smooth and the sound fx are excelent.

Getting through the time gates is quite exciting and is a task that will test your hability as a pilot.

The sense of speed is very accurate in this game.

A lost jewel from the late days of the Spectrum era.

4/5 is my mark for Mach3.

Match Day, 25 Nov 2011 (Rating: 5)

The Spectrum soccer game per excellence !

Often imitated, never equaled.

Mined-Out, 25 Nov 2011 (Rating: 5)

Who gives more for less ??

Back in the early days of the Spectrum Mined-Out was a standard classic and a favorite of mine .

Many versions after , it hasn´t been surpassed .

Megapede, 25 Nov 2011 (Rating: 4)

One of the 1st games I ever played on the Speccy and one with a fast path.

Shoot the baddies before they reach you.

Just fun !

Maziacs, 25 Nov 2011 (Rating: 4)

A classic maze game from the early days of the Spectrum.

The baddies are truly nasty and the movement is more than correct.

Iconic legendary game MAZIACS which has known several remakes.

Not superb but quite good.

R-Type, 25 Nov 2011 (Rating: 5)

R-Type is a different class shoot-them-up.

Not being a lover of the genre myself I must admit that this game is a superb conversion of a superb idea that came out in the right moment proving that the Zx was a machine able of better things than just reproducing lame software.

Attractive from every angle , this game stands alone as a reference in the spaceships genre and in the whole Spectrum era.

Thumbs-up for R-Type !!

pd - how is this taking over manic miner ?? I don´t understand . :(

Rescate del Tesoro, 25 Nov 2011 (Rating: 3)

One of those microgames with which I learned to play as a child. Sweet memories once again.

Avoiding octopusies inside a capsule in search of gold and silver blocks may not be everybody´s idea of diversion but it was for me back in the year 1984.

In a child´s imagination this little submarine adventure became equivalent to the quest for the Atlantida.

I kinda miss this sort of microgames.

Long life primitive software !!

Randax, 25 Nov 2011 (Rating: 3)

I remember playing Randax when I was about 8 years old and I used to like it quite a lot.

The quest for gold in your lorry avoiding the angry hounds ... that´s my vision of fun !!

The game is simple but effective and the graphics are ok. This game has something that will stay in your head for so long ...

I also believe that Randax as a title sounds really cool . ;-)

If you have a chance , try this game , you won´t be disappointed.

Rampage, 25 Nov 2011 (Rating: 4)

The multi-player modality available of this game makes it all much more attractive and fun.

To interact with other monsters smashing bricks and windows is quite a nice feature of this RAMPAGE.

8 out of 10 for this game that still lacks a little something to reach a true classic status .

Rambo, 25 Nov 2011 (Rating: 4)

A good war-game that followed the path of Commando inspired by the movie starring Silvester Stallone.

The jungle is full of enemies but, fortunately, you got plenty of arsenal to combat them including a bazooka and some other "toys".

The scroll is excellent and the graphics better than average so ... there´s no reason why this RAMBO should not be considered a good program.

Raid over Moscow, 25 Nov 2011 (Rating: 3)

RAID OVER MOSCOW is one of those titles that first come to my mind whenever I think of the happy days of the Spectrum.

Back then, in the early 80´s, there was a cold war going on and somehow this sort of programs that mixed action with strategy in a Soviet setting always managed to call my attention .

I still consider the graphics and the title screen quite glamorous and intriguing.

The main reproach that I make to this video-game is that it is too difficult to really become enjoyable. Still I consider this a historical piece of software that could only exist in the early days of the Spectrum, and that´s why I like it, not for the game itself but for its historical value. ;D

Saboteur!, 26 Nov 2011 (Rating: 4)

A superb game where you play the role of a ninja avoiding hounds and policemen alike .

Cool atmosphere, cute graphics, amazing movements ... a fine cocktail for a fine program.

8 out of 10 for me.

Sabre Wulf, 26 Nov 2011 (Rating: 5)

One of those mythical games from the early days of the Spectrum published under the label Ultimate Play the Game.

Back in the 80´s every child at that time dreamed of playing this sort of games facing rhynos and other wild beasts with a sword.

Cool game with cute and colorful graphics in the vein of Atic-Atac.

Sabre Wulf has also been widely imitated, but never equaled.

Saimazoom, 26 Nov 2011 (Rating: 4)

One of those Spanish games that were quite popular back in their heyday, at least here in Spain .

I used to play this as a sort of Spanish Sabre Wulf . Rewarding and entertaining .

Not a bad game, by no means ... 3,5 / 5 .

Save the Whale, 26 Nov 2011 (Rating: 3)

One of those first games I ever tried ... not spectacular but quite nice with tons of nostalgic value.

Misguide the nasty eskimos onto the icebergs and make them sink into the freezing waters.

The idea behind the game is smart and addictive enough as to implement a remake of this Save the Whale -a sugestion for any programer who may be reading this-.

The idea behind Save the Whale is quite attractive ... why not give it a fresh new look ??

Kids will love it, I´m sure... and so will I. ;D

Super Soccer, 26 Nov 2011 (Rating: 4)

What a wonderful game this one is in my opinion.

I am a big fan of the Imagine´s World Series saga and this Super Soccer is no exception.

From all the soccer simulators out there for the Spectrum this Super Soccer is the one which satisfies me the most.

Score 3020, 26 Nov 2011 (Rating: 3)

Score 3020 is a sad case ...

A very good idea very poorly implemented !

Superman: The Game, 26 Nov 2011 (Rating: 4)

Don´t ask me why but I just love this game and I find it very amusing.

I firmly believe that a remake should be done.

The idea of flying between buildings and directing your laser bean by means of mirrors seems to me quite appealing.

Although the execution is rather poor, the idea behind this game works quite well.

4 / 5 .

Styx, 27 Nov 2011 (Rating: 4)

I used to have a lot of fun with this little game and I didn´t even know Matthew Smith was the author.

I remember I found the game quite funny, glamorous and appealing back in the day and now I understand why... the great Matthew S. was behind it !!!

The laser-bean coming out from the belly of the astronaut is quite an amusing feature.

The movements are smooth and quick with no time for boredom.

Any Manic Miner lover will surely enjoy this little gem. I bet.

The Snowman, 28 Nov 2011 (Rating: 5)

A more than average little game ... cool and glamorous .

Build a snowman and skip the baddies.

A charming piece of software from the early days of the Spectrum.

I am in love with wintery games , so this gets an easy 5 for me ! ! !

Space Raiders, 28 Nov 2011 (Rating: 5)

In my opinion, this is the best shooter from the early epoch of the Spectrum and, who else could have done it but PSION ??

There is something magical about Psion games and Space Raiders makes no exception.

It is a magical game by a magical software company.

Easily , the best ´raiders´ out there !

Special Delivery, 29 Nov 2011 (Rating: 3)

Don´t ask me why but I have always found Xmas games very glamorous and alluring .

This Special Delivery is a cute one ... introduce the packets through the top of the chimneys while you ride your flying sleigh. Cute ! Isn´t it ? :)

Xmas fun ! ho, ho, ho ! 3 / 5 .

Spiky Harold, 29 Nov 2011 (Rating: 4)

Doesn´t this Spiky Harold look like if he were some close relative of Sonic the Hedgehog from the SEGA saga ??

So I wonder ...

Cannon Ball, 30 Nov 2011 (Rating: 4)

A very amusing and entertaining Pang precursor ...

This funny-little game makes boredom almost impossible.

The balls never stop falling onto you so you must be quick ... good fun! ;D

Stop the Express, 30 Nov 2011 (Rating: 5)

A marvelous game and one of the best ever written for the Spectrum !!

Very colourful and also furiously fast !!

Prevent the express from derailing eluding baddies, wicked birds, ghosts and all sort of weird enemies ... very entertaining and exciting !!! Magic, pure 8-bits magic !!

Who can forget those red gangsters holding a bullet in one hand and throwing it at you as if it were a stone ... quite hilarious !!

Stop the Express is one of those magical games that were ahead of their time and which made me fall in love with the Zx Spectrum forever, and ever, and ever, and ever again ... and that I often miss in modern platforms.

A must have for all lovers of the Spectrum.

Thanks a lot Sir Clive Sinclair !!

This time your black wonder worked a miracle !! ;D

Ps - Doesn´t the main character in this game resemble Wonder Boy with his big blonde head ??

Camelot Warriors, 30 Nov 2011 (Rating: 4)

A very fine piece of Spanish software provided with cute graphics and superb atmosphere ... and highly playable !!

8 out of 10 for me !!

A great game, indeed ... and one of the best by Dinamic . ;D

Cauldron, 01 Dec 2011 (Rating: 4)

Witches are very popular and the sofware world could not ignore them for long ... Cauldron is the living proof.

The setting is involving if not impressive and the feeling of riding a flying broomstick is quite convincing.

Black cats, poisoned potions, old trees, and all the parafaernalia of the wicca world is present in this wicked , wicked game . . .

3 stars + 1 extra star for its originality ! ! ! :-)

Cosmic Debris, 01 Dec 2011 (Rating: 3)

Cosmic Debris is a charming game by a charming software company ARTIC COMPUTING.

Very simple but quite charming. The inertia of the space-ship is quite cool.

I have fun with this one.

Cosme y los Alienigenas, 01 Dec 2011 (Rating: 4)

Cosme y los Alienígenas is one of my most loved games for the Spectrum and a master piece of retro Spanish software.

Loosely based upon V -the TV series- the game is full of charm and colour. There is also an unsettling side about this game with those green aliens gathering araound you with who knows what intentions.

The title screen is one of the best I´ve ever seen. The plot is also very original to the point of surrealism. I love the presentation too !!! ;-)

Cosme y los Alienígenas has it all ... it´s got charm, spirit, originality, impressive colours, glamour, eccentricity, humour, queerness ... this game is one of a kind .

Maybe not as good as Manic Miner , but still a charming little video-game that I love for its peculiarities and also because it brings too many fond memories to my mind to mark it lower than a 4/5 stars .

Cosme y los Alienígenas is a magical game that forms an important part of my infancy here in Spain .

Cliff Hanger, 04 Dec 2011 (Rating: 4)

I have always liked mind-games and Cliff Hanger is one of a kind, really.

Simply put: there´s no other game in the world resembling this one.

The graphics are nice and the development of the different levels is quite amusing ... with some unusual and funny extra touches. ;-)

If only there were more games like Cliff Hanger this world would be a much better place !!!!

A faultless gem !!

4,5 stars .

Green Beret, 04 Dec 2011 (Rating: 4)

A good war arcade game indeed... not being a fan myself I still apreciate the high playability of Green Beret.

The atmosphere in this game is just right. The movements are smooth and precise, the scroll is quite pleasant, and the sound does its job quite well.

Green Beret was one of the first games I ever played in my old Speccy and I keep some fond memories of it... as well as 3D Tanx.

Not my favourite game but an accomplished one that I would recommend to any war arcades lover, unlike myself...

Commando, 04 Dec 2011 (Rating: 4)

I will make a stand for Commando.

Considering that I have never really liked action games very much I must admit that Commando is highly playable and agreable to watch.

The graphics are ok, and the game is quite challenging. As you advance through a forest of enemies you really got the feeling of being a hero !!!

This and Rambo are two cool games that are still enjoyable even today. Especially Commando, which I find has aged pretty well.

Painter, 04 Dec 2011 (Rating: 4)

A fairly enjoyable game in which you play the role of a painter. Simple but highly playable... archaic, some may say.

1983 was a magical year for the Spectrum and this Painter is one of those primitive games that were a landmark of those early years in software history.

Panic, 04 Dec 2011 (Rating: 4)

One of those early games for the Speccy that put the emphasis in playability rather than other aspects such as graphics and sound fx.

The devils run really fast and your only weapon against them is a shovel.

The yellow fellow is one of the cutest aspects of this ladders game.

Good luck, chaps !!

Pedro, 04 Dec 2011 (Rating: 3)

The main problem with Pedro is that it is too simple.

The idea is fairly original, the graphics are cute, the perspective works well, so ... why not add more screens ??

The main problem with Pedro is that it only got one single screen. A little more variety would have been nice. ;D

The lack of variety prevents Pedro for being a really good game . :(

Penetrator, 04 Dec 2011 (Rating: 4)

One of the best shooters that has ever existed if a little too hard for me.

Nice sound , nice graphics , nice atmosphere , nice movements , nice landscapes, nice fx , nice colours ... everything is nice in this masterpiece.

The title screen is one that catched my imagination from the beginning and that impressed my memory all over the years.

Penetrator is a masterpiece of 8-bits early software.

Our spaceship can shoot two sorts of bullets which makes it all much more complex and fun. Destroy the enemy´s radars and rockets and leave no trace ...

I don´t give this gem a 5 because, as I said before, it is just too difficult for my taste. Otherwise Penetrator got all the qualities for being awarded with a 5 ... : )

4,5 for me .

Pheenix, 04 Dec 2011 (Rating: 4)

What a cool game this one is !!!

In this case your spaceship is provided with a magnetic shield to help you repel the enemy´s batteries.

The color is as superb as the sound ... the playability is perfect and the addiction factor runs high.

The enemy´s mother-ship is worth a look !!!

Pick 'n' Pile, 05 Dec 2011 (Rating: 4)

The syntony in Pick 'n' Pile has been chasing my mind from years and years and years and I consider it one of the best alongside the ones in Mario Bross and in Bubble Bobble.

Apart from the wonderful music -which also reminds me of some tracks by David Byrne from Talking Heads- the game itself is awfuly original and worthwhile.

Combine piles of identical objects before the time runs out !!! There are some "magic" items to help you do this ... ;D

The only drawback of this game is the color clash between the balls and the mural which always makes me doubt because some of the balls look almost the same when they are different in reality ... but they DON´T LOOK DIFFERENT, so that makes things confusing at times.

All in all, Pick ´n´ Pile is quite a remarkable game from the late years of the Spectrum era ... 1991.

Ps - The wonderful music in this game always seems to cheer me up whenever I happen to listen to it !!!!!!!!

The Pyramid, 05 Dec 2011 (Rating: 5)

What a bloody marvelous game this is !!! I am speechless. :O

One of my favorite games ever and one of the best games ever made for the Spectrum ... I would award this game with 6 stars out of 5 if the protocol allowed me . ;D

Dive into an infested Pyramid full of weird enemies and toss your ray at them while you collect the diamonds ... sheer delight !! isn´t it ??

The most interesting feature in this Pyramid is that you choose your own way through the chambers until you reach the very bottom.

Each chamber is filled with a different kind of enemy while you are protected by a bionic bubble propelled by some kind of anti-gravity invisible energy.

The feeling of being floating in the middle of the outer space is so accomplished that at times you feel like in 2001 Space Odyssey which is kinda cool. ;D

This game is the coolest experience you could ever try in a Zx Spectrum.

Prohibition, 05 Dec 2011 (Rating: 3)

Prohibition was one of those titles that marked the decline of the Spectrum reign or, at least, the beginning of the end.

It isn´t a bad game but my memories about this title are bitter-sweet.

In the year of its release I was about 10 years old and it appears that some of the charm and the innocence of those early Spectrum video-games was starting to fade as I stepped into adolescence.

I´m surprised no other users have reviewed this game yet since it used to be quite popular back in the day ...

I guess Al Capone would enjoy playing Prohibition ... but me ??? only at times . :(

3,5 out of 5 .

Pozar Wiezowca, 05 Dec 2011 (Rating: 3)

Hey !!

I used to play this game in its Spanish version which was called "El Coloso en Llamas" and I didn´t know this Polish version existed.

Sweet memories from my childhood to find this again.

The game may not be the seventh wonder but the nostalgic value it has for me is beyond measure.

Post Mortem, 05 Dec 2011 (Rating: 3)

Back in 1988 I remember being quite intrigued by this eerie title but ... alas !! I never tried it back then so I imagined all sort of weird things concerning this strange game.

Playing it today the game shows all of its age, the magic is gone, but that does not prevent some curious passages from catching your imagination here and there.

In Post Mortem you play the role of a dead man, the screen display is quite useful and original, but the aesthetic aspects of the game are very, very dated.

A unique, if rather dated, text game which uniqueness does not prevent me from considering it only average.

Tiro de Pichon, 05 Dec 2011 (Rating: 4)

An amusing archaic game featuring pigeon shooting !!!

Although the plot is rather cruel -I don´t enjoy seeing an animal dying not even on the screen- the gameplay works really well so I never get tired of it.

The graphic presentation looks quite nice and the sound fxs are ok too !!!

A modest early title in which all of its qualities are present during the game and very well-balanced.

A pleasant game in spite of its blatant cruelty.

Pinball, 05 Dec 2011 (Rating: 5)


Ping Pong, 05 Dec 2011 (Rating: 5)

There aren´t better ping pong games for the Spectrum so this masterpiece clearly deserves a 5 .

Playability is diabolical -in the good sense of the word- as it got you into the game from the very first point .

Winning a match really gives you a sense of victory and high achievement since it is not easy -by any means- to beat the machine .

Your nerves will be tested to the limit with this diabolical game .

The intro tune within the game is remarkable too !!!

The best ping-pong simulator I have ever tried on any platform . FULL STOP .

Planetoids, 05 Dec 2011 (Rating: 4)

A delightful game indeed like every other game ever made by PSION !!

PSION games are one of the things that make me miss the 80´s so badly ... :(

The sound fxs are quite cute and the inertia of the asteroids is so accomplished that you will soon feel inmersed into the deep space !!!

The score marker is also a PSION landmark ...

A cute piece of early software .

Platero, 05 Dec 2011 (Rating: 3)

PLATERO - one of those early games for the Spectrum that I used to play as a child here in Spain. A bilingual game this time edited by Investronica S.A.

Based upon the novel "Platero y Yo" by the Spanish Nobel Prize Juan Ramón Jiménez, this game challenges your linguistic skills. Ideal for children ...

The donkey is quite friendly and amusing ... like the one described in the novel by the Spanish author.

A very nice Hangman variation ! 3 out of 5 !

The Great Escape, 05 Dec 2011 (Rating: 5)

What a magnificient game this is !! The plot and the atmosphere work superbly altogether.

The artwork is so spectacular that you could not believe this could be done with a Spectrum 48K.

A 5 stars !!! A massive game !!!

A Zx Spectrum Hollywood superproduction.

Chapeau !!

Granja, 05 Dec 2011 (Rating: 3)

A little funny piece of Spanish software credited to Microhobby Press which main title should be translated as The Farm.

This game is fun for a while ... try to insert the keys into the keyholes, avoid the angry-pinky swines with the help of some killing tomatoes.

As surreal as it may sound this is the plot of Granja.

The pigs are wild and they love the taste of human meat so you are in a bit of a mess.

Not a bad game if you take it for what it is ... sheer entertainment without higher pretentions.

Galaxians, 05 Dec 2011 (Rating: 3)

A passable space shooter where the enemy´s spaceships will chase you like if they were driven by kamikazee pilots.

Two main problems with this game:

1) You can only shoot one bullet at a time.

2 ) Your spaceship is so big that you get hit extremely easy.

Apart from that is an acceptable game, fun for a while.

Game Over, 05 Dec 2011 (Rating: 4)

A mythical Spanish title that even got several sequels during the subsequent years !!! GAME OVER

The game is hard but quite attractive and well programmed.

In Spain during the 80´s there was a wave of 1st quality national software companies -such as Opera, Dinamic, Topo, etc.- that supplied games for the Zx Spectrum as well as some press publications like MICROHOBBY and MICROMANIA and ZX that analized those games for benefit of the user.

This serves as a proof of the immense popularity of the Spectrum in Spain during the 80´s and early 90´s.

GAME OVER represents the pinnacle of those crazy years and I would dare to say that is the most representative Spanish game for the ZX Spectrum.

I am not a big fan of Spanish companies but some of their programs were quite remarkable, Game Over is one of them.

Ps - The futuristic sexy girl in the cover was a landmark of Spanish software companies during the 80´s and 90´s as you might have guessed by now. In Spain this phaenomena was known as "el destape". ;D

Ghostbusters, 05 Dec 2011 (Rating: 4)

I agree with the positive reviews about this game.

In spite of all its faults I still find Ghostbusters quite amusing ... it is really a unique title in the history of software.

I find the tune irresistible in extreme !!

What really hook me about this game is that it looks like an old Spectrum classic ...

Gift from the Gods, 05 Dec 2011 (Rating: 3)

Gift from the Gods was one of the first games I ever played and owned .

My grandparents gave it to me as a birthday present back in 1984 so my memories about this game are both special and emotive .

Nevertheless I never fell in love with the game for some reason or another.

All I can say about Gift from the Gods is that it is a good-looking game that doesn´t really live up to its premise.

Gift from the God is a rather average game with the looks of a great one.

The Goonies, 06 Dec 2011 (Rating: 3)


One of those computer games that had everything to become classic but, alas, they didn´t.

Why ??

They just don´t seem to pass the test of time ...

This one remains very, very 80´s and kiddish like the film in which is based.

It is dated in a sense that doesn´t profit from the benefit of nostalgia. That´s why The Goonies has become old rather than vintage.

It is a pitty because I really like everything that surrounds THE GOONIES ... but time has been cruel to this obscure US Gold game which doesn´t even seem to have profited from the great popularity of the movie.

Sad case !

La Aventura Original, 28 Feb 2012 (Rating: 5)

La Aventura Original is probably the best conversational adventure ever writen in Spanish .

Nice graphics , cool atmosphere , intriguing game-play ... a lost jewel of Spanish software .

It has a sequel ... never played it though . :(

The game has two parts . Just wandering around is quite fun , discovering new ground and landscapes ... very exciting !!

The game invites you to explore new unsettling settings , every screen has a new horizon for you to admire.

A role-game for the Spectrum and one of the best Spanish games ever .

10 out of 5 .

Elecciones Generales, 29 Feb 2012 (Rating: 3)

The Spanish political climate used to be quite unresting back in the 80´s ... I lived it as a child .

I have always enjoyed strategic games that make you think and this one makes no exception .

A bit dated though ... :(

Sabrina, 29 Feb 2012 (Rating: 2)

Sabrina Salerno was a very sexy Italian pop singer back in the 80´s ... she was very popular here in Spain , not only for her singing but also for her ... ehem , large breast .

Sabrina , the videogame, is a typical 80´s product which offers little interest apart from the spicy main female character .

With a Valerio Lazaroff´s kind of touch .

Alicia en el Pais de las Maravillas, 29 Feb 2012 (Rating: 3)

Alicia en el País de las Maravillas or , in other words , Alice in Wonderland ... is a magical game and my memories of playing it as a child are magical .

You are lost in Wonderland with no one to help you find your way back home except for an hectic rabbit with a watch .

Beware what you eat !!! Otherwise you may find yourself diving into a sea of tears ... :(

Horizons, 09 Mar 2012 (Rating: 4)

Horizons was the first tape I ever run into a Spectrum ZX so my memories about it are magical . I was 7 then and my grandpa presented me this tape as a gift . I had never seen anything resembling a computer before so I was mesmerized .

It was love at first sight when I first stared at those flashing colors and heard those 8-bit beeping sounds .

The loading screen with the sun under the rainbow is quite memorable and an invitation to dream .

Horizons was a strange tape though . Many of the programs included were weird applications . I never got used to them .

I loved The Wall game though . I prefer it to Arkanoid , actually . : )

I give it a 4 for the memories .

Ps - Being a Psion production is a plus . I´m in love with Psion in a computational way .

Zzoom, 11 Mar 2012 (Rating: 4)

Zzoom is a good game for the time : 1983 .

I used to be hooked back in the day . My memories of Zzoom are rather positive so that I give this a 4 .

Simple but fun . The animation of the bodies once they are hit is bloody and spectacular .

I wish there were more games like Zzoom !!

Zhak, 11 Mar 2012 (Rating: 2)

Typical and rather poor Spanish production from the 80´s .

There is nothing awfully wrong with this videogame , the problem is that there are dozens of better games in the same genre out there .

Not awfuly bad , but quite bad .

Zaxxon, 11 Mar 2012 (Rating: 3)

This game reminds me of titles like Raid Over Moscow , etc. It is in the same vein .

Fly over a war zone and get out alive ... not the first nor the last game with this plot .

Worth a try in spite of its unoriginality .

Xenon, 11 Mar 2012 (Rating: 4)

I was never a shooter lover myself but I must admit that Xenon is very well programmed .

Spectacular sound !

The Way of the Tiger, 11 Mar 2012 (Rating: 3)

This game was a sensation back in the day but I believe it is a bit overrated and it has dated awfully .

I never loved this game .

There are better martial arts simulators for the Spectrum out there . I believe .

West Bank, 11 Mar 2012 (Rating: 4)

This game was a Spanish superproduction back in the day , and a good one .

The game has dated gracefully and it is still playable nowadays .

Feel like John Wayne for a while , if not a long while ...

Where Time Stood Still, 11 Mar 2012 (Rating: 4)

I used to have wild fantasies about this game before trying it .

The game looks great but I never got hooked on it once I tried it . I must say .

Maybe it was too advanzed for my taste , I was only a kid of 10 back in 1988 !!!

World Cup Football, 11 Mar 2012 (Rating: 3)

In spite of all the impopularity and bad press about this game , I must admit that I used to have good fun playing it ... am I a soccer freak ?? well , maybe.

World Series Baseball, 11 Mar 2012 (Rating: 4)

This game is bloody marvelous ... like all the World Series Simulators .

It is a pity that baseball is a sport hardly played here in Spain because this guys in Imagine Sofware knew what they were doing pretty well .

U-33, 11 Mar 2012 (Rating: 3)

This game was never released outside Spain but I remember it very well and I used to have fun with it .

I give it a 3 for the good-old memories .

Ulises, 11 Mar 2012 (Rating: 2)

Typical Spanish production . A barroque game with mythological overtones .

Not spectacularly bad .

Ultratumba, 11 Mar 2012 (Rating: 3)

A variation of El Mago . Just find the right grave following the clues .

This is the kind of videogame that I enjoy the most . Mental games .

The Untouchables, 11 Mar 2012 (Rating: 3)

Another late product for the Spectrum in agony .

There is nothing memorable about this title , really . It is not utter rubbish , either .

Thanatos, 11 Mar 2012 (Rating: 4)

There is something lacking in this videogame to reach a real classic status , but it is still quite a unique and impressive title .

The dragon is spectacular and , probably , one of the biggest out there .

Thanatos means death so ... long live death !!

Trivial Pursuit, 11 Mar 2012 (Rating: 4)

Trivial Pursuit may seem boring at first sight but it is, indeed, a very rewarding experience . :)

At least , I prefer it to the board game .

Tuareg, 11 Mar 2012 (Rating: 2)

Typical Spanish production with a sexy bombastic girl on the cover . Nothing to lose sleep about .

Tute, 11 Mar 2012 (Rating: 4)

This cards videogame is surprisingly good !!

One of the best I have ever tried .

Play it with friends or against the machine . Both modalities are fun . :)

Ps - Tute is a Spanish cards game and, obviously, it is played with a Spanish deck .

Budokan: The Martial Spirit, 19 Mar 2012 (Rating: 4)

I used to play Budokan in its PC version and I loved it . One of my fav. martial arts simulators with a variety of modalities for you to practice ...

Improve your skills practicing with a friend or against the machine .

The Spectrum version seems correct .

Jabato, 19 Mar 2012 (Rating: 3)

A pretty good Spanish conversational adventure . Never released outside Spain , though ... :(

I remember playing it with my cousin and we both got quite excited whenever we advanced in the game .

This time you play the role of a Spanish "jabato" -which means "brave young man"- ... and you must rescue a damsel in distress .

The atmosphere of the adventure is great and the complexity of the plot makes it all much more appealing .

Gonzzalezz, 20 Mar 2012 (Rating: 4)

Gonzzalezz was the Spanish equivalent to Pyjamarama , and it was equally good and recommendable .

One of the best games by Opera . I say .

Wonder Boy, 20 Mar 2012 (Rating: 3)

Wonder Boy was one of those platformers everybody wanted to play back in the day . The Spectrum version is rather poor , though .

I´m one of those reactionary minds who think that the Spectrum was not the best machine for coin-op´s adaptations . Wonder Boy and its sequel are two of the numerous evidences of that way of thinking .

The Neverending Story II, 20 Mar 2012 (Rating: 2)

Another bland example of a failed tie-in license ...

Sol Negro, 20 Mar 2012 (Rating: 3)

This is a rather good Opera product . The girl in the loading screen is one of the prettiest heroins in a video-game I have ever seen ...

Poli Diaz, 20 Mar 2012 (Rating: 3)

A pretty decent boxing simulator .

Policarpio Díaz was a Spanish international champion and he used to be known as "el potro de Vallecas" ...

Livingstone Supongo II, 20 Mar 2012 (Rating: 4)

A mighty continuation of a Spanish classic ...

Corsarios, 20 Mar 2012 (Rating: 3)

Corsarios isn´t a bad game . At least my memories of it are fond ...

I used to enjoy this title as a kid but now , as an adult , I must say that the development of the game is rather repetitive and dull .

Babaliba, 20 Mar 2012 (Rating: 3)

A continuation of Saimazoon and equally entertaining or , if you prefer it , a Spanish Sabre Wulf . . .

Capitan Sevilla, 20 Mar 2012 (Rating: 2)

Seville is the city where I live , and Capitán Sevilla used to be a cartoon hero here in Spain . The Spanish equivalent to Captain America -if you like it- but with the same low popularity as ... mmmm ... let´s say ... Condorman .

Capitan Sevilla wasn´t very popular not even in Seville , so I wonder who on earth believed it to be a good idea to make a conversion for the ZX Spectrum .

Nobody reads this comic nowadays but the idea that there is still a video-game featuring this forgotten and obscure cartoon hero got me perplexed .

Don Quijote, 20 Mar 2012 (Rating: 4)

Don Quixote is an inmortal character created by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra in the 16th century and is also the most iconic Spanish novel of all times ...

The game is , indeed , a pretty good conversational video-adventure . Got lost in dusty La Mancha and feel like an old-fashioned "caballero andante" for a while in the rescue of your beloved "Dulcinea de El Toboso" .

"En un lugar de la Mancha , de cuyo nombre no quiero acordarme ... " these are the inmortal lines that open the book .

Dustin, 20 Mar 2012 (Rating: 4)

This is a Spanish superproduction and one of the best games ever created by Dinamic . Help Dustin to escape from prison ... good graphics and excellent fxs .

Freddy Hardest, 20 Mar 2012 (Rating: 3)

Freddy Hardest is a handsome Spanish hero with a banana-shaped face created by Dinamic featuring in a couple of titles by this software company ...

The game is fun and the graphics are above average ...

La Guerra de las Vajillas, 20 Mar 2012 (Rating: 3)

This is a parody of Starwars , obviously ... based on a popular film .

The title literaly means Dishwars .

Meganova, 20 Mar 2012 (Rating: 3)

Meganova is a decent shooter by a company in decline ...

Michel Futbol Master, 20 Mar 2012 (Rating: 2)

Miguel González "Michel" used to be an excellent international Spanish soccer player with superb passing skills .

The videogame leaves a lot to be desired , though ...

Michel Super Skills, 20 Mar 2012 (Rating: 3)

This game is , indeed , pretty original and addictive .

Not as bad as it seems ...

Narco Police, 20 Mar 2012 (Rating: 2)

This game runs like a movie and it used to be quite popular back in the day .

It has not dated well ...

Navy Moves, 20 Mar 2012 (Rating: 4)

Navy Moves is a good game , pretty good indeed !!!

To ride a boat above sea-mines is dangerous as well as exciting . Where else can you do that ???

Some may say Navy Moves is a Saboteur clone ... but it is still a good clone . ;)

Ps - The hero in the cover looks very much like Arnold Schwarzenegger ... can this be casual ???

Nonamed, 20 Mar 2012 (Rating: 3)

Dragons and wizards with a Spanish flavour ... not spectacularly good but still very playable .

Phantis, 20 Mar 2012 (Rating: 4)

Phantis is a fast-pathed side-scroll shooter with a Spanish touch ... NOT just another shooter .

Phantomas, 20 Mar 2012 (Rating: 4)

An above average platformer starring a tiny hero ...

A Spanish version of Manic Mincer and a continuation of Abul Simbel Profanation .

Not marvelous but quite good .

Rocky, 20 Mar 2012 (Rating: 3)

A pretty decent boxing simulator with huge graphics and correct movements .

The loading screen says it all ...

Simulador Profesional de Tenis, 20 Mar 2012 (Rating: 3)

As WhenIWasCruel puts it : "not totally bad" .

Turbo Girl, 20 Mar 2012 (Rating: 3)

The main thing that hits me about this videogame is the striking resemblance between TurboGirl herself and the female singer of Roxette .

Los Gatos, 20 Mar 2012 (Rating: 3)

Los Gatos is a cool and original video-game with all the charm and magic of early software .

Jump as far as you can but beware where you land, otherwise you might end up crashed into the pavement .

I love cats ... and I like games starring felines .

Jungle Trouble, 20 Mar 2012 (Rating: 3)

A simplistic but engaging video-game capturing the spirit of the early days of the Spectrum .

It feels like a variation of Quasimodo ...

The poor graphics stop me from awarding this game with a 4 . :-(

Alien Syndrome, 21 Mar 2012 (Rating: 4)

A Gaunlet inspired video-game with a lot of action and many good things to offer ... a variety of weapons , a variety of characters , a variety of enemies , and a strange and claustrophobic atmosphere .

This is one of the few video-games that really scared me to death as a child to the point that I didn´t want to play it in spite of its quality . There is a nasty side to this game ... the aliens are really revolting .

It caused a sensation back in the day .

The multi-player mode is an addition to all of these virtues .

Tom Pom Pom, 21 Mar 2012 (Rating: 3)

I remember this game . I played it as a child of 8 back in 1985 ... and I found it very amusing .

Prevent the 3 balls from falling using both arms . Stretch them until they reach the colorful balls ... quite simple but , as a I child , I didn´t need anything else to pass the time . This game used to put a smile in my innocent face .

An ideal game for children ...

Gauntlet, 23 Mar 2012 (Rating: 2)

In spite of its popularity I never liked this video-game . The graphics are poor ... the bare-black screen says it all . :(

Repetitive and predictable game-play ... the baddies move like zombies .

An overrated game in my opinion .

The many and very poor sequels of the game don´t help either .

If the gunts were playing a football match it may catch some of my atention ... although I´m not 100% sure .

I´m giving this game a 2 and I´m being very generous .

Ghosts 'n Goblins, 23 Mar 2012 (Rating: 5)

This video-game was quite original back in its day and very , very popular . ;D

The Spectrum conversion seems pretty decent .

The path is fast so you need to think rapidly to avoid death .

The final screen always put a smile in my face . :)

There aren´t many better games for any platform .

Jet Set Willy II, 23 Mar 2012 (Rating: 5)

Jet Set Willy and Jet Set Willy II are , probably , my fav. Spectrum games ever ... they both got all the charm of Manic Miner but taken to the next level .

The game is complex and colorful ... with surreal and humorous touches .

The main character is an icon from the 80´s .

Five massive stars for this inmortal classic ! 5 / 5 .

Cozumel, 23 Mar 2012 (Rating: 5)

Aventuras AD is a mythical company here in Spain , and Cozumel is one of the best conversational adventures ever programmed in Spanish .

My cousin and I used to spend long days playing La Diosa de Cozumel hour after hour after hour ... and never got bored .

If you like conversational games - and if you can read Spanish - , this is your adventure !!!

Gremlins, 23 Mar 2012 (Rating: 5)

Gremlins is a surprisingly good adventure !!! My most positive regards for this game !!!

I enjoy playing Gremlins very much and I even managed to finish it without cheating .

The game is well-designed, the graphics are more than correct and the different sceneries are quite engaging . The plot is unusual and funny and it works quite well ...

The game feels like a movie , like a very good movie indeed . ;D

There is an atmospheric side about this adventure that wraps you up ... I also like that sort of feeling . you can get lost in it .

A perfect video-adventure ! ! ! 5 / 5 .

Mapgame, 23 Mar 2012 (Rating: 5)

Mapgame is an excellent program and my memories of me playing it are magical .

Learning geography was never such fun .

The sense of achievement is huge and the graphical presentation is alluring to say the least .

The game looks like a TV weather forecast but it is much more fun indeed ! ;D

5 / 5 out of doubt ! !

Emilio Butragueno Futbol, 23 Mar 2012 (Rating: 3)

Emilio Butragueño is my favorite soccer player ever and the Zx Spectrum simulator is not a bad game .

The ball changes size depending on the distance from the observer and , if I remember well , you can shoot the ball with a parabol or with a hook - I don´t know the correct word in English for a shoot that changes its trajectory - .

A soccer game starring the best Spanish footballer ever cannot be bad .

Beach-Head II, 23 Mar 2012 (Rating: 4)

My memories of Beach-Head II are quite positive and the game will not defraud war-games addicts .

The level of addiction is high and the presentation is brilliant .

A rather good war-game.

Centipede, 23 Mar 2012 (Rating: 4)

A simplistic and entertaining program retaining all of the many good qualities of the good old days of the Spectrum .

Golf, 23 Mar 2012 (Rating: 4)

This is a rather good golf-simulator and I enjoyed it in the good-old days back in 1984 .

Choose your strategy and go !!

This game gives you all you may wisely demand from a golf championship .

Fighter Pilot, 23 Mar 2012 (Rating: 5)

Fighter Pilot is an excellent flight simulator with no bad features to criticise ... especially considering the year of its release : 1983 !!!

Evolution, 23 Mar 2012 (Rating: 2)

I never understood this ... mmm mmm ... game/program/whatever ?? ... can some one enlighten me , please ?

This must be the weirdest application out there .

Clever & Smart, 23 Mar 2012 (Rating: 3)

Clever and Smart is the anglosaxon version of the most popular Spanish cartoon ever : Mortadelo y Filemón by Paco Ibáñez .

Mortadelo "Clever" dresses in black , has a large nose and a gift for camouflage and the art of disguise ... Filemón "Smart" is his superior and he has an egg-shaped face with only two hairs on the top of it . They work together as a combo of special agents for the T.I.A. -a Spanish parody of the C.I.A. - TIA meaning literaly "aunt" in Spanish ... but they always seem to mess it all up wherever they go . Their silliness and clumsiness always get them into trouble making them live bizarre and very funny situations .

The graphics are cool and the characters are funny and cartoonish but the gameplay is rather repetitive and boring after a while . The game can be confusing since there is no clear view of the whole and no clear goals .

A good presentation for a mediocre game ... 5´5 / 10 .

Magic Bytes almost spoil a suculent licence . This should have been much better . This should have been a superproduction .

RoboCop, 23 Mar 2012 (Rating: 4)

Robocop is a good game ... who doubts it ?? But there is something lacking in it to make it hold a classic status , in my opinion .

A decent tie-in licence for the Spectrum , for once ...

Kokotoni Wilf, 23 Mar 2012 (Rating: 5)

Kokotoni Wilf must be one of the maddest games out there ... ideal for children with a wild imagination .

Where else can you see an angel flying alongside pink and purple dinosaurs ???? Just surreal !

The plot is irresistible , the graphics are unbelievably good for the time 1984 , the colors are brilliant, each screen brings you a parade of new and exciting surprises ... what else can one ask ?

I have always loved games with a crazy and eccentric touch , and Kokotoni Wilf is one of the craziest and most eccentric games out there !

A 9 out of 10 for me !!!

Bomb Jack, 28 Mar 2012 (Rating: 5)

Bomb Jack is a classic among classics !

An evolution of JetPac ... with new and exciting features .

The sceneries are varied and exotic .

The main character is unforgettable and it looks like some Mighty Mouse´s relative .

An unforgettable game !! A superb conversion !

Human Killing Machine, 29 Mar 2012 (Rating: 3)

HKM or Human Killing Machine is like a successor to Street Fighter -the famous arcade- and it stands quite well on its own , in my opinion .

The graphic aspect of the game may not be spectacular and the colors seem rather poor not to say they´re inexistent , but the game is still playable .

Although I don´t enjoy very much the violent aspect of the game , the exotic scenarios give this fight arcade a plus .

Chuckie Egg, 01 Apr 2012 (Rating: 4)

Chuckie Egg must be one of the best overrated games out there !! Yes , I know what I am saying ... :(

Colorful and charming but yet very far away from the sheer brilliance of Manic Miner .

A competent platformer with a character of its own . Not excellent , but quite good .

Xmas Card, 06 Apr 2012 (Rating: 3)

I am an absolute fan of computer programs with Xmas themes ... and I am glad to see that I am not the only one . ;D

Season's Greeting, 06 Apr 2012 (Rating: 3)

A colorful and charming little program .

Oooohh ... those merry 8-bits beeps of the old Speccy ... make me sigh !! They fill my head with merry memories . :D

Sid Spanners 2: The Slackening, 06 Apr 2012 (Rating: 3)

A Manic Miner clone ... and a decent one shall I say but , still , very , very far away from the sheer brilliance of the original .

Although Sid Spanners 2 is not a bad try at emulating Manic Miner I´d still choose Manic Miner a million times over Sid Spanners 2 . :(

Battle of the Toothpaste Tubes, 08 Apr 2012 (Rating: 2)

Orthopedic game with some charm .

At least the plot is original ...

2 / 5 for me .

SQIJ!, 08 Apr 2012 (Rating: 1)

What sort of mind programmed this ??

Too gruesome to be put into words .

Balloon Hopper, 08 Apr 2012 (Rating: 3)

Balloon Hopper is a cool game and nothing below average ... the graphics are ok for 1983 standards and the game is kinda fun .

I am a fan of simplistic games with very simplistic gameplays , I must say ... and Balloon Hopper is one of those . ;-)

PS - There is still one erratic feature in this program and it is that the score does not progress in the right proportion because you can only add points by 50 although you carry the 100 points item onto the top . I guess nobody is perfect ...

All in all a 3,5 out of 5 for this charmning little game .

Flak, 08 Apr 2012 (Rating: 3)

I used to play Flak in my adolescent years and I keep fond memories of it in spite of its apparent impopularity.

Flak may not be the 7th wonder but it is still a fine shooter with some atractive features in it .

The main problem with Flak is that it is far too dificult to be enjoyed and that the controls are not very responsive , but apart from that , is not a bad program for 1984 standards . :(

Another drawback is that you can hardly see the bullets in this shooter so ... how to avoid something you cannot see ?? That must be the crux of the game .

El Tesoro del Faraon, 11 Apr 2012 (Rating: 3)

A charming cute little game and, probably, nearly the best thing you could write in BASIC.

Rainbow Islands, 11 Apr 2012 (Rating: 5)

One of the best platformers ever, full of color and action . An incredible conversion . Highly playable and suitable for all publics . A must-have .

Mario Bros, 11 Apr 2012 (Rating: 5)

An above average conversion of a true legendary platformer with one of the most popular characters in video-games history : the inmortal Mario .

The inertia element adds some difficulty to this engaging game .

If kicking tortoises out of the way is your idea of fun, Mario Bros is your game .

Hyper Sports, 11 Apr 2012 (Rating: 5)

Magnificent simulator with excelent graphics .

Beating a record is truly a challenge and the bso and fxs are also excellent !!

You can spend long hours playing this one and you´ll never get tired of it .

The skeet shooting is , by far , my favorite event .

Rapscallion, 15 Apr 2012 (Rating: 3)

I didn´t know this game and I must say that it is kinda nice ! Full of chambers to explore and with many things to offer . Some of the chambers are provided with a touch of surreal humor ...

The graphic aspect of Rapscallion is not so remarkable although the game doesn´t need great graphics to catch your atention .

The maze is wide and the actions are varied so not to get bored . The colors are also bright and inspiring . It is easy to get lost ...

It is fun to play Rapscallion although the keys/controls are not so intuitive as I often find myself puzzled about them .

Rapscallion is an above-average game , but not much ... :(

Ps - I didin´t play this game as a kid .

Coracle, 21 Apr 2012 (Rating: 3)

A New Classic for the XXIst century Spectrum era .

Coracle inculdes some original features and it is the only game I know where you must shoot at clouds to raise the sea level .

Nice colors and nice sound effects .

A puzzle game inside a shooter .

3/5 for me .

Merry Xmas Santa, 21 Apr 2012 (Rating: 3)

A nice game, with nice movility and nice graphics . the atmosphere is cool in this video-game starring oh-oh-oh yeah !! Santa Claus .

Slip down into open chimneys and colect as many golden apples as you can ... do you know any better way of passing a Xmas holiday ??

A merry game for merry people in merry days . 3 / 5 .

Leaky Roof, 24 Apr 2012 (Rating: 2)

Poor implementation of a potentialy good idea .

The non-existent sound doesn´t help to improve my valoration of Leaky Roof .

I repeat : a good idea poorly implemented and a lower-than-average game .

2 out of 5 being generous .

Striker, 25 Apr 2012 (Rating: 5)

Excellent implementation of a brilliant idea ... Striker is a game in a million that will test your skill and patience as a football player .

It combines the perfect dosis of strategy and skill just to make you a striker every team would like to have playing on its side .

Contrary to what it may appear at first glance , it´s not an easy task to beat the goalkeeper , so the game will keep you busy for a while . A TRUE CHALLENGE !!!

You can promote between seasons and that´s , in fact , an interesting feature of this Striker .

Thumbs up and hats off for this amazing game !!!

Better , impossible . 5/5 .

Dados, 02 May 2012 (Rating: 4)

If there is a dices game for the Spectrum that is recommendable this is the one . ;D

Make bets with friends betting real money to make it much more exciting ... dados -dices in Spanish- has everything to hook the player into this occult and suculent world of dices .

Dados is a game with glamour ... 3.5 out of 5 for me .

There arent better dices games for the Sinclair machine .

Renegade, 06 May 2012 (Rating: 3)

Fairly acceptable version of the arcade machine . Although Renegade is a good game I have never been a fan of the beat-them-up genre . At this respect , I must admit that Renegade and Target Renegade are , probably , two of the best titles out there . Nevertheless the game hasn´t got enough quality in my opinion to rate it more than a 3 , or 3 and a half if you like it .

A good/average beat-them-up arcade , but nothing more than this .

Egghead, 14 May 2012 (Rating: 2)

Rough movements , absolutely no sound , total lack of originality , weird and non-intuitive control keys ...

If Egghead had appeared before Manic Miner it could be considered a passable platformer , but for a 1989 game and considering the sheer brilliance of MM that had appeared 7 years before , Egghead seems to me like a pale and very poor clone to say the least .

Manic Climber, 08 Jun 2012 (Rating: 3)

A precursor in the Manic Miner vein .

Avoid the balls and collect the hamburguers !

A nice game with nice colors and nice sound .

Worth a try ! ;)

If you are tired of Manic Miner try this one .

Many of the items require some strategy to be collected . You need thinking before acting .

3,5 for me .

Blind Panic, 18 Jun 2012 (Rating: 3)

Not a bad platformer at all ...

Futuristic setting and typically 80´s .

Although I admit that I might be biased on saying this ... Blind Panic looks to me like a cheap version of Game Over , the Spanish master piece .

3,5 out of 5 for me ! ;D

pd - "blind panic" is also one of the coolest titles for a videogame ever .

Boxer, 18 Jun 2012 (Rating: 3)

Boxer is quite good if you take it for what it is ... a piece of arcaic software .

So many memories come to my mind when I see this screen ... it was 1985 then and I was just a kid of 8 here in Spain . computers were a new thing then and my grandfather used to give me this sort of tapes as a present for birthday or xmas , that´s why my impressions are so vivid . my imagination runs wild at the view of this vintage and primitive cyber-images .

A simple and entertaining pseudo-game with tons of nostalgic value for me . ;D

Box Reloaded, 18 Jun 2012 (Rating: 5)

BOX RELOADED ... remember this title !

I have become a huge fan of this fantastic videogame .

In my opinion Box Reloaded is one of the best games ever programmed for the Spectrum , and also one of the most addictive .

Very original in its conception and quite accomplished in its development .

BOX RELOADED is a mental game , and a mental challenge ,,, I feel my level of intelligence increasing as I play this little game . Complex without being complicated , and very challenging .

BOX RELOADED is up there with the best .

Thumbs up and hats off for the Spaniards who programmed this jewel . a masterpiece .

PS - Better impossible !

Heart Stealer, 18 Jun 2012 (Rating: 3)

hey ! this was a nice platformer ! much in the bubble bobble vein . ;D

I like the feature of time subtraction when you are touched by the enemies .

main complaint : a little bit too easy .

pd - bubble bobble without bubbles .

Oh Mummy, 20 Jun 2012 (Rating: 4)

A very nice and simplistic adaptation of the Amstrad CPC classic !!

Oh Mummy brings fond memories to my mind . I used to play this when I was a kid with my cousins , on their Amstrad , and we used to have good fun ! ;D

The Speccy version isn´t as accomplished as the original but it is still playable and nice to watch in spite of its rough movements .

A funny little game that will keep you entertained for a while . :)

pd - the introductory tune is one that will chase your mind for long .

Full Throttle 2, 23 Jun 2012 (Rating: 1)

A high disappointment .

Thanks god there is no third part ! ;D

Awful from start to finish ,,, :(

Danger Mouse in the Black Forest Chateau, 23 Jun 2012 (Rating: 2)

I was in a very good disposition before giving this adventure a go ,,, and I must say that I´m a bit disappointed .

I am a fan of this series but , alas , Danger Mouse in the Black Foerst Chateau is not one of the strogest entries . :(

The graphics are colorful and charming , with lot of glimmer ... alas ! but there is no sound at all !! too bad !!

The action is repetitive and there is almost no replay value ... :(

Again , this should haven been much better .

Danger Mouse in Making Whoopee!, 23 Jun 2012 (Rating: 3)

Not the best entry in the series but still quite playable . ;D

The gps feature in the car is very useful and quite ahead of its time .

Danger Mouse is a cool hero too .

The cartoonish graphics are charming and quite attractive to watch ,,, I never watched the TV series though . :(

Too bad .

All in all , an average game with cool graphics . ;D

Tower of Evil, 23 Jun 2012 (Rating: 2)

This was a very promising game with dark overtones but , alas , it ended up as another disappointment to add to my list .

Tower of Evil has everything in common with games like Atic Atac except for the quality .

The movements are too fast . you can hardly control your hero . enemies are too numerous .

An hybrid between Atic Atac and Quasimodo combining the worst from both titles and with no redeeming feature at all .

Hechizo, 23 Jun 2012 (Rating: 3)

Hey ! This is a pretty decent video-adventure !!!

I remember playing this when I was 8 and it was quite thrilling !! I used to be mesmerized and spellbound at the same time by the mistery surrounding this game .

"Hechizo" -"Spell" in Spanish- is a creepy conversational adventure including some very nice features on it ... starting for the atmosphere of the castle itself !!

This time you are the princess , for a change , and you must rescue the enchanted prince trapped in some dark chamber inside the castle .

Beware the windows !! The fall from the 2nd floor may be fatal .

Punchy, 27 Jun 2012 (Rating: 3)

Hey ! This is a cute-vintage game from as early as 1983 and a sort of Quasimodo variation .

In this case you are a tiny mouse instead of a hunchback cripple . you must jump from caravan to caravan into the next level . exciting ... isn´t it ??

The movements aren´t exactly silky smooth , alas , we are talking about a 1983´s routine . the graphics demand more from your imagination than what they show for themselves and the sound fx will test your listening skills to the full but , all in all , Punchy is worth a try and , certainly , a rewarding and entertaining experience.

Horace in the Mystic Woods, 06 Jul 2012 (Rating: 4)

I was badly predisposed for this game , I must say , but after playing it for a while ... well , my valoration changed into a positive one .

The game is cute , playable , charming and very responsive ... it basically displays Horace in a platform sequence . yep , like a manic miner clone , shall we say .

Apart from the lack of originality , the game itself is very well executed , the graphics are correct and the movement is a remarkable achievement since it´s very smooth . the inertia effect is quite accomplished .

the different levels are displayed in a very attractive fashion ... they glimmer with color and they remain quite mysterious , intriguing the player into newer challenges .

all in all , a dignified sequel to the legendary series of Horace . let´s hope there´ll be more "Horaces" in near future . that would be good news . :)

Doctor What?, 14 Jul 2012 (Rating: 3)

Hey ! This is a rather decent clone of Manic Miner !!! ... colorful , charming and challenging , a delight to play and watch . Not superb but quite good !! ;)

It happens that I love this sort of video-games -vintage platformers- and also the title "Doctor What?" sounds funny and intriguing to me , like the game itself . so my predisposition for this piece of software was quite positive from the start .

The tune is a beep version of Para Elise ... funny enough . :)

No one doubts that the author of this game must be one of the many Matthew Smith´s fans and followers out there .

ps - in answer to The Dean of Games : level one is easy . I just wait on the ramp until the enemies pass me by and then I go up and take the items . I got stuck in LEVEL TWO . Haven´t tried hard , anyway .

Panama Joe, 26 Jul 2012 (Rating: 4)

Panama Joe is a pretty good platformer with all the features that made this genre so appealing and magical ,,,

Almost everything is correct with this game: the colors , the scenery , the movements , the graphics ,,, I don´t give this a 5 because it lacks a bit of originality ... you can almost feel you are gonna step inside "Central Cavern" at any moment . I also agree with The Dean of Games in that the variety of enemies in this game is very , very scarce ... which is a drawback if you are going to play this seriously . :(

The "cucaracha" tune comes out of the speakers whenever you grab an item , which is fun the first times but becomes tedious after a while .

The bricks inside the pyramid are very well designed as well as the red flames in movement -they really burn like hell !!!!- .

The world needs more platformers like Panama Joe . I say ,,, ;)

Penguin, 26 Jul 2012 (Rating: 3)

I used to play this when I was a kid and this primitive piece of early software captured my infantile imagination vividly .

Go up the ladders and catch the fish before the polar bear catch you ,,, simple but fun .

Ideal for kids ... not so for adults .

This time you play a starving penguin ,,, don´t let him die of hunger . :(

ps - I just love eccentric games with mad plots and glamorous presentations , especially when they feature snow and wintery themes ... can anybody tell me the psychollogical explaination for this , please ???

ps - my astrological sign is Aquarius ... does it ring any bell ??

thank you !!

Bump, Set, Spike!, 27 Jul 2012 (Rating: 2)

A rather mediocre attempt at simulating a beach-volley match over the spectrum .

The aim is attractive but the program is poorly executed . :(

This time you control two players instead of one , you can combine and make passes but is rather difficult .

Although colorless , the graphics are ok ... the main problem is that there is no excitement in playing this mainly because the programmers have ignored every aspect that make volleyball exciting : big jumps , smashes , speed ... the movements are excruciatingly slow .

Good try ... but Bump, Set, Spike!! leaves a lot to be desired .

2,5 for me .

Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, 28 Jul 2012 (Rating: 4)

Buffalo Bill Wild West Show is a very compelling and entertaining program ... very well designed and pretty challenging .

The game consists in 6 events that will test your skills to the limit ... from knife throwing to wrestling, riding a wild horse and shooting a flying bottle .

One remarkable aspect of this game is the excellent graphics´ design, as well as the incredible sound effects . Both are very inspired and they really introduce you into a wild west´s atmosphere .

My favorite event is knife throwing ... wonder why ??

Overall , a very entertaining 1/4 of an hour ... the 2 players option makes it all much more fun .

If only the programmers had included 1 or 2 more events I´d award this with a 5 . Buffalo Bill is close to perfection ... but , alas , it isn´t perfect , at least for me . some of the events are a bit absurd and almost too difficult . :(

Ps - doesn´t Buffalo Bill resemble Don Quixote ?? at least on the loading screen he does ...

Perico Delgado Maillot Amarillo, 29 Jul 2012 (Rating: 4)

A remarkable cycling simulator made in spain .

Pedro Delgado was the best Spanish cyclist of the 80´s and he became a legend overnight after winning the French Tour and until Miguel Indurain won 5 tours in a row later during the 90´s becoming the best cyclist of all times .

The game is divided in 4 sequences -all of them loaded separatedly- and each one of them will demand a different task from you .

A wise combination of action and strategy makes this title worth a try , especially for those who love cycling .

The graphics are above average I would say .

Asterix and the Magic Cauldron, 29 Jul 2012 (Rating: 3)

Although cute in its graphic presentation this videogame still lacks something to become a winner . I don´t know what is it but the game doesn´t quite work in spite of its apparent virtues .

I always preferred tintin to asterix so my opinion about this title may be biased in a negative way , nevertheless , still worth a try . just wandering around the village chasing wild boars is enough fun .

La Corona Magica, 30 Jul 2012 (Rating: 1)

La Corona Mágica -"The Magical Crown" in English- used to be a Spanish cartoon back in the early 90´s ... although it was too weird to ever become popular .

The tv show was only followed by a minority and it was never successful . mainly because it wasn´t aimed neither at children nor at the adolescent audience .

It tried to capture the atmosphere and the world of medieval wizards , knights , dwarfs, goblins, enchanted damsels, etc ... but with a futuristic treatment -one of the main characters was a phosphorescent unicorn-. all of this too bizarre and strange to attract the general public .

The designs were languid and pale , out of prportion and with forced and unrealistic perspectives . just like a "el greco" painting . oppresive and depressing .

Still not everything is bad about this program , the graphics are cute and well designed . everything else is just awfully dated and messy . this game totally misses the point . :(

Last Ninja 2, 31 Jul 2012 (Rating: 5)

Last Ninja 2 is , probably , one of the best videogames ever created for the Spectrum . This game is superb in every possible aspect .

It combines suspense , action , strategy , exploration , hability , etc. and it takes these ingredients to a supreme degree .

Last Ninja 2 is just perfect , and the most accomplished videoadventure in 48k without any doubt .

The graphics are incredible , just wandering around the city is quite an experience -you can get lost in this virtual environment - ... the variery of baddies is remarkable , as well as the precission of the wide range of movements .

This game was ages ahead of its time and it was never surpassed . at times you almost feel like you are watching a police film . the atmosphere is supreme ...

You can hardly believe a program of this magnitude , dimension and perfection can be put into some meagre 48ks . UNBELIEVABLE !!!

5 big stars without a shadow of a doubt for this masterpiece of the 80´s called Last Ninja 2 . a treasure to be rescued from the last days of the spectrum .

A Day at the Races, 01 Aug 2012 (Rating: 4)

A glittering game about horse-gambling purely written in BASIC . it appeared as a b-side of a spanish compilation .

I enjoy this sort of videogames a lot . it brings too many fond memories to my mind . its simplicity keeps me hanged and I cannot stop placing bets .

It is fun to play with friends and make predictions , to bet real money ,,, to delve into bankruptcy , etc.

Few programs offer more for less . the horses´ names are also very funny and illustrative : American Dream , Future Track , Danny Boy , etc.

A Day at the Races is a game with a character and full of charm -like the Marx Bros film in which its title is inspired- , as I like to say , there is glamour in it : the horses´ design is as cute as it could be ,,,

The program is also very user-friendly . :)

A 5 stars qualification would be too much for an arcaic proto-game written in BASIC , but I give this 4 stars any day of the week . ;D

ps - if I had to write programs for the Spectrum I would make games like this one .

Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom, 02 Aug 2012 (Rating: 3)

Buck Rogers is not a bad program , only a bit dated ...

It is a clear predecessor to Mach 3 by Loricels ... in both games the speed recreation is supreme .

The landscapes are also a landmark in both titles ,,, they appear in a very smooth sequence .

The enemies in Buck Rogers are so cute and loving that you won´t feel like killing them ... they really look like interstellar pets .

In both games you must guide your spaceship between an array of space-gates until you reach the next level. This time the time stretching bar will be a problem if you don´t complete your mission fast enough.:(

Nothing to lose sleep about but still a decent and entertaining program .

3D Construction Kit, 02 Aug 2012 (Rating: 3)

This program used to intrigue me when I was young although I never played it properly , but the mere possibility of creating your own tridimensional environments was attractive enough .

Has anyone explored this program to the full ?? has anyone in World of Spectrum seen all the possibilities this program offers ??

I´m waiting for an answer ... :(

Peter Shilton's Handball Maradona, 02 Aug 2012 (Rating: 3)

Apart from the sardonic irony of the title ,,, Peter Shilton´s Handball Maradona is an ejoyable and very original experience .

It´s soccer viewed from a different angle , in this case , the goalkeeper´s angle .

It is easy for me to sympathise with this premise since I always played the role of the goalie in my teams as a teenager ... and I used to be a legend in my younger days .

Besides it isn´t -by any means- easy to make saves in this unique videogame ... so the flavour of victory once you achieve it becomes even more tasteful .

Its lack of a more developed tactical side prevents me from awarding this game with more than a 3 ... repetitive gameplay but with a very original idea behind it .


ps - in defence of Maradona´s illegal action I´ll say that soccer wasn´t made for fools ,,, if the refree doesn´t punish an illegal action it isn´t Maradona´s fault .

El Juego de la Oca, 04 Aug 2012 (Rating: 2)

Spanish board game with no redeeming feature ... pretty dull indeed .

Dull graphics , dull color , dull gameplay , absolutely no sound .

The only fun is to play with friends and only if they are drunk .

Not totally awful , but pretty poor .

Shadow Dancer, 04 Aug 2012 (Rating: 3)

A fairly decent action game with the plus of being assisted by a trained dog/wolf ¿?¿? .

There is no stamina bar in here and it is very easy to get killed by any flying object -bullet or knife- . that´s a bad aspect of Shadow Dancer , or at least one that I criticize .

Your weapons as a ninja are endless shurikens and magic thunderbolts . who needs more to assault an international airport ??

3,5 of valoration .

Shadow of the Beast, 04 Aug 2012 (Rating: 5)

Shadow of the Beast is a spectacular program and I wonder why nobody has reviewed it yet .

The graphics are the best thing ever seen on a Speccy ,,, you feel like watching a fantasy film .

The baddies are terrifying , because of their looks and dimensions , and because of their behaviour and intentions ,,, really scary , really menacing .

The atmosphere of the game is supreme ... the scenarios are very suggestive , like a wild dream .

Shadow of the Beast is the definitive game .

Zone Trooper, 04 Aug 2012 (Rating: 2)

The colors and the graphics of this production are attractive and enticing but once you start playing it you are let down by an ill-disposed gameplay .

Too bad ,,, Zone Trooper could have been a lot better .

Salamander, 04 Aug 2012 (Rating: 1)

Basically , an R-Type clone without a character of its own .

A bad copy of a grat game ...

The Games - Winter Edition, 04 Aug 2012 (Rating: 2)

Again , one game featuring snow and a wintery subject matter that makes me dream .

Not as inspired as Winter Games and much less playable but still worth a try .

2,5 for me .

Arcticfox, 07 Aug 2012 (Rating: 4)

Hey ! Arcticfox is a fine tank simulator .

Your mission takes place in the Artic , all you see is white . Two different sorts of projectiles . A perfect killing machine under your control ...

War-games lovers will like this one .

Foxx Fights Back, 07 Aug 2012 (Rating: 4)

This is a cute game ,,, the idea is quite original -in which other videogame a fox brandishes a pistol or can be killed by exploding eggs ??- .

Apart from the originality of the plot , the game itself is quite playable ,,, the movements of the fox are very rapid , his leaps and hops cover long distances , he bounces up and down like a kangaroo , he is chased by armed dogs and bombarded by aggressive squirrels ,,, the sound is also very detailed , the main tune is one of the best I´ve ever heard coming out from a Speccy sound-chip .

Your mission is to collect apples and to hunt chickens to present them to your partner in her cave underground ,,, a bit violent may this game be , but as I said before , Foxx Fights Back is hugely , utterly playable . : )

Night Hunter, 07 Aug 2012 (Rating: 3)

The most remarkable aspect of this game is its eerie atmosphere ... in this case you play the role of two different classic monsters or demons : dracula and werewolf , and you must collect several keys and other magical objects while you avoid policemen with pistols loaded with silver bullets , nuns , priests , and even witches on their flying brooms ,,,

The scenery reminds me a lot of The Rocky Horror Picture Show with its cold stones , hidden doors , sleepwalkers , etc.

Not as good as it seems , but not bad either ,,,

Ps - the count dracula in the loading screen reminds me of Bryan Ferry from Roxy Music ,,, isn´t it scary ?? lol . my best regards to mr. bryan . most distinguished voice in the world of music .

Skateball, 08 Aug 2012 (Rating: 2)

This game reminds me of Blades of Steel by Nintendo Ent. , only a bit more savage ,,,

I love Blades of Steel and I seriously tried to like this one too -I used to practice it in my younger years- , but the difficulty level is so high that I cannot help complaining about its nule playability and diabolical , maddening complexity ... after a while you end up just watching how the comp plays without a rival .

Almost unplayable ,,,

Ps - I´d swear this videogame is based on a film , but I am not sure . :(

Andre's Night Off, 08 Aug 2012 (Rating: 2)

Hey ! I´m afraid to say that this almost unknown program by Matthew Smith isn´t much fun . :(

It was released a year after Manic Miner -this is 1984- and is much of a disappointment, really , and much of a lesser product ... at least for Matthew Smith´s lovers like myself .

The plot is cute : avoid the lobster and the technicolor pizza long enough until the next level . but good plots only don´t make good games .

That´s the problem with Andre´s Night Off : after two or three games it becomes predictable and the fun is over .

This was a very poor release by the inventor of Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy ... two brilliant games that stand on their own .

This game should have never existed and can only be taken as a curiosity .

Technician Ted, 08 Aug 2012 (Rating: 4)

I would have loved this game when I was a kid . basically a Jet Set Willy clone with enough quality to keep you busy for a while .

You are Ted -a technician- and your mission consists in fixing some damaged TV and video equipment .

Each new screen is a different task and I like the feature of not being susctracted lives when you are killed but energy instead .

The lack of originality doesn´t bother me much since the quality of this program is very high .

Very colorful and funny with a touch of surreal humour ... it is easy for me to like games like this one , very easy indeed .

The Artist, 14 Aug 2012 (Rating: 3)

A competent utility for those who believe that a 48k computer can be useful for something more than just playing video-games .

Defender, 14 Aug 2012 (Rating: 2)

If this game were a lot better it would only be average ... :(

The main problem with Defender is that the movements are painfully slow and radically limited , even for a 1983 production .

The graphics are cute and full of color , the sound fxs and tunes are pretty decent ... those are nice features indeed , but playability suffers from so limited speed and almost nule movility .

Space Defender, 14 Aug 2012 (Rating: 2)

A very basic Space Invaders clone with some distinctive features of its own ... the main of those features are that you can only fire one bullet at a time and that the big-yellow motherships looking like some old-fashioned U.F.O.s can fall upon you from above and smash you .

Not enough to compensate its slow movements and total lack of originality .

Alerta Ovni, 14 Aug 2012 (Rating: 2)

Although the atmosphere of this Spanish video-adventure is quite intriguing , the game-play doesn´t really quite work ,,, especially because after a while the sun hides and you cannot see anything because it is late night . All you see for a long while is a black screen . Not fun . :(

Como la Vida Misma (O Parecido), 14 Aug 2012 (Rating: 2)

An average Spanish video-adventure featuring a reality-show in your Spectrum ... fun , but for a very little while .

Diatmar, 14 Aug 2012 (Rating: 2)

A very poor imitation of the great Spanish video-adventure entitled La Aventura Original .

Galen, 14 Aug 2012 (Rating: 4)

Hey ! This is a fairly decent and very well-written video-adventure with many possibilities to explore and many positive aspects to remark : graphics , game-play , atmosphere , etc.

It reminds me a lot of La Aventura Original but is not a copy of it .

A nice surprise for video-adventure lovers ,,, like myself .

El Gato con Botas, 14 Aug 2012 (Rating: 4)

This video-adventure recreates the atmosphere of a fairy tale with ogres , fairies , peasants , enchanted animals , etc.

The graphics are monochromatic but they work quite well .

An above-average production with dark overtones .

Mundo Fantastico, 14 Aug 2012 (Rating: 5)

Mundo Fantastico is an excellent video-adventure with many things to explore ,,, in fact , it is a fantasy world itself .

One of the best and most suggestive video-adventures I have tried .

Apple Jam, 16 Aug 2012 (Rating: 3)

This game is bizarre and quite unique , but in a positive sense ... it has got funny touches and it is complex enough to keep you busy for a while .

The smiley main character is very amusing , the plot is as strange and humorous as a Laurel & Hardy film , the ambulance sequence reminds me of another spectrum game : Horace goes Skiing ,,,

All in all , a colorful and funny little game for the Spectrum with plenty of innocence in it -if we forget about the smashed rat sequence- ,,, :(

3,5 of valoration .

Starclash, 16 Aug 2012 (Rating: 3)

Hey ! this lost game is not bad ... but it isn´t good either .

The colors are alright , the sound fxs are cute for the time , but the gameplay leaves much to be desired in the sense that the movements are predictable and slow , and you can only fire one bullet at a time .

The comets on fire falling upon you are an original feature not seen in other titles of the genre before , also the crossed-obliqual/diagonal fire coming out from the enemy´s ships is a unique feature of Starclash making the game much more demanding , the haphazard movements of the green ships are also very challenging since it is not an easy task to reach the target , etc.

Many original features in this Starclash, still , not enough to rise the game above mediocrity . :(

Chopper Mission, 28 Aug 2012 (Rating: 4)

Hey ! This Chopper Mission has been a nice surprise , for a change . :D

Highly addictive and fairly playable . The difficulty is high and the level of addiction is diabolical .

Chopper Mission is a lost-little jewel and deserves more credit than what it gets .

The sound fxs are a nice touch and the graphics are a bit simple for 1986 but they are both functional and correct .

As enjoyable as any title from the early days of the Spectrum .

3,5 out of 5 of valoration .

C5 Clive, 28 Aug 2012 (Rating: 4)

The sound fxs can be annoying after a short while in this video-game ,,, the movements are a bit rigid and monolithic but they don´t hinder playability .

C5 Clive is quite challenging and with the right dose of difficulty .

The most interesting features in this videogame are the combination of tasks , the variety of screens and enemies , and above all , the ambientation ... the trees , the moving clouds , the red brick houses , the pale-blue phantoms , etc. , all of them create an enveloping atmosphere .

The ambientation elements in this game work really well and they make you want to advance and go further ...

Clive in Exile, 29 Aug 2012 (Rating: 4)

A bit more varied than its predecessor and with a funny title ... Clive in Exile is quite playable and got the same main quality as the C5 : the enveloping ambientation that makes you want to advance further and further .

This game made me seen new horizons never seen before on my Speccy , for that I am grateful .

Revenge of the C5, 29 Aug 2012 (Rating: 2)

Too boring to be reviewed ,,,

Is it even possible to reach level 3 in this video-game ? ?

The Greatest Show on Earth, 29 Aug 2012 (Rating: 2)

Not totally awful but quite awful ,,,

Armageddon, 29 Aug 2012 (Rating: 3)

Passable entertainment ,,, nothing more than that .

There are many better centipede games out there ,,, but not bad for a 1983 release .

Box, 30 Aug 2012 (Rating: 5)

This game by Sergio Vaquer Montes is a masterpiece ... but Box Reloaded is even better .

If this had existed in the Spectrum years I would have loved it ... seen now it is still a great game based on a brilliant idea , one that never gets boring .

I just love mental games and this one is one of the best mental games ever alongside Box Reloaded .

Box is the living proof that often simplicity is the key to games like this one or Tetris , for exaple .

I´ll never get tired of playing Box and Box Reloaded , that means they are both classics in their own right , my recognition for the author . hats off . Mr. Sergio or , as we say in Spanish : -me quito el sombrero-

Deep Space, 31 Aug 2012 (Rating: 4)

Hey ! This is a pretty decent asteroids clone with some distinctive features of its own that makes it even more engaging and entertaining .

First of all , it is very colorful , and the sound effects work pretty well -especially the Encounters of the Third Kind sinthony- , then there is the variety of the ship´s movements -hyperspace included- , then it is the U.F.O. appearing by surprise , a cool touch - , etc.

All in all , a very good release -if not too original- for 1984 .

Hopper, 31 Aug 2012 (Rating: 4)

Possibly , the best frogger I have ever played , and certainly , the most charming one . mainly for its cool touches : the ambulance sequence , the different sinthonies , the small graphics , the different ways to die ,,, etc.

A frogger with a difference , and with a touch of distinction .

Robber, 01 Sep 2012 (Rating: 2)

The idea behind this title is interesting but the game is almost unplayable due to the impredictable laser beam in the 1st screen ,,, this makes things very frustrating because you don´t know where the laser is going to be next so you cannot set a strategy ...

If you could set a strategy for each screen ,,, this would be a better game .

The graphics and sound fxs are pretty poor to the point of resembling a ZX81 16k production rather than a 48k video-game .

Thrust, 01 Sep 2012 (Rating: 4)

This game is pretty decent !! :D

Remarkable digitalized sound and pretty vectorial graphics . Fine inertia fx .

The main problems I find are the lack of variety and the high difficulty .

Thrust is almost impossible to complete but the plot is quite original and well executed .

One positive thing about Thrust is that it is like no other game in the market ... at least that I know .

If the difficulty were lower and there would be more variety I would have awarded Thrust with a 5 .

Guardian II: Revenge of the Mutants, 02 Sep 2012 (Rating: 4)

Guardian 2 : an above average interstelar game with many things to offer : hyperspace ship , H-bombs , laser beans , space mines , etc.

A good release for 1990 and a good entry to the 90s ZX Spectrum .

The sense of speed is high but the controls can be confusing at times .

The Birds and the Bees, 03 Sep 2012 (Rating: 4)

One of the most original games ever written for the Spectrum ,,,

The Birds and the Bees ... what a title !! I am not an English native speaker ,,, what does "the birds and the bees" exactly mean ??? is it a metaphorical way of saying "boys and girls" :?

The plot is almost too original , with certain similarities to games like Psssst and Kokotoni Wulf -both very original too !!!- .

Your mission is to collect pollen from the flowers and to take it to the hive before the birds catch you ... how can this be boring ? ? ?

4,5 out of 5 .

Perils of Bear George, 06 Sep 2012 (Rating: 3)

This game is too simple for an adult to enjoy it ... I believe this is aimed to kids , mainly .

The tunes are cute , though , and the presentation is quite colorful ,,, these things make the game appealing at first glance .

But , as I said before , the game-play is far too simple and you get bored after a while .

For kids only . :(

Pogo, 06 Sep 2012 (Rating: 5)

Pogo is a different-class video-game .

Very simple in its conception and quite brilliant in its execution .

The sound fxs are incredible for 1983 !!!

Pogo hits the right key in the right moment , although the controls are a pain in the arse .

4,5 out of 5 for this little master-piece .

Tutankhamun, 07 Sep 2012 (Rating: 2)

The approach of Tutankhamun to labyrinthic games is correct but the jerky movements spoil it all .

Besides , the screen presentation can be confusing at times and the laser bean shoots itself without fire-key being pressed . The scroll is rather awful ...

These negative aspects put together make Tutankhamun a rather painful experience and a hardly enjoyable video-game .

Too bad considering its price back in 1983 .

A true pity . :(

1,5 out of 5 .

Flipper, 10 Sep 2012 (Rating: 2)

A Germanic flipper with some distinctive and funny touches like the smiley faces , for example ...

The game looks so archaic that it is appealing .

If only the programmers had put a bit more work into the game-play this Flipper could have been an enjoyable experience ,,, now it is only an exotic anachronism , a curiosity that has aged too badly . :(

1,5 out of 5 .

Maze Death Race, 10 Sep 2012 (Rating: 4)

As far as primitive video-games go , Maze Death Race is a well-thought one .

Maybe the implementation of this simple but brilliant idea is not as good as it could have been , but it isn´t bad either .

It is very funny to mislead your pursuers into a puddle of oil or into an icy part of the road and see them lose control of their red cars ... for me , this is the best part of Maze Death Race -and what a suggestive title for a video-game , by the way !!-.

That´s why my valoration of Maze Death Race is rather positive , because I can appreciate good ideas in spite of their poor execution ... besides the roar of the engine is very warm and credible .

4,5 out of 5 .

Retroinvaders, 12 Sep 2012 (Rating: 4)

A pretty good variant of the original Space Invaders ,,, with one original feature above all : our space-ship moves in circles and in two directions , left and right .

The tunes sound incredible in this modern video-game but there is something important lacking : the naivity of the early ZX Spectrum stuff .

Retroinvaders is too sophisticated to really become a true Spectrum classic , in my humble opinion , this is why I give it a 4 . Too advanced for my taste ,,, :(

Space Zombies, 15 Sep 2012 (Rating: 3)

Pretty decent Space Invaders clone with nice colors and nice sound fxs ,,, but nothing more than that . :(

Worth a look !!

Odd Ball, 16 Sep 2012 (Rating: 2)

The idea behind Odd Ball is a pretty good one but the implementation leaves a lot to be desired .

Maybe with a bit of patience one could really enjoy a game like this one , but only with generous doses of patience .

The tune is cute , though , and I agree with Digi Prawn : it´s got everything 80´s .

Xeno II, 17 Sep 2012 (Rating: 2)

If this little game had set its sight higher it could have been a pretty good one . I mean , Xeno II lacks the ambition to really become a killer .

The idea behind Xeno II is OK , but the implementation remains rather poor , I´d say . That´s why Xeno II will not be remembered ,,,

In contrast with The Dean´s feelings , I find LEVEL 1 rather easy -once you manage the controls- ,,, what stops me from advancing is that you must lose several lives before reaching LEVEL 4 , and I cannot surpass LEVEL 4 with only one life left . :(

Ps - Has anyone in WOS gone further than LEVEL 4 ?? please ?

Bongo, 17 Sep 2012 (Rating: 3)

Bongo by M.Fox is a cute platformer with the main inconvenients of its poor design , little variety , and rough movements .

If it wasn´t for that , Bongo could have been a killer ,,, now it´s only a curious game with a big mouse as main character .

Galactic Abductors, 17 Sep 2012 (Rating: 2)

A poor implementation of a good idea spoiled by some bad bugs ,,, Galactic Abductors has it all to make you want to play any other game rather than Galactic Abductors .

1,5 out of 5 .

Harry Hare's Lair, 26 Sep 2012 (Rating: 4)

Hey ! What a nice discovery this was !

This is the sort of games that made me love the Spectrum back in the 80s .

Harry Hare´s Lair has it all to appeal to me as a player ... and it is also a queer game too , that´s an extra-plus . :)

Colorful and charming . The movements aren´t very responsive , though . :(

Overall , a very nice quarter of an hour if you are in the mood . Never get further than level 2 , though . :(

4,5 out of 5 .

ps - in response to zx128 complaint ,,, if you keep the up/down bottom pressed the hare will obbey without hesitation . it´s my advice in case you care . ;)

Jungle Fever, 27 Sep 2012 (Rating: 3)

Although the presentation is correct and kinda cute , there is something in Jungle Fever that -somehow- misses the point , at least for me .

If only the movements and actions of our Indiana Jones kind of character were more varied and animated this game would gain a lot and it´d be much better in my opinion . I miss some whip action here and there , more wild animals involved , cannibals stepping into your way , etc.

There is also an exploration element that I miss in this game , I mean : wouldn´t it be cool to get lost in the jungle ??

I also find the second level too hard for me to advance and get any further ,,,

Jungle Fever has got some charm , but I cannot rate this 16k proto-game higher than a 3 .

Escape, 28 Sep 2012 (Rating: 3)

This game is simple but cool . I mean ,,, as far as retro-games go , Escape is quite decent .

The plot just couldn´t be cooler : you are lost in the middle of a labyrinth surrounded by a plethora of prehistoric animals of every shape and size that chase you and you must pick a lost axe -which you do not see at first instance- before escaping the doomed labyrinth leaving all its horrors behind .

Once you reach the goal -escaping the labyrinth- the game lost all of its appeal , so it´s got almost no replay value . :(

On its benefit , the game has a vintage look that adds some charm into it ,,, ideal for nostalgic Spectrum fans , like myself .

2,5 out of 5 .

Altered Beast, 29 Sep 2012 (Rating: 2)

Poor conversion of a classic game .

It reminds me of my teenage years .

Sam Spade, 01 Oct 2012 (Rating: 3)

Sam Spade has it all to become a little classic in its own right ... mainly because of its vintage looks and flavour .

I reached level 3 but I do not know what to do to kill the green alien . Can someone help me , please ??

A sort of Mario Bros precursor .

Jumper, 06 Oct 2012 (Rating: 3)

If you are patient enough you can enjoy Jumper a lot !!

To me it looks like a sequel of Bugaboo -the Spanish masterpiece- , but with an Italian protagonist this time : a black sausage with two legs .

Your goal is to jump over the obstacles avoiding the deadly eggs that fall from above ... cute, isn´t it ? ;D

The game is not as simple as it seems at first instance , but I haven´t played it long enough to give you a complete analysis .

3,5 out of 5 for this little Jumper .

Frank the Flea, 09 Oct 2012 (Rating: 4)

Frank the Flea is colorful and charming and shares with Manic Miner the queer eccentricity and with Bugaboo the main plot and the same game-methods .

The way the flea changes its color is pleasing as well as the way it leaps over the furniture with a caracteristic Manic Miner kind of sound that I never get tired of hearing .

A very pleasant experience ,,,

Lode Runner, 09 Oct 2012 (Rating: 5)

I didn´t know what a great game I was missing with this Lode Runner for the simple reason that this title was not released here in Spain .

Lode Runner is a very well-thought game with many good things on its side to offer : it plays fairly well , it´s got a very original plot , it never gets boring , it plays very fast and the movements are very smooth and soft , etc.

It reminds me of Impossible Mission , but in an earlier era .

5 stars seem too few to reward this marvelous game from the early days of the Speccy .

Galactic Trooper, 09 Oct 2012 (Rating: 2)

Galactic Trooper is erratic and hits the wrong notes from beginning to end . I mean : the plot is cool , the graphic aspect is ok , but the game-play does not work because of horrid movements and bad response ,,,

2 stars being generous .

Angle Ball, 16 Oct 2012 (Rating: 3)

Average pool game where you must set a strategy if you want to win the competition .

Not bad for its time .

Gunstar, 16 Oct 2012 (Rating: 2)

This shooter is rather poor for its time : 1987 .

Gunstar does not add anything new to the world of shooters so my valoration cannot be too positive this time , I´m afraid .

1,5 out of 5 .

Force Fighter, 16 Oct 2012 (Rating: 3)

Not bad for its time but not good either .

The sound fx are rather nice .

The graphics are ok but the movement is a pain .

Utterly forgettable .

Storm-Fighters, 16 Oct 2012 (Rating: 2)

In spite of being an early game -1982- Storm Fighter leaves a lot to be desired .

This game is just too simple and plain for my liking . There is no depth and no variety in it . It is the same sequence from beginning to end . Too bad . No evolving element here . Same sequence all over again .

The movement is another weak aspect of this early shooter .

Not totally bad , but not good either .

Crazy Crane, 16 Oct 2012 (Rating: 2)

This game is quite original -I mean : in which other video-game you control an industrial crane ??- ... just too simple for my liking . the colors are nice , though .

Just pile up the cargo before the time is over . as simple as that .

Crazy Crane won´t keep you entertained for too long , I´m afraid !! :(

Genesis: Dawn of a New Day, 16 Oct 2012 (Rating: 4)

This game is coolness itself . Beginning with its cool music , adding to it its cool atmosphere , its cool fxs , its cool movements , its cool graphics and colors , its cool aliens , its cool inertia element , its cool looks , etc.

A very , very , very cool videogame .

Forest Raider Cherry, 16 Oct 2012 (Rating: 3)

Due to its looks and game-play this game reminds me of an early Spanish game from the 80´s called Saimazoon .

In the same vein as early classics such as Sabre Wulf , Atic Atac , etc.

Not perfect but not bad either .

Worth a short look ! ;-)

Micro Olympics, 16 Oct 2012 (Rating: 2)

Micro Olympics is so far from perfection that its hardly worth a try , really !

One cannot even call this thing a program , really .

Everything works badly in this awful production , from the graphics to the movements and the horrific sound .

A nightmare of a game ! :(

Thumbs down for this abortion .

Cred Breaks Out, 16 Oct 2012 (Rating: 2)

It looks like a game from 1982 and it was published in 1986 !!!

Too bad . :(

Ice Breaker, 17 Oct 2012 (Rating: 2)

This game is correct , but nothing more than that ... I mean , considering the year of its release -1990- .

Too dificult for my taste , and besides it is monochrome . The sound is poor ,,, a rather mediocre attempt by Topo Soft .

1,5 out of 5 .

Potty Painter, 17 Oct 2012 (Rating: 3)

A pretty decent old game from 1983 .

Potty Painter is fun and easy to play , really .

Avoid the baddies while you paint the screen , like in Oh Mummy .

Simple but fun !!

Booty, 27 Oct 2012 (Rating: 4)

Booty is a cool game sustained upon a great concept ... collect the keys to open new doors and pick up the treasures that you find in your way . beware the boms !!

Fine for its time and , as I said before , with a great concept behind .

Booty is a classic in its own right , but a bit confussing at times .

Evaluation : 4 / 5 .

ps - the tune is maddening but funny . it really keeps you on the go !!

Siege, 27 Oct 2012 (Rating: 2)

Siege isn´t a great title . :(

Its premise is poor and pretty out-dated .

The plot works badly : you are supossed to be a special agent whose mission is to rescue some hostages in a hotel sieged by terrorists .

As I said before : a very trite plot wrapped in an out-dated aesthetics .

ps - this game reminds me of El Zorro by US Gold , mainly by its looks .

Monsters in Hell, 27 Oct 2012 (Rating: 2)

Monsters in Hell could have been a lot better ... but it isn´t . : (

What hides behind such an evoking title ?? --> a poor re-edition of Panic , nothing more .

A little more action is missing here , and a little more variety , the game is shallow to say the least ... just going up and down ladders and digging holes isn´t enough .

The touch of the infernal flames is nice , but in a general view MIH isn´t a profound game , and it won´t keep you interested for too long . : (

My vote can only be a 1,5 . sorry . : (

Fall Guy, 28 Oct 2012 (Rating: 3)

Fall Guy by ELITE is a nice title by this company but too hard for me , I must say .

The idea behind FALL GUY is quite original and alluring but this game is hard as hell .

The presentation is correct ... it reminds me of Stop the Express , if only a bit .

If it wasnt for its diabolical level of difficulty , Fall Guy could have been a killer . ;-)

2,5 out of 5 .

The Oracle's Cave, 29 Oct 2012 (Rating: 3)

Mummies , over-sized spiders , giant rats , unfriendly wizards , venomous serpents , dragons , etc. all of them meet in The Oracle´s Cave .

The mechanics of this game is the same all the time -it doesn´t evolve- so the fun this game provides is limited and handicapped by that fact . Apart from that , this is a fine production for the time and requires some strategy to be completed . that makes things more interesting , in my opinion .

No sound , no tune , no melody ... no colors almost . :(

A nice try by Dorcas Soft. but very far from perfection , I must say .

2,5 out of 5 is my valoration .

The Runes of Zendos, 29 Oct 2012 (Rating: 3)

This is an interesting role game . Your advancing depends upon your decisions . Wild creatures await for you in each chamber . What to do ?

In the same vein as The Oracle´s Cave -by the same author- but a bit more accomplished and colorful , in my opinion . Less user-friendly .

3,5 out of 5 .

Lord Harry, 29 Oct 2012 (Rating: 2)

This title wasn´t released here in Spain so I didn´t know this game in particular .

Lord Harry is a charmer , but not a killer as other similar games like Hungry Horace for example , or PacMan ,,,

Getting killed by a puddle can be very frustrating and no fun ... besides the inertia effect of the main character spoils the diversion a bit because it is pretty hard to control and you always end up in a puddle one way or another : the key response is far from perfect and the maze is tricky . that , and the almost inexistent sound , are the main critical aspects of Lord Harry and why it is not a classic , in my opinion .

Still its aesthetics and looks speaks wonders to me , in the sense that they are pretty colorful and cartoonish -reminding me of the golden years of the Spectrum- , that aspect rise the game above mediocrity , if only a bit .

The fact that you can explore several chambers or rooms doesn´t add much variety into the game because they all look the same , there is no bonus element , no extra life , no bizarre baddies , no hidden chambers , etc. nothing to make advancing exciting for the player . the problem with this is that there is no profundity or depth or complexity in its layout : every screen looks like the first .

that said , Lord Harry is still playable and charming , but perfectly forgettable .

2,5 out of 5 .

Pengy, 29 Oct 2012 (Rating: 2)

The idea behind Pengy is fine but the rude movements and the weird key disposition spoil all the fun . :-(

For masochists only .

Caves of Doom, 29 Oct 2012 (Rating: 3)

A pretty decent platformer with the distinctive touch of having a flying astronaut as main character and running at a very fast path . a mixture between Jet Pac and Jet Set Willy .

Colorful and playable but not as much as other similar entries like Manic Miner , Jet Set Willy , etc.

The sound fx of the astronaut as he flies around is really annoying -he sounds as disgusting as a fatted fly almost- ...

Not totally bad but not good either .

Eric & the Floaters, 29 Oct 2012 (Rating: 4)

Eric and the Floaters -apart from sounding like a pop band name- is a superb game , if only diminished by its simplistic and primitive looks .

In this game you can smell the peril with each bomb you leave behind . you can kill yourself many times and become your own worst enemy . that´s a diabolical aspect of the game .

the sound fxs are also a nice feature ... and the death sequence is one of the most impressive and dramatics I´ve seen on a Spectrum by far .

An above average game with a character of its own and a remarkable title in the little history of the sinclair zx spectrum .

If it wasn´t for the poor graphics , I would give this a 5 .

Tornado ECR, 30 Oct 2012 (Rating: 1)

Awful is too gentle an adjective to qualify this aberration . This sort of games can only appeal to disturbed teenage minds , really .

The path is too fast , the graphics are too big , the bullets are far too many ... I insist : this game is disturbing in the worst sense of the word .

Disturbing and puerile in a disgraceful sense . out-dated , pretentious , unplayable . down there with the worst releases ever for the speccy . in fact I bet this ill collection of bytes was programmed by a person who hated the Spectrum and Sir Clive Sinclair .

A program only apt for frustrated executives who were not allowed into the army . the targets are so huge that it is almost impossible to miss a shot so ,,, where is the fun side of this ??

If I had a behated neighbour or relative I would present him with this game .

0 out of 0 .

ps - SQIJ! is a work of fine art compared to this .

Haunted Hedges, 30 Oct 2012 (Rating: 2)

A very poor rendition of Pac-Man but with some charm into it if only because of the colorful graphics and sound effects .

Tuma 7, 30 Oct 2012 (Rating: 1)

The only remarkable aspect of Tuma 7 is its graphics : big and with a good definition . but everything else sucks as hell !!! Especially for a 1990 release .

Nule movility , no sound , attrocious game-play , out-dated plot , etc.

Tuma 7 is not a program , is a collection of faults .

Bug Blaster, 31 Oct 2012 (Rating: 2)

This game is primitive and unglamorous , almost unplayable .

The main charm about Bug Blaster is that it looks vintage in a seducing way .

The path is fast , almost too fast , and you don´t need to press the fire key since it shoots itself .

An average game with the only redeeming feature os its vintage looks .

1,5 out of 5 .

Dr. Franky and the Monster, 31 Oct 2012 (Rating: 2)

I would love to love this game ... but I can´t .

I´ll explain myself : Dr.Franky and the Monster has every possible ingredient to attract me -beginning with the title- but there is something about this game that doesn´t quite work .

The game is cute , imaginative and charming , the main problem is the reduced movility of the characters .

What do I want an imaginative and colorful program for if the main character just doesn´t move or moves like an idiot ?

So , nothing to do with the superb atmosphere and glorious game-play of Jet-Set Willy or Manic Miner , just to mention two really good platformers .

Godzilla and the Martians, 31 Oct 2012 (Rating: 1)

Attrocious . Not worth of a review ...

Clumsy movements , out-dated and very tiny graphics that will spoil your vision if you look at them for too long , and almost nule game-play hindered by the fact that you only have one life .

Too bad ... Godzila & the Martians looks as if it had been programmed by a 3-year-old toddler .

Taffy Turner, 31 Oct 2012 (Rating: 4)

Taffy Turner is above average and very charming . A loveable game indeed !! ;)

Playing Taffy Turner is a very pleasant experience and nothing very taxing .

Taffy Turner is the sort of video-game that I will always play with a smile on my face .

Not excellent but pretty , pretty good .

Aladdin's Cave, 31 Oct 2012 (Rating: 2)

Aladdin´s Cave is a below average platformer with not much on its side to offer ... unimaginative graphics , dull game-play , nule originality ... need I say more ?

If you want an exciting platformer don´t try this one . :-(

1,5 out of 5 .

Cave-Fighter, 31 Oct 2012 (Rating: 1)

Cave Fighter looks as if it was a ZX81´s game instead of a 48 k Spectrum´s one . Pretty archaic and almost unplayable .

Cavelon, 31 Oct 2012 (Rating: 4)

Cavelon is a labyrinthic game with a medieval setting and many good things to offer .

First of all the intro sequence , then the tune , and also the atmosphere of the castle ,,, all right , the game is not perfect but it holds itself perfectly well .

Not a classic by itself , but still a good game and highly recommendable . ;-)

Cavern Fighter, 31 Oct 2012 (Rating: 2)

Cavern Fighter is very inferior to Penetrator -from the same year- but still is worth a try . ;-)

Crazy Caverns, 31 Oct 2012 (Rating: 4)

Hey ! I recommend this game to every one !!

I don´t understand why Crazy Caverns isn´t much more popular and highly rated . it is a definitive winner !!

I just like the fact than in this inspiring and charming video-game you don´t have to shoot or kill anything , you just pile up the stones and feed the smiley mouth with them before the buggs come .

simple but fun !

Hectic, 03 Nov 2012 (Rating: 4)

Not as brilliant or as charming as Manic Miner but fairly playable and quite challenging .

The main tune is very amusing and the graphics rivalize with Manic Miner in charm and color .

A true charmer ! 4 / 5 .

Kidnap, 03 Nov 2012 (Rating: 3)

Kidnap is a Manic Miner variation of some quality .

For those who love the genre , like me , Kidnap will play fairly well , but for those are searching for something more Kidnap will taste insipid and poor .

The tune and the graphics are cute , but the movements are clumsy and awkward .

kidnap offers very limited diversion .

2,5 out of 5 .

Phantomas Tales #4: Severin Sewers, 03 Nov 2012 (Rating: 4)

This game is more than good ... I´d even say this is a super-production for the Spectrum .

Why do I say this ? Just load Phantomas 4 and you will see it for yourself: superb music, great graphics, great atmosphere, etc.

The idea of having only one little spot of light in the first screen is brilliant, the idea of having two different sorts of jumps is brilliant too ,,, as I said before: a super-production for the Speccy .

A game that takes the best from the Spectrum and which tests it to the full .

Maritrini, Freelance Monster Slayer, 03 Nov 2012 (Rating: 3)

Good graphics and good music but poor game-play and poor key response .

Good graphics and good sound only don´t make a good game , and Maritrini is an example of that .

3,5 out of 5 .

Plum Duff, 03 Nov 2012 (Rating: 2)

Xmas games got something so charming and homely about them that I simply cannot resist them . this undefined thing is called magic .

This is the case for Plum Duff , another xmas game with a very warm feeling about it .

My main complain is about the movements , they are painful and unnatural .

a charming little game with orthopedic movements that still will leave you a merry-warm feeling in your soul .

ps - I´m still waiting for the definitive Christmas game . :-(

St. Crippens, 03 Nov 2012 (Rating: 3)

This is a weird game , mainly for its morbidity but not only .

Hospital games aren´t very abundant so I don´t know how to compare this ... St Crippens is like no other game I´ve seen before.

I just don´t know what you are supposed to do in this bizarre/grotesque maze . I really don´t ... and that´s why I cannot enjoy it to the full .

I like the graphs though . the ambient is kinda cool . 2,5 / 5 .

Quackshot, 03 Nov 2012 (Rating: 2)

This is a damn hard , almost unplayable game ... enemies are unavoidable and faster than you , your only weapon against them are your two legs so , there is no chance . . .

This is why I´m only giving this a 2 .

Ian's Night Out, 05 Nov 2012 (Rating: 2)

If it wasn´t so slow this game could be a winner .

The colors are charming, so are the graphics and the music, but the movements are painfully slow .

This title misses the target almost completely .

Santa's Xmas Caper, 05 Nov 2012 (Rating: 2)

I would love to love this game because I just love xmas games but it is so very difficult that it becomes hardly enjoyable .

The presentation is cute , but there are so many enemies coming from every way that it is almost impossible to avoid them .


The King and the Castle, 05 Nov 2012 (Rating: 2)

Not bad, but too simple and predictable to be marked higher than 2 stars .

The graphics are charming, the movements are ok ... but the action is always the same so there is no point playing this longer than 5 minutes . :(

Easyfrog, 09 Nov 2012 (Rating: 2)

Not totally awful but pretty poor , I must say . :(

Easyfrog is a charming release because of its graphics and looks but it lacks something ... no sound at all , that´s too bad .

An anodyne production , in my opinion .

Frogger, 09 Nov 2012 (Rating: 1)

Too slow and an almost unplayable Frogger .

A complete waste of time in spite of its colorful graphics .

Pretty cheap software . :(

Pole Position, 10 Nov 2012 (Rating: 2)

This could have been great but, in fact, it is only average . Let´s see why ...

1st) the vehicle accelerates itself without the player´s input .

2nd) if you crash into another car you will explode .

3rd) the game is always the same routine so after a while it becomes tedious .

Signed, dandyboy .

Fernandez Must Die, 10 Nov 2012 (Rating: 2)

Like Commando but much worse .

Weird key disposition .

Utterly unattractive presentation .

Clearly below average and close to the very bottom .

Haunted House, 10 Nov 2012 (Rating: 4)

A bloody marvelous game that appeared as a B-side of a Spanish compilation !! And I completed it without cheating !! ;-)

This sort of simple but charming video-games were the ones that made me fall in love with the Speccy about 30 years ago ... and I still love them ! They are pretty cool and glamourous , indeed !! ;-)

The phantom runs twice as you so it becomes quite a hard challenge to avoid it . almost impossible , I would say .

Strangely enough , it reminds me of another Spanish video-game called Randax . which I also like .

Bristles, 10 Nov 2012 (Rating: 3)

Curious and pretty original stuff from the early days of the Spectrum ... Bristles is a game with some character but not totally perfect .

Weird key disposition , unclear goal , confusing plot , almost too fast , etc.

A sort of Mario Bros precursor .

Wrath of the Killer Pigs, 10 Nov 2012 (Rating: 3)

I dunno how to take this ... the idea behind Killer Pigs is good and pretty original , but the implementation leaves much to be desired !! :(

The shooting is so fast you can hardly aim at the enemy ... so what´s the point ??

The idea of the bar going up and down seems very original and pretty cool to me . If only you could change the angle of your shooting it would be such an improvement !! ;-)

2,5 out of 5 .

Cauldron II: The Pumpkin Strikes Back, 11 Nov 2012 (Rating: 4)

The idea behind Cauldron 2 is almost diabolical ...

A bouncing pumking inside an enchanted castle full of dungeons and intrepid enemies ¿ what else can one ask ?

The tetric atmosphere is superb and the labyrinthic layout invites you to get lost ...

A lost wonder this Cauldron 2 is ... colorful and terrifying .

4,5 out of 5 .

Marauder, 18 Nov 2012 (Rating: 4)

Typical game for the time 1988 ...

Marauder is a competent shooter with some addictive touches like its smooth movility and several bonus and antibonus pluses .

The action is quite fast but never too fast , the enemies are varied and so is the weaponry so ... what else can one ask ?

I´m not a fan of this sort of video games like Terra Cresta or R-Type , but Marauder leaves a very high standard .

Sometimes the screen is just too narrow and too many things happen in very limited space , this added to the monochrome and transparent graphics can make the whole action confusing at times ... but this alone doesn´t spoil the game .

The sound is good , but the game is hardly original for the time ... so 3,5 out of 5 .

The Muncher, 21 Nov 2012 (Rating: 3)

I knew Rampage but I never played The Muncher before .

It was a very original idea back in the day but I just don´t fancy games where your character is so huge that it becomes an easy target so that your enemies can hardly miss a shot at you . And , quite sadly , this is the case with The Muncher . I just don´t know how to avoid the enemy .

The movements are slow and clumsy not to mention the painful scroll , the sound fxs are cute and so are the graphics , but these two aspects alone don´t make a good game, in my opinion.

2,5 out of 5 . :(

BC's Quest for Tires, 21 Nov 2012 (Rating: 4)

I would have loved this game back in 1985 !!! Beacuse I´m just mad about bizarre-looking games with mad plots and unique characters, and this is what BC Quest offers .

The scroll is fine , the graphics are cute , the colors fill your vision , and the game as a whole plays fairly well .

Not bad at all for its day !! 3,5 out of 5 .

Bounty Bob Strikes Back, 21 Nov 2012 (Rating: 3)

Good presentation , good sound , an attractive layout but then ,,, why isn´t Bounty Bob as popular as Miner Willy ?

2,5 out of 5 .

Rockfall, 29 Nov 2012 (Rating: 3)

A nice game with a nice touch and nice colors .

A bit primitive but fairly playable .

The plot is simple , but addictive .

The sound fxs are ok .

An OK game .

The Sport of Kings Challenge, 30 Nov 2012 (Rating: 4)

A pretty cool betting game with some very nice touches ,,, the race sequence is anthological , I´d say .

Ideal for playing with a couple of drunken friends on a boring sunday afternoon .

These are the sort of games I really enjoy . colorful and strategic with a bit of action and a bit of luck here and there .

The odds are an interesting feature in this game , but I somehow miss choosing the quantity you wish to bet each time .

If you bet real money , it becomes much more exciting . ;)

3,5 out of 5 .

Estimator Racer, 03 Dec 2012 (Rating: 4)

A very charming game indeed ! and a very nice idea ...

Like every Psion game , Estimator Racer is full of 80´s charm and innocence and , in that respect , is a winner .

A mind game combined with some racing action . A winning combination and a wonderful game .

I adore Psion . They made the most charming games out there .

Thanks guys ! Good job ! Once again ! ;-)

Moonsweeper, 03 Dec 2012 (Rating: 5)

I didn´t know this video-game and I must say it is amazing . What a great shooter I have been missing !!

Moonsweeper has it all . cool graphics , cool sound fxs , fast and smooth movements and a good grade of difficulty .

Besides there is some depth in it , in the sense that you must complete several missions , not only one .

Besides there is the movements , the great sense of speed and the shots , not only frontal shots but also diagonal shots .

The sound fxs are superb !!

Could this shooter have been better ?? My answer is NO .

4,5 out of 5 .

F.I.R.E., 11 Dec 2012 (Rating: 5)

FIRE is an excellent shooter with smooth movements and a great sense of speed .

Plus the bonuses make it all much more exciting .

It isn´t as hard as other shooters so getting further in the game is rather easy .

The only complaint : total lack of color .

In spite of that , a 4,5 out of 5 .

Legend of Kage, 13 Dec 2012 (Rating: 4)

There is something quite special about this game . I mean , it is complex enough to keep you interested and it´s got depth .

There are some dark passages in it , the ninjas come from every way , and their leaps are huge , they really bounce like kangaroos .

It isn´t hard nor easy , just ok . And the atmosphere within the game is really superb , it got me captivated .

3,5 out of 5 .

Galactic Mechanic, 14 Dec 2012 (Rating: 3)

A very singular and charming video-game . Galactic Mechanic is quite unique . colorful and pretty original .

I don´t know how to describe this , the u.f.o. is huge , over-sized , out of proportion you could say ,,, it plays well whatsoever .

If you like bizarre-looking games , Galactic Mechanic is worth a try . ;)

2,5 out of 5 .

Stelar, 14 Dec 2012 (Rating: 3)

Hey ! Not that bad ... charming and retro-looking Space Invaders clone from the 80´s .

Cool and playable if not too much ! :(

2,5 out of 5 .

Millionaire, 18 Dec 2012 (Rating: 4)

Colorful and attractive program about managing a software company .

Interesting enough to keep you entertained for a while .

The presentation is cool and very 80´s ... charming and innocent . a real delight ! !

Decision making at its best !

Christmas Tunes, 23 Dec 2012 (Rating: 2)

Not that bad !

Considering the limitations of the Spectrum this BASIC program leaves a smile on my face . :)

1,5 out of 5 .

ps - merry xmas to all ! ho, ho, ho !

Ano Gaia, 23 Dec 2012 (Rating: 4)

A very smooth and pretty acceptable scrolling shooter !

Quite decent for its day .

It plays fast and smooth , and the key response is a real delight .

Very recommendable , especially for shooter lovers , unlike myself ! :(

3,5 out of 5 .

Demonslair, 29 Dec 2012 (Rating: 3)

Demonslair offers an interesting mixture between several games like Avalon , Alchemist , Atic Atac , etc.

The atmosphere inside the dungeons is quite tetric and this is one of the most interesting features of this game .

The music is ok too .

Colors are of good quality for the day .

The objective is quite definite within the screens but sometimes the enemies are unavoidable , almost .

Overall , a pretty decent game .

2,5 out of 5 .

William Wobbler, 30 Dec 2012 (Rating: 2)

Cool graphics but absurd game-play and even more absurd plot . :(

1,5 out of 5 .

Glug Glug, 30 Dec 2012 (Rating: 4)

A rather simplistic but quite amusing retro-game .

Glug-glug is for those who enjoy diving and collecting treasures from the bottom of the sea .

Not bad for its day , but all the levels are the same . A little more variety and a little more color would have done well .

3,5 out of 5 .

Uchi Mata, 30 Dec 2012 (Rating: 2)

Not totally awful but highly unplayable !!

A complete waste of time and money . :(

I don´t give this a 0 because the movements are , somehow , correct .

1,5 out of 5 .

ps - this title -Uchi Mata- has -somehow- become synonym with boredom for the Spectrum users .

Barbarian II: The Dungeon of Drax, 02 Jan 2013 (Rating: 5)

A super production for the Spectrum with all of its elements , with all of its merits .

Cool and big graphics , nice movements , incredible atmosphere , gruesome and imaginative monsters ... this game has it all !!!

The music does it work pretty well !

One of the best productions ever made for the Speccy !

The movements are a bit repetitive , though . Only for that I won´t give this a big 5 but a 4,5 instead .

Antteroo, 02 Jan 2013 (Rating: 3)

With a bit more work and a bit more faith this game could have been charming but , at the end , it only manages to become a proto-sequel -excuse the word- of legendary Manic Miner .

The colors are ok , the screens are charming , the plot is ok , but movility is messy and that only spoils all the fun .

Still worth a try if you like vintage platformers , there is a cool and vintage flavour into Antteroo .

By the way : is our character supposed to be an ant ? ?

2,5 out of 5 .

Earth Attack, 02 Jan 2013 (Rating: 3)

This game is cute , especially for retro-players like myself .

A bit more complexity would have done well , because the game-play is far too simple and repetitive and that causes boredom . despite having two different speeds -normal and fast- and two different weapons -laser beans and smart bombs- this game is quite predictable . but in spite of its simplicity Earth Attack is quite charming .

Somehow it reminds me of De Copas en Nueva York -one of my favorite games ever- , both programs are from the same epoch and they are pretty similar indeed . If only for that , Earth Attack is delightful to my eyes .

A charming and delightful retro-game with all the color and charm from the early days of the Spectrum .

Devil Birds, 02 Jan 2013 (Rating: 2)

Simplistic graphics , repetitive game-play , nule originality , bad movement , etc. ,,,

What prevents me from giving this a 1 is that , in spite of all its faults , Devil Birds still manages to deliver some charm and it is quite a challenge .

1,5 for me .

Laser Lord, 02 Jan 2013 (Rating: 2)

This is the Spectrum at its simplest but I disagree with considering this one of the worst games ever ... simply because in spite of its simplicity it is still fun . ;)

1,5 of 5 for me .

Toilet Truble, 02 Jan 2013 (Rating: 2)

This game gets me on my nerves !!

The snail is charming and the idea is a good one but the game-play is almost diabolical ... you must have nerves of steel to advance in this Toilet Truble .

I reached level 3 ... but it is almost impossible to advance . too dificult .

The sound is very well executed in this game . Toilet Truble sounds pretty well to my ears . digital before digital .

1,5 out of 5 .

ps - I reckon this game should be re-made in a diferent format because the idea behind it is just so good . ;)

Stanley and the Wallbangers, 02 Jan 2013 (Rating: 1)

This is even more difficult than Toilet Truble because the path is much faster ... almost unplayable !

0,5 out of 5 .

CORE, 02 Jan 2013 (Rating: 1)

This game is B.O.R.E.D.O.M itself ...

yaaaaaaaaaawn !!

I repeat myself yaaaaaaaaaaaawn !!

1,5 because of the graphics .

Devil Diver, 02 Jan 2013 (Rating: 2)

Not a bad game but the movements are too clumsy and retarded and the inertia effect is very hard to control .

The graphics are too big , the fishes and the diver are very big and I hate games in which your character is so big it becomes an easy target ! This feature is fastidious and spoils some of the fun .

The tune is charming though , it reminds me of Popeye the Sailor .

Where are the spinachs ? ?

1,5 out of 5.

Mighty Magus, 02 Jan 2013 (Rating: 3)

Mighty Magus reminds me so much of Alchemist that I can hardly find any differences between both games .

A good game , with depth and a good ambient .

The baddies are very original : spiders , ants , snails , etc.

A mind game to be played with some patience .

Ps - It also reminds me of El Zorro .

Rupert and the Ice Castle, 02 Jan 2013 (Rating: 2)

This game reminds me of Prince of Persia , although I have never really played Prince of Persia ... :(

Rupert is a strange game with a weird plot and unusual characters . Mainly for kids .

I like it only because it is snowy and wintery and I love wintery games , but the graphics are too big and the movement is a bit clumsy as a result .

I must say that this bear called Rupert isn´t very popular here in Spain , in fact it is hardly known by any one over here .

Zoot, 02 Jan 2013 (Rating: 2)

If you like weird games this is for you ...

It reminds me in a strange way to Molar Maul , if only because you must squash and tear down to pieces as many teeth as you can .

Zoot is a strange mixture between Mario Bross and Molar Maul -there is a cartoonish side to it- ... I just don´t know how to take it , it puzzles me , it leaves me perplexed .

This platformer is so weird that I don´t know how to describe it , just try it and find it for yourself .

ps - too weird to even be qualified .

Star Firebirds, 03 Jan 2013 (Rating: 3)

A pretty decent shooter from 1985 .

Star Fierbirds is promising and inspiring and with the right level of difficulty .

Its plot and presentation are archetypal for the genre .

Sound leaves lots to be desired .

Nothing very special but still a fine intergalactic shooter . ;)

2,5 out of 5 .

A.T.A.C., 03 Jan 2013 (Rating: 2)

Too poor for a 1987 release ...

Alien Insects, 03 Jan 2013 (Rating: 4)

Alien Insect is like no other game I´ve seen before .

Our character moves so fast we can barely control him .

The baddies are vulnerable only at times so you must shoot carefuly .

A pretty weird shooter -in the good sense of the term- ...

ps - the sound is futuristic and appealing .

Pusher, 04 Jan 2013 (Rating: 2)

If only the game-play had been easier this program could have been a winner !!

Our character is too slow , completing the rocket is almost an impossible mission !!

Too bad , coz I really wanted to like Pusher . :(

Ps - the colors and sound are charming , though . ;-)

Seekey, 04 Jan 2013 (Rating: 3)

This proto-game from 1983 is quite charming !!

A real discovery for me !!

Discover all the charm of the ancient Spectrum with this maze full of keys and baddies ...

A real charmer ! ;-)

2,5 out of 5 .

Anteater, 04 Jan 2013 (Rating: 3)

A very original game indeed !! quite amusing and soooo cute !!

Display your tongue before the ants bite you !! ñam-ñam ! as we say in Spanish ...

Colors and sound to the full ...

A very pleasant 1/4 of an hour .

This game puts a smile in my face and I would have loved it as a kid .

2,5 out of 5 .

Creepy Dungeons, 04 Jan 2013 (Rating: 3)

I don´t understand why this game isn´t more praised in WOS .

Although clearly inspired in Jet Set Willy , Creepy Dungeons got enough personality of its own to become a winner .

This game may not be perfect but who cares ??

Creepy Dungeons is good enough if you take it for what it is . charming and enternaining if not very original ...

3 out of 5 .

Starburst, 05 Jan 2013 (Rating: 5)

Starburst is a competent shooter with everything you can possibly ask for in a game of the genre .

It´s got power ups , different speeds , many sorts of baddies , and different stages etc. the movements are smooth and fast ... what else can one ask ?

I really love this game from start to finish , and I am not a shooter lover myself . So that´s why I´m giving this 4,5 out of 5 points in my review .

It offers the best from Terra Cresta and R-Type altogether .

Well done !!

Hammerfist, 07 Jan 2013 (Rating: 2)

I don´t understand this game ... the key disposition is weird , the aim is too complex and I don´t get it , I do not control the actions either -characters seem to act at free will- , the key response is bad and delayed , the movements are inconsequent , therefore ... where is the fun ?

Beside there is no sound at all .

Too bad , because the graphic aspect of Hammerfist is more than correct , the idea is quite original , but this game is almost unplayable .

Too complex for my liking ... :-(

Astro Marine Corps, 08 Jan 2013 (Rating: 4)

In the same vein as other Spanish games like Game Over or Phantis but with an extra touch of quality and distinction .

Not a perfect game but quite good and addictive ,,, with many humorous and imaginative touches .

In its looks it reminds me of Navy Moves and , in fact , they are both from the same epoch and same company .

Dynamic marked the golden age of Spanish software back in the late 80´s with ambitious games full of gore and action like this one .

Pretty good , indeed ! ;-)

Cage Match, 09 Jan 2013 (Rating: 3)

There are worse games than Cage Match but not many ... in its favor I must say that I was expecting a much worse program in view of the ill reviews compiled in WOS about Cage Match .

Cage Match is not a master-piece but it is far from being one of the worst programs ever made , in my humble opinion .

Am I trying to excuse Cage Match ? Not really , I´m just saying that in spite of all its faults Cage Match is still playable , unlike many other games with much better reputation .

The idea behind Cage Match is pretty original indeed !!

I say ...

Kosmic Kanga, 09 Jan 2013 (Rating: 3)

Retro-charming piece of early software full of spark and color .

The bouncing kangaroo is quite friendly and amusing .

This game reminds me of the early days of my youth so much because I really wanted to play this back then and I never could , so for this only Kosmic Kanga is quite especial for me .

In spite of that , I must say that Kosmic Kanga is almost uncontrollable , really , just because the key disposition is not clear and the movements are a bit wild , so you lose control of the situation quite easily .

Nice and childish melody as a main tune ... this may prove Kosmic Kanga was aimed at kids mainly .

2,5 out of 5 .

Soldier One, 11 Jan 2013 (Rating: 4)

Soldier One is a pretty good one !!

Smooth movements , nice and detailed graphics , cool atmosphere , etc.

Clearly above average ...

Return of the Things, 11 Jan 2013 (Rating: 3)

Almost too fast !! Our main character can hardly be controlled ...

In spite of that , Return of the Things displays itself quite nicely .

The graphic aspect is correct and getting lost in the caves is quite an adventure .

The layout of the caverns is attractive enough by itself although the action isn´t much varied .

3,5 out of 5 .

International Kickboxing, 11 Jan 2013 (Rating: 4)

A very fine alternative to The Way of the Exploding Fist .

Fast and smooth movements , different sorts of kicks and punches , nice setting , etc.

This game has it all except sound .

3,5 out of 5 .

Gunhed, 11 Jan 2013 (Rating: 3)

Insane tune credited to the band Europe if my memory serves me well ...

Gunhed is everything but a conventional shooter , mainly due to the inertia effect included in the game and also because of the different sorts of trajectories the enemies´ ships describe .

A very original shooter indeed and a bit above average !!

3,5 out of 5 .

911 TS, 12 Jan 2013 (Rating: 3)

Not bad for its day although a bit unoriginal .

The screen is too narrow , it hinders playability .

2,5 out of 5 .

Ps - It reminds me of Spy Hunter almost too much !!

Roller Coaster, 12 Jan 2013 (Rating: 4)

Hey ! I thought I had already reviewed this one ...

Roller Coaster is a game in a million ... full of color and plenty of fun .

The rides are varied and challenging , collecting the gold is almost too challenging at times , this game is original to the full .

The tune is memorable ! Funny and engaging ... really .

Not an all time classic but a must try !!

Charming , sparking , funny , challenging , etc.

The ambience of the fair is also remarkable ! I love getting lost between the rides !

Roller Coaster is a crack of a game and I´ll never forget it ! ! ;)

One of the most sparking spots in the History of the Spectrum .

4,5 out of 5 stars .

Nuclear City Bomber, 22 Jan 2013 (Rating: 1)

Is this a game ??

1,5 / 5 .

Escape from Colditz, 22 Jan 2013 (Rating: 3)

Escape from Colditz is not a bad game at all !!

In fact is quite original and well programmed ... so my veredict is kinda possitive for this one .

Play and test it for yourself !! ;)

Flogging a Dead Horse, 22 Jan 2013 (Rating: 3)

If you like bet-games try this one out !!

It is charming and unpredictable ...

Mothership, 22 Jan 2013 (Rating: 1)

Weird game with no redeeming feature on it except for the color factor ...

Avoid ...

Videodrome, 22 Jan 2013 (Rating: 1)

I don´t understand this game ... can someone explain ? please ?

What is the target supposed to be ?

I would love to love this one but I can´t ...

Not totally awful but quite awful ... :(

The sound adds a nice touch .

Wipeout, 22 Jan 2013 (Rating: 3)

A nice variation over an old idea ...

The music in this game drives me a little bit crazy .

Not bad for its day ... ;-)

Chronos, 31 Jan 2013 (Rating: 4)

Chronos is quite good , a very decent shooter ... cool and well designed .

Not too original but quite good !!

A real delight !

Almost perfect in every aspect ... at least for me . :)

Ps - the tune in this game is remarkable indeed !!

Finders Keepers, 08 Feb 2013 (Rating: 3)

Not bad for an early piece of cheap software .

Finders Keepers would be great if only I knew how to advance and get any further than the 4th screen !! :(

2,5 out of 5 .

Realm of Impossibility, 08 Feb 2013 (Rating: 4)

I don´t understand the low score for this one in WOS .

Realm of Impossibility is a true winner !!

Just to be lost in the middle of a 3D maze is wild enough to be entertained for a while .

The idea is pretty original and the graphics are colorful and well designed for its day .

An above average Speccy game ! ;-)

Daffy Cafe, 14 Feb 2013 (Rating: 3)

Not bad for 1984 !

Very original and quite amusing !

Daffy Cafe is a real charmer . ;)

The difficulty increases with each level so you never get bored .

A forgotten game and a lost gem !

Block Buster, 14 Feb 2013 (Rating: 3)

An above average mediocrity . Sic !!

Rocman, 18 Feb 2013 (Rating: 4)

Rocman is a pretty decent Spanish diversion !

In fact is a video-adventure with a dense atmosphere and a very well-designed map .

Rocman presents cool graphics inserted in an imaginary land and coupled with extraordinary good sound effects .

Not bad at all for a Spanish cheap release ! ;)

3,5 out of 5 .

El Fantasma del Castillo, 26 Feb 2013 (Rating: 3)

A new maze awaits for you in each level ... challenging isn´t it ?

But that´s not all , folks ... there is also a phantom haunting you who will not leave you alone .

If not too original , this proto-game is at least pretty entertaining .

Worth a try !

Stagecoach, 26 Feb 2013 (Rating: 3)

This game seems pretty original in its plot and presentation but the gameplay is far too weird for my taste .

Keep trying ! 3 out of 5 .

Total Recall, 01 Mar 2013 (Rating: 3)

Good sound effects but I don´t know how to play this one , really !!

Only one life/oportunity each time ... unfair !!

I was expecting more from an Ocean late release ... :(

2,5 out of 5 .

La Daga Esmeralda, 02 Mar 2013 (Rating: 3)

A very simple premise but very effective !!

La Daga Esmeralda is one of those early Spanish games that managed to capture some charm .

The plot is original , it is like a maddening variation upon Tetris with a funny-cartoonish fellow as a main character .

Quite amusing and highly recommended !

Boxeo, 02 Mar 2013 (Rating: 3)

Not a bad game at all !!

A boxing game with some strategy and manageing options ... a bit primitive in its presentation but quite amusing !!

There are better boxing simulators for the Spectrum but this one is quite accomplished inclusding many options !!

2,5 out of 5 !

Carreras de Caballos, 02 Mar 2013 (Rating: 4)

Simple , colorful and entertaining ... what else can one ask ??

Millon, 02 Mar 2013 (Rating: 2)

If you like odd betting games try this one !! ;)

Odd and underaverage but not charmless ...

Turbo Driver, 10 Mar 2013 (Rating: 3)

Starting from the title , Turbo Driver hits the right key at the right moment in the sense that it keeps you entertained for a while ...

The colors are provoking and bright ... they truly catch your eye ! ;-)

Sometimes the obstacles are just too big to even be skipped . In spite of that , my valoration of Turbo Driver is quite positive .

Chuckman, 10 Mar 2013 (Rating: 2)

A rather poor variation over Maziacs !

Not very recommended .

Cyber Zone, 10 Mar 2013 (Rating: 2)

The lack of sound deprives me of enjoying this game a lot . The colors are right ,,, though .

The plot is quite unique and very unlike any other shooter played by me before ,,, to see an alien brain exploding under a monochrome rainbow in a feast of blood & guts was the last thing I was expecting . A truly surreal vision .

Weird and original are the two main termns that fit this game the most .

Androids, 10 Mar 2013 (Rating: 3)

The movement is quite fluid in this maze game , and this is one of the main aspects of Androids .

The plot pretty much resembles that of Maziacs but with a different angle .

I like games where you can get lost , and this is one of those .

A pretty decent game , especially for its day and time .

Recommended .

Bonkers, 11 Mar 2013 (Rating: 3)

This game gets me on my nerves !!

The keys are so weird -E,S,D,X- , almost orthopedic . The movements are so unresponsive !!

In spite of that , I kinda like this one ... but most probably for the wrong reasons .

100 Kilometri, 15 Mar 2013 (Rating: 2)

With some more options this budget game could have been a winner ...

Definitely , there are much better cycling games out there .

In spite of all its limitations , 100 Km still retains some of the ZX Spectrum old virtues and vintage flavour , and that´s a positive thing in my opinion . This is why I am not giving this lame game a 1 .

1,5 out of 5 .

Tai-Pan, 21 Mar 2013 (Rating: 3)

This game looks cute , and it would be great if only I knew how to play it !!

2,5 out of 5 .

Paratroopers, 21 Mar 2013 (Rating: 3)

Very basic but not bad for its day ...

13 Rue del Percebe, 21 Mar 2013 (Rating: 1)

This game is for idiots only ... demented text-adventure with poor graphics and almost no depth ! Avoid !

Winter Wonderland, 21 Mar 2013 (Rating: 2)

I just love wintery games so I don´t know how I passed this one by for so long ... Winter Wonderland promises more than it offers , but is still a worthwhile wintery experience !!

1,5 out of 5 .

The Birds, 22 Mar 2013 (Rating: 3)

The Birds is a competent shooter , but nothing more than that . :(

The sound fxs are nice but the gameplay isn´t as smooth as it should be in order to make this game stand out from the pack .

Exodus, 22 Mar 2013 (Rating: 4)

Exodus offers original diversion packed with cool graphics and pretty good sound effects ...

The gameplay is as simple -only three keys- as it is adictive : it displays a spinning spaceship shooting at a wide variety of enemies ranging from witches , to phantoms , demons , clocks , etc.

The overall objective is not too clear ... and the game can be confusing at times , in spite of that , I consider Exodus a very colorful and enjoyable experience !!!

Recommended !

Thunderbirds, 22 Mar 2013 (Rating: 4)

This game forces you to think tiwce before each movement , in this sense Thunderbirds is a mental game ... two spaceships and one objective : to escape from the pyramid .

Colorful and well designed ... Thunderbirds is an example of what mental games should be .

Not a classic , but quite good !!

Falcon Patrol 2, 24 Mar 2013 (Rating: 4)

An excellent shooter -especially for its day- , a very competent fighter with radar included .

Recommended !

Moon Patrol, 24 Mar 2013 (Rating: 2)

Colorful and charming with an excelent tune ... but painfuly slow . :(

If only the movements were a bit faster Moon Patrol would rise above mediocrity , but it doesn´t .

Slow and repetitive ...

Park Patrol, 24 Mar 2013 (Rating: 3)

Strange game by Firebirds ...

The graphics are weird with plain colors , the movements are very limited .

The main tune is cute and so are the sound fxs but Park Patrol fails in its attempt .

Obscure game with unclear objectives and mannerist presentation .

Skateboard Kidz, 24 Mar 2013 (Rating: 3)

The sound aspects are good , nice digitalized sounds and stunning tune , the graphics are clearly above average with 3-dimensional objects and neat contours , but the gameplay is diabolical ... too dificult for my taste and too complex .

The controls are a pain in the arse !

If it wasn´t for that , Skateboard Kidz would be an enjoyable experience ...

Bomber Bob in Pentagon Capers, 24 Mar 2013 (Rating: 2)

A rather poor variation in-between Pang and Bomb-Jack .

Play any of those two before even trying this lame imitation ! That´s my advice ...

Tremor, 24 Mar 2013 (Rating: 4)

I award this game with four stars because of its flashing colors and smooth movements , also because I like games where you can get lost and this is one of those !

Truly recommended !

Triplex, 25 Mar 2013 (Rating: 3)

An original idea poorly implemented ...

I must admit that Triplex is quite unique both in its plot and in its presentation , nevertheless it fails to become a true classic .

The graphics are too big and this hinders movility and gameplay ... the visual aspects of the game are poor .

In spite of its severe limitations , Triplex can be fun for a while ! ;-)

Hong Kong Phooey, 31 Mar 2013 (Rating: 4)

This game has a bad bug !

In spite of that it is still quite playable !

Cartoonish characters and soft movements ...

Brilliant and funny !

Ps - I remember the TV series . it was mad and I used to love it !!

Pac-Mania, 02 Apr 2013 (Rating: 5)

3D Pac-Man !! A brilliant idea well executed ... what else can I say ??


Pac-Land, 02 Apr 2013 (Rating: 4)

Strange monochrome pac-man variation with some isometric graphics ... not too responsive but fun .

Apt for undemanding players ! worth a little try !

Winged Warlords, 06 Apr 2013 (Rating: 4)

Strange game with only three control keys -z,x,space- and very basic graphics ... the aim is to eject rival riders from their rides ... original , isn´t it ??

The gameplay is smooth and the key response is almost perfect , with a nice inertia effect .

Winged Warlords is fun and pretty challenging !!

A true Spectrum lost gem ! A classic !

Pool, 06 Apr 2013 (Rating: 5)

Almost perfect in every sense of the word ...

Cowboy Kidz, 10 Apr 2013 (Rating: 4)

Nice graphics full of color , nice melody full of tones , nice program full of character !!

Tintin on the Moon, 11 Apr 2013 (Rating: 2)

This isn´t a horrible game but , somehow , I expected much more !!

Gameplay is clumsy ... graphics are plain .

I love Tintin but I cannot love this game ...

2,5 out of 5 .

Thunderhawk, 11 Apr 2013 (Rating: 2)

Poor implementation of an old idea ...

1,5 out of 5 .

Tiddly Drinks, 11 Apr 2013 (Rating: 3)

I don´t know what you are supposed to do in this strange video-game whre you play the role of a drunken dog , but it is still fun in spite of its absurdity !!

Tribble Trubble, 11 Apr 2013 (Rating: 4)

Strange funny game with mad game-play !

I really like absurd games like this one where you play the role of a Mr.Potatoe kind-of-character digging holes and building bridges .

Try Tribble Trubble for yourself ! words don´t do it justice !

3,5 / 5 .

Cobra Force, 15 Apr 2013 (Rating: 2)

I don´t enjoy this video-game ... the chopper moves like a kangaroo !!

Casanova, 21 Apr 2013 (Rating: 3)

Good tune ! : )

Too difficult ! : (

2,5 out of 5 .

Defcom 1, 21 Apr 2013 (Rating: 1)

Confusing game-play combined with flashing graphics & geometric enemies ! hard to see what´s going on !

Poor sound .

Clearly below average ...

Manollo: El Cavernicola, 21 Apr 2013 (Rating: 2)

Attractive isometric presentation spoiled by a shallow plot ... Man-olo is not a brilliant game mainly because of its lack of depth and originality .

Too bad ! Too poor ! Too late !

1,5 out of 5 .

Punk Star, 21 Apr 2013 (Rating: 2)

Playable bullshit !

Not totally awful !

1,5 out of 5 .

Quackers, 03 May 2013 (Rating: 2)

This game will test your aiming skills to the full .

Not bad for its day but for today´s standards it looks dated and uncomplicated .

A little bit below average ...

2,5 out of 5 .

Jon the Jany, 03 May 2013 (Rating: 3)

Amusing ladders´ game with simplistic graphics and nothing bad or blameworthy on it ... 2,5 out of 5 !!

Lancer Lords, 03 May 2013 (Rating: 2)

This must be one of the worst titles ever released for the Sinclair ZX .

Absurd game provided with funny graphics and exotic colors .

A fossil relic from the early days of the Spectrum ... to be regarded as a curiosity only !

Future Looter, 08 May 2013 (Rating: 4)

Future Looter is a winner and deservedly so !

Great graphics , great atmosphere , great tune !

A shooter with a mental-game orientation ... easy to play and easy to master , with the negative point of having very few screens .

As I said before , a true winner in the vein of R-Type or Cybernoid .

4,5 out of 5 !!

IK+, 09 May 2013 (Rating: 3)

This game is overrated !

Not bad but not good either ...

The feature of including 3 players simultaneously kicking each other doesn´t hide the fact that movility is very limited and graphics poor .

The scoring system is confusing , you never know when you´re winning .

I miss some of the movements included in The Way of the Exploding Fist .

Overrated game ... 2,5 out of 5 .

The tune is kinda nice , though ! ;-)

Buzzsaw+ (Foxton Locks Mix), 09 May 2013 (Rating: 3)

Interesting Tetris variation with some original features , but nothing more than that !

Once again , overrated game .

2,5 out of 5 .

Rally Driver, 12 May 2013 (Rating: 1)

This game is uncontrollable !!

What use is a car game where you cannot control your own car ???

Press a key and you´ll crash ... and that´s it . Where is the fun ??

Don´t waste your time with this one ...

1,5 out of 5 .

Golden Hawk, 12 May 2013 (Rating: 2)

Just explore chamber upon chamber in search of some magical items ... familiar isn´t it ??

I´d rather play La Aventura Original , anyday ...

Turmoil, 14 May 2013 (Rating: 4)

Above average 1984´s production ...

The plot is quite original but the goal is not so clear ...

Worth a try !!

3,5 out of 5 .

Thrust II, 15 May 2013 (Rating: 4)

Too difficult to be enjoyed !!

Almost unplayable !!

But 4 points for its originality ,,,
Cool music , flashing graphics , good movements , still there is something lacking in here ...

Don´t know what it is but Zbylut doesn´t quite reach the charm and brilliance of other titles like Manic Miner , for example .

Nice try , though ... ;-)

Myth: History in the Making, 18 May 2013 (Rating: 4)

Excellent movements , cool graphics , creepy atmosphere ,,, poor sound !!

Myth is a late game from the last days of the Spectrum that still retains some of the old magic .

Recommended !

4,5 out of 5 .

Twister, 18 May 2013 (Rating: 3)

Strange game with unusual layout ...

Almost imposible to die !!

Weird colors and graphs .

Repetitive ... 2,5 out of 5 !!

Danger, 19 May 2013 (Rating: 2)

Not totally awful but pretty bad !!

Cheap Spanish software in the vein of JetPac ...

Below average production with almost no redeeming feautres .

I don´t mark it with a 1 only for the sweet memories ...

Motojet, 19 May 2013 (Rating: 2)

Very poor Spanish production with very little to offer to the player apart from flashing graphics and colorful memories ...

Unspeakably bad !

1,5 out of 5 .

Zeon, 19 May 2013 (Rating: 3)

Zeon could be fun if only run a bit more slowly ...

This bloody game is too fast to even be controlled ... you get killed in the blink of an eye !!

Graphics are attractive , so is the sound ... but the over-fast gameplay spoils it all !! :(

Another budget mediocrity .

Luna Crabs, 19 May 2013 (Rating: 4)

Luna Crabs is a winner and it deserves a cult status !!

Pretty graphics , pretty sounds , pretty landscape , pretty crabs !! ha , ha !

Highly playable and fun !

Wild Words, 19 May 2013 (Rating: 3)

I don´t understand this game , but I like it !! :-)

By Fair Means...or Foul, 19 May 2013 (Rating: 2)

Pretty dull and plain boxing game !

Solar Empire, 19 May 2013 (Rating: 3)

Not bad at all !!

Solar Empires plays fairly well and stands out from the crowd as a unique entry in the Spectrum world ... it resembles no other game that I know .

The movements are smooth and ellegant but the aim is not so clear and this is the main fault I find in Solar Empire ... I don´t know what you are supposed to do other than shooting astral bodies with your space-bug .

What else ?

Strangeloop, 19 May 2013 (Rating: 4)

These are the sort of games I like : imaginative and varied so that you can get lost in them !!

Not a classic but nearly !

Valhalla, 19 May 2013 (Rating: 4)

A video-adventure in Spanish with some action scenes ... original and interesting , for a change !

Recommended !

3,5 out of 5 .

Blue Max, 12 Jun 2013 (Rating: 5)

Shameful how I had forgotten this gem !!

A deserved classic from an early epoch where every game was full of mistery and magic !!

Blue Max is a true legend !!

The warfare atmosphere seems supreme !! The graphics are cool and varied ...

No complain about this one !! Wonderful memories !!

4,5 out of 5 for me ...

Blue Thunder, 14 Jun 2013 (Rating: 4)

I thought I had already reviewed this one ... well , Blue Thunder is a bit hard but pretty enjoyable !!

The graphics are neat and clearly above average , the movement is smooth except for the scroll . The game gains interest and depth as you get further into it .

The layout is complex and very complete ... with a vast array of enemies . The atmosphere reminds me of a spy movie .

All in all a good game but : a classic ??

The Duel: Test Drive II, 14 Jun 2013 (Rating: 3)

I remember this game and I cannot say it was a bad one ...

The driving sensation was pretty real and the layout was complex enough .

If only the graphics were more colorful Test Drive would be one of the best cars simulators out there .

Most real tan most .

I played the first part , though .

Afterburner, 15 Jun 2013 (Rating: 3)

A monochrome so-called classic ...

Fun , but not much !

2,5 out of 5 .

Don't Panic, 16 Jun 2013 (Rating: 2)

Weird platform game with frustrating gameplay !!

It looks good but the clumsy gameplay spoils things a bit ...

2,5 for me ...

Halls of the Things, 17 Jun 2013 (Rating: 4)

This is the sort of game I used to like when I was a kid but I must also say that I was never addicted to this one here ...

Halls of the Things is pretty original and one of a kind , I mean : unique !!

Try it if you haven't yet !!

Action and strategy work together in this superb production ... I just cannot but love video-games where you can get lost and this is one of those !!

4 out of 5 .

El Hacedor de Suenos, 23 Jun 2013 (Rating: 3)

I used to like this sort of games when I was a kid , playing them with my cousins and friends . Good times !!

Other children at my school learned to read with children´s books , I learnt whith these video-adventures !!

El Hacedor de Sueños - "The Dream-maker" - is a cheap reléase but not a bad game ...

It reminds me of La Aventura Original and I bet it was inspired by it . Same epoch !!

Recommended for video-adventure lovers , like myself !! ;-)

Firelord, 26 Jun 2013 (Rating: 5)

Simply , one of the best video-games I have ever played in my whole life !!

Firelord is a classic with many things to offer and with all the charm and magic of the middle ages in it .

A true wonder of a game !! Faultless !!

Incredible sound & music , incredible and soft movements , incredible layout !!! JUST INCREDIBLE !!

Miracolous game with no fault in it ... MAGIC !!

I just wonder how there are no legions of devoted fans supporting this MASTER PIECE .

Probably , the ultimate Spectrum game .

5 / 5 .

Factory Daze, 26 Jun 2013 (Rating: 3)

Cute music ... but I don´t understand this game !! :-(

Boulder Dash, 26 Jun 2013 (Rating: 3)

Original idea but weird key disposition and rude graphics ... primitive and graceless .

I´m not very impressed with this ... should we say "classic" ??

2,5 out of 5 .

Krakout, 26 Jun 2013 (Rating: 2)

Not bad ,,, but I prefer ARKANOID anyday .

Auf Wiedersehen Monty, 26 Jun 2013 (Rating: 5)

A bit difficult but still charming and complex video-game starring Monty Mole .

Recommended ! Worth a try , for sure !!

A classic platform challenge ...

4,5 out of 5 .

Paris-Dakar, 26 Jun 2013 (Rating: 3)

I expected more from this Spanish super-production ...

Boulder Dash II: Rockford's Riot, 26 Jun 2013 (Rating: 2)

Utterly frustrating experience ... not better than its predecesor in any aspect .

Why insist ??

Same game under different clothes ...

And what about the title ? Rockford´s Riot ?? Exce-me ???

A chess game without chess ...

Donkey Kong Jr., 26 Jun 2013 (Rating: 3)

Primitive and rather useless ... still playable !!

Star Warrior, 26 Jun 2013 (Rating: 3)

Not bad for its day ...

Star Warrior includes some especial features like inertia effect , for example ... twin shot , etc.

Hard to control but not bad for its day ...

OTWOC, 26 Jun 2013 (Rating: 3)

Color clash , rotten detection , no sound , pretty rough movement ... still quite enjoyable if you forget about that and profit OTWOC´s unique perspective !!!

Different worlds , different enemies , different challenges ... from asteroids to self-dividing ships to bouncing ships , etc. ,,, OTWOC presents you with many rewarding features if you forget all its faults .

By the way ... what does OTWOC stands for ? ? ? Anyone knows ?

Multi-Player Soccer Manager, 28 Jun 2013 (Rating: 3)

I usually like management games like this one but Multi-Player Soccer Manager doesn´t quite make it ...

2,5 out of 5 .

Computer Scrabble, 28 Jun 2013 (Rating: 4)

... another masterpiece by PSION ...

Yabba Dabba Doo!, 30 Jun 2013 (Rating: 3)

Not bad though I expected more ... better with a map !!

EastEnders, 30 Jun 2013 (Rating: 2)

I like absurd games but this is too absurd !!

I don´t give it a one because the graphics are cute and because there is variety within the game .

1,5 out of 5 .

Race Track, 30 Jun 2013 (Rating: 3)

Charming little game with a look as cute as a Xmas tree !

Recommended for retro-gamers like myself !

The Curse of Sherwood, 30 Jun 2013 (Rating: 4)

Excelent from start to finish except for the lack of music !!

This is the sort of game in which you can get lost and that I love ...

The variety of weapons , landscapes and enemies make the game both deep and interesting .

A new adventure each time you play !

A movie within a game with all the good features you could expect from the middle ages ...

As I said before: excelent !!

Ninja Commando, 01 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

A nice game in the vein of Saboteur , but nothing too original or thrilling ...

Football Director, 01 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

I like management games but this is too slow and uninteresting ...

2,5 our of 5 .

Football Director II, 01 Jul 2013 (Rating: 2)

Even worse than its predecesor ...

Little can be saved from this !!

1,5 out of 5 .

Alter Ego, 03 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

A bit puzzling but catchy game !!

Great music !!

Emlyn Hughes International Soccer, 03 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

Not bad but a bit overrated !!

Emlyn Huges plays fairly well but not as well as Match Day ... for example .

Ricochet, 05 Jul 2013 (Rating: 4)

Crazy music !! Interesting arkanoid variation !!

Not superb but quite good !

Worth a look !!

Tarzan, 05 Jul 2013 (Rating: 1)

Primitive and dull ... !!

Carmania, 05 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

Simple but challenging !

Not bad for its day !

2,5 out of 5 .

Yie Ar Kung-Fu 2, 05 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

I expected much less and this is why I award this hidden jewel with a 3 .

Wriggler, 06 Jul 2013 (Rating: 5)

A nice game full of magic from as early as 1985 ... !!

Games like Wriggler wrote the history of the ZX Spectrum back in the day ...

A brilliant game with smooth game-play and a brilliant presentation .

I cannot help falling in love with this charming little game starring one of the most loveable characters to ever grace the Zx´s screens with its presence .

The game has depth and there is some mystery about it that I really enjoy .

4,5 out of 5 .

Chubby Gristle, 07 Jul 2013 (Rating: 5)

Chubby Gristle presents you with one of the best tunes ever written for the Spectrum .

Apart from that , the main character. is a true symphatetic one ... !!

I haven´t advanced into the game that much but there is some depth into it and it seems to me that Chubby Gristle has some surprises all over ...

Interesting variation of the old Manic Miner theme ... colorful and joyful with an irresistible tune sounding all over the game .

A world of charm and illusion ...

4,5 out of 5 .

Dragon's Lair, 07 Jul 2013 (Rating: 4)

Above average game that reached a lot of popularity back in the day !!

The graphics are like in a movie , and the atmosphere of the game is quite achieved ...

I never fancied this game too much , I must say ... but Dragons Lair brings some nice memories of better days and that´s why I like it , for the memories more than for the game itself !!

Very close to excellence ...

3,5 out of 5 .

Jack the Nipper II: In Coconut Capers, 07 Jul 2013 (Rating: 4)

A pretty decent platformer with plenty of color and a wide variety of enemies .

Fun to play and watch !!

Nice & funny tune ... highly recommended !!

Kick Off, 09 Jul 2013 (Rating: 4)

I always preferred this to kick off 2 ... Kick Off is a competent football simulator with almost everything you could need except from a more developped tactical side .

Other than that , I always fancied this Kick Off due to its playability and competent design .

A legend of a game ! To be played alone or with friends ... always inspiring , always fun !!

Happy memories !

3,5 out of 5 ...

Moontorc, 10 Jul 2013 (Rating: 5)

Pretty , pretty good indeed !

Moontorc is a remarkable game with a wide range of exciting features including spells , different weapons , exotic landscapes , medieval world , etc.

Very mysterious and very deep and complex ... and surprisingly so !!

The mixture of action and strategy is superb !! I love to get lost in this complex adventure !!

I would gladly reward this gem with a 5 but 4´5 stars will do the job .

Chopper Drop, 10 Jul 2013 (Rating: 4)

A nice idea nicely implemented and with a very nice chopper sound fx ...

Nice , very nice !!

Toofy in Fan Land, 10 Jul 2013 (Rating: 4)

Oh God !! This man has good ideas ! Thank you Paul Jenkinson whoever you are ... well done , nice job !!

Toofy is a funny little character disguised as a bunch of furry sprites ... but think twice before you take any step !!!!

Come on , Mr. Jenkinson !! We want more of Toofy !!

3,5 out of 5 .

Ps - The fans make all the difference here !!

Toofy's Winter Nuts, 10 Jul 2013 (Rating: 4)

This squirrels are killers !!

Top game !!

Capitan Trueno, 10 Jul 2013 (Rating: 4)

Pretty good indeed !!

Capitan Trueno -Captain Thunder- is a Spanish super-production based on a famous comic that hits the right key except for the fact that you only have one life ... this make things pretty hard !!

Excellent presentation with 3 different characters to choose , different weapons and the only complain of having only one chance to complete the whole game ... too bad !! If it wasn´t for that Capitan Trueno could have been a true classic !!

Zythum, 14 Jul 2013 (Rating: 4)

Intriguing game with monochrome graphics and a remarkable tune ,,, prehistoric atmosphere with wizzards and wild beasts here and there .

Leap over the holes ! Fire your ammunition and go !

Zythum is a crack of a game and it got everything to be my coup of tea ! Too many digs , maybe ...

Run Baby Run, 14 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

I like this sort of games but Run Baby Run is a bit unplayable ...

Moley Christmas, 17 Jul 2013 (Rating: 4)

A bit too difficult for my taste, but Moley Xmas sets its sight high !!

Robozone, 17 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

Apocalyptic & futuristic setting with giant insencts here and there and debris everywhere ...

A the-day-after kind of game with monochrome graphics that spoils things a bit . Movility is also reduced .

2,5 out of 5 .

Double Dragon, 17 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

I used to play the arcade version in company with my beloved cousins back in the 80´s but the Spectrum version seems poor and rather clumsy with very little to offer ... it is still playable nonetheless !!

A poor conversion of a good-old game ... so many memories come up into my mind !!

Not so bad , but better with friends ... !!!

Galactians, 17 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

Not bad , but nothing out of this world either ... a decent shooter with the spoiling feature of our ship being too big sized to avoid the enemy !!!

Only one bullet at a time ... almost too bad !! :-(

Lightforce, 17 Jul 2013 (Rating: 1)

I don´t like this game and I don´t understand how anybody does ...

Zybex, 17 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

A nice idea , but too difficult to be enjoyed !!

2,5 out of 5 .

Tempest, 17 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

Futuristic game that I don´t understand .

I wish I could like this video-game !!

Tanium, 17 Jul 2013 (Rating: 2)

Clumsy movements and repetitive game-play , shooting is a real pain ... it is a shame , coz Tanium could have been a true winner !!

Shark, 17 Jul 2013 (Rating: 1)

Great music but painful game !!!

Colour Clash, 17 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

I am in love with this old Spectrum games , but controls are a pain this time !!

Kamakazi, 19 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

Primitive and with some bug in it but varied enough to keep you entertained for a while ...

Crazy Race, 19 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

So utterly primitive but still quite amusing !!

Race Fun, 19 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

Primitive but charming neverending race !!

Need I say more ??

Sly Spy: Secret Agent, 19 Jul 2013 (Rating: 5)

Superb spy game with incredible music and many exciting features & good things to offer ... resembling somehow the classic Green Beret .

I cannot critizise this one !!

Vegetable Crash, 19 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

I guess this is where Smashing Pumkings got its name from ...

Elevator Action, 19 Jul 2013 (Rating: 4)

Ctrl-key to shoot the bullets ...

This reminds me of a Spanish comic guy called Anacleto Agente Secreto -go and check if you don´t believe- ...

Elevator Action puts you inside a building infested with spy-agents , go and chase them if you can !!

If being stuck in a building surrounded by spy-agents is your idea of fun , Elevator Action is your game and it won´t disappoint !!!

Blob the Cop, 21 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

Absurd game with funny graphics and very little to offer ...

The Pathetic Pablo Bros, 21 Jul 2013 (Rating: 1)

No excuse for this mess ...

720 Degrees, 22 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

Cool skating simulator with isometric graphics and superb scenarios !!

Eye candy to me !! 2,5 / 5 .

Action Reflex, 22 Jul 2013 (Rating: 2)

Not bad although a bit overrated ...

This sort of games get on my nerves !!

Batman: The Caped Crusader, 22 Jul 2013 (Rating: 4)

Action and strategy in the same game and in the same measure ... lead Batman through the caves and into the streets of Gotham .

A bit slow for me , but full of action , not thoughless action . This is why I like Batman , if there were only action then I would avoid it .

Pretty decent and playable with a bit of strategy and with an atmosphere of its own , that´s enough for me !!

Championship 3D Snooker, 22 Jul 2013 (Rating: 2)

Not totally awful but the perspective view is very confusing and this render the game a pain for the eye .

Colors clash everytime !!

Confusing and with no clear goal ...

American 3D Pool, 22 Jul 2013 (Rating: 1)

A pain for the eye !!

Gem Chaser, 22 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

This game seems charming , especially the music , but I cannot seem to advance very far into it ... is it my fault ? Don´t think so !

20-20 Vision, 22 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

This game could have been a lot of fun , even better than Sabre Wulf , if only one knew which keys to use !!

Aquasquad, 22 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

Interesting , but difficult to the bone !!

Boid, 22 Jul 2013 (Rating: 2)

Boid should have been called "A-boid" at all costs !! ha, ha !!

Cavemania, 22 Jul 2013 (Rating: 4)

This game is lots of fun and clearly above average !!

It doesn´t seem to be very popular , can´t understand why . . .

4 out of 5 !

Cerius, 22 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

If this had been released some years earlier it could have been a remarkable game , but for 1988´s standards it was too poor to be taken seriously ...

Movility is very reduced and this is the main critizicism I have to make to Cerius ... apart from that , the idea behind Cerius is brilliant and should be taken into the present .

Downtown, 22 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

Downtown playability is hindered by reduced movility , once again , this is the main critizism I make . Other than that , this game offers good fun if you are not too demanding ...

The Final Frontier, 22 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

A Gaunlet sort of video-game in which I like the feature of being able to get lost !!

Gunpowder, Treason and Plot, 22 Jul 2013 (Rating: 4)

A sort of mixture between Manic Miner and Ghost and Goblins with a character of its own ...

Heartbroken, 22 Jul 2013 (Rating: 4)

Once again , reduced movility hinders this remarkable creepy game ...

Hop 'n' Chop, 22 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

This poor variation of Rainbow Island doesn´t make it for me ...

Interalia, 22 Jul 2013 (Rating: 1)

Even worse than I feared ... !!

Iron Soldier, 22 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

I don´t like this kind of games but I must admit that Iron Soldier has something ...

Jungle Jie, 22 Jul 2013 (Rating: 1)

Too awful to be put into words ,,, Jungle Jie is utter rubbish !!

AVOID at all costs !! 1 / 5 .

Kosmos, 22 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

Another failure that could have been great ...

The Last Vampire, 22 Jul 2013 (Rating: 4)

A lost jewel that still fails to achieve greatness !!!

Mole on the Dole, 22 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

Nice idea but poor-looking / ugly graphics ...

Pendragon, 22 Jul 2013 (Rating: 1)

Below average chaotic mess !!!

Pizza Bar, 22 Jul 2013 (Rating: 2)

A sort of Pyjamarama variation but without the charm and playability that made that program legendary ...

Superkid in Space, 22 Jul 2013 (Rating: 4)

This game seems brilliant , but I don´t know how to reach farther than the second screen !!!

Superkid, 22 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

This reminds me of Capitan Sevilla ...

Street Cred, 22 Jul 2013 (Rating: 1)

One of the worse games I have experienced and suffered in my whole life !! and one that I don´t understand ...

Street Cred should be in the Spectrum black list by its own merits !!

Shaws III, 22 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

A sort of Centipede variation with cool graphics and pretty colors ... a simple game that has stolen my heart !!

This is how Spectrum games should be !!!

Skatin' USA, 22 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

More of the same ,,, but with a skate-board this time !!!

Seahawk, 22 Jul 2013 (Rating: 2)

Rachitic war game ... far inferior to 1942 , for example .

Robin the Outlaw, 22 Jul 2013 (Rating: 2)

A total waste of bytes !!!

Rakattak, 22 Jul 2013 (Rating: 2)

The idea behind this mess is quite a good one !!!

Cagara, 23 Jul 2013 (Rating: 4)

This sort of simple and basic video-games made me fall in love with the Spectrum back in the early 80´s .

Cagara -this sounds so ugly in Spanish : "cagar" means "to shit"- may not be the 7th wonder but it still retains some of the old flavour of the Spectrum arcana , this is enough for me .

You play the role of a bouncing ball ricocheting everywhere and getting lost inside a jungle-like labyrinth , all this features make this game quite unique in spite of its bad-sounding name and bad press .

Electro Bingo, 23 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

This is not fair ! Two against one !!!

Rude movements turned this jolly idea into a nightmarish experience ...

Die Alien Slime, 23 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

Ugly looking graphics spoil an otherwise pretty adventure .

If you like Gaunlet sort of video-games try this one !!!

The graphics look so pathetic that they seem written in BASIC .

Canyon Warrior, 23 Jul 2013 (Rating: 5)

A bloody marvelous game where killing becomes a pleasure !!

Live and Let Die, 23 Jul 2013 (Rating: 1)

Atrocious piece of trash !!

T-Bird, 23 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

This reminds me of Mach 3 quite a lot , a game I used to love !! but this is much worse ...

T-Bird tries to be a good challenge but pretty son becomes tedious and mechanic unlike Mach 3 .

If you like T-Bird you will love Mach 3 !!!

Ps - Mach 3 is a PC game by Loricels .

Computer Maniac's 1989 Diary, 23 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

Curious AI game with many different features in it ... WORTH A TRY !!!

Soundtracker, 24 Jul 2013 (Rating: 4)

Probably , the best music ever heard on the Spectrum !!!

Fascinating application with some interesting options to explore ... modify the waves at will !!

The Spectrum on its most useful and friendly side .

Winter Olympiad '88, 24 Jul 2013 (Rating: 5)

I love wintery games and Canada is my favorite country ... what else can I ask ??

Winter Olympiad´88 is MY GAME !!!

Robo-City, 24 Jul 2013 (Rating: 4)

Remarkable video-adventure indeed !!

Robo-City is a futuristic adventure settled in outer space where you must pretend to be a robot and take control of the mother-ship . Interesting , isn´t it ??

Accelerator, 24 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

Not bad , not bad for its day at all ... although a bit confusing at times .

Sound is ok . This time you must select which way to shoot before actually shooting .

Accelerator is a fine arcade if you like shooters with a vintage flavour .

Arena!, 24 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

This game is quite original indeed !!

Maybe the poor graphics spoil an , otherwise , very nice idea .

Hummer House of Horror, 24 Jul 2013 (Rating: 2)

What is this mess about ??

Jackle & Wide, 24 Jul 2013 (Rating: 2)

I like weird games but this weird game is too weird to be weird ...

Morris Meets the Bikers, 24 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

Jerky movement spoil an , otherwise , fabulous game ...

Nonterraqueous, 24 Jul 2013 (Rating: 5)

This game leaves nothing to be desired execpt for the fact that you only have one chance to complete it !!! 5 / 5 .

Plummet, 24 Jul 2013 (Rating: 5)

Chuckie Egg meets Jet Set Willy ... excellent stuff ! ! !

Soul of a Robot, 24 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

Fine , but far inferior to Nonterraqueous ... 3 / 5 .

Tiler, 24 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

Wally´s -from Pyjamarama- poor brother ...

Trans-Atlantic Balloon Challenge, 24 Jul 2013 (Rating: 1)

This proto-game from 1987 rather seems a 1983´s poor release ... for this reason only this should be regarded as one of the very worst games ever !!!

Football Manager 3, 24 Jul 2013 (Rating: 1)

Worse than its two precedessors and worse than I expected ...

World Soccer League, 24 Jul 2013 (Rating: 4)

A competent alternative to Football Manager ...

Contact Sam Cruise, 25 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

This game would be cool if only I knew how to get out from the building ...

Sam Stoat Safebreaker, 25 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

This reminds me of the early years of the Spectrum in a good way ...

The Double, 25 Jul 2013 (Rating: 1)

The idea behind this is engaging but I was expecting much , much more ...

Stormlord II: Deliverance, 25 Jul 2013 (Rating: 2)

Remarkable sound but pretty por game , especially for 1990 !!!

Stormlord, 25 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

Pretty good indeed ... but it is so difficult to precise where you are gonna land after each leap !!! Besides it is so depressive to be killed by a worm !! :(

Xarax, 25 Jul 2013 (Rating: 5)

TERRA CRESTA meets 1942 !!!

Excellent if you are not looking for originality ...

4,5 out of 5 .

Dr. Jekyl und die Geheimformel, 25 Jul 2013 (Rating: 2)

I wish I could like this game ...

Moonlander, 25 Jul 2013 (Rating: 2)

Nice graphics and nice presentation but the only fun in this Moonlander seems to be watching your spaceship crashing over and over again against the Moon´s surface ...

Slap Fight, 25 Jul 2013 (Rating: 4)

Above average conversion ... those flying saucers look so cool !!!

Back to Skool, 25 Jul 2013 (Rating: 5)

Brilliant ! But not as brilliant as Skool Daze ...

Alien Attack, 25 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

Not bad for a 1983´s reléase , besides the control system seems very original since I don´t know any other video-game in which you must press keys from 1 to zero in order to bean the enemy ...

Night Bomber, 25 Jul 2013 (Rating: 4)

This sort of games made me fall in love with the Spectrum back in the early 80´s ... colorful , simple , challenging !!!

This time it represents a true challenge to bombard the whole city before crashing against the skyscrapers ... this reminds me so badly to another game I love entitled De Copas en Nueva York !!!

The tunes are perfect !! The three of them !!!

A perfect game for 1984 ...

My personal high-score ?? 1404 points !!

Spy vs Spy, 25 Jul 2013 (Rating: 2)

The presenteation is cute but ... where is the joy here ? ? ?

The Colditz Story, 26 Jul 2013 (Rating: 5)

If you like spy games this is for you !!!

The atmosphere is quite involving and opressive with several micro-games inside ...

ALMOST A CLASSIC ! 4,5 / 5 .

Paperboy, 26 Jul 2013 (Rating: 4)

I never fancied this game but I must admit that the Spectrum version of Paperboy got something ...

Chuckie Egg 2, 26 Jul 2013 (Rating: 4)

Is "adorable" a fine word to describe a video-game ??

Leviathan, 26 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

If it weren´t for the transparent color of our ship this Leviathan could have been a true legend ,,,

Paperboy 2, 26 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

If the screen view were wider this game would gain a lot ...

Trantor: The Last Stormtrooper, 26 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

I never fancied this sort of games but I must admit that graphics are remarkable and movements are more than correct this time ... espectacular initial sequence !!!

Mantronix, 26 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

Isometric labyrinthic game with nothing new to offer ...

Ps - If only our robot could breakdance a bit over the floor !!!

Tantalus, 26 Jul 2013 (Rating: 5)

In this case we play the role of a cyborg/edgehog lost inside some futuristic caves filled with enemies ... Tantalus is as interesting as it sounds !!!

Terminus, 26 Jul 2013 (Rating: 4)

Even better than the real thing !!

Borzak, 26 Jul 2013 (Rating: 2)

Very poor release , even for 1984´s standards ...

Chaos, 26 Jul 2013 (Rating: 5)

A battle of wizzards ... could there be something more espectacular ??

Chaos is like a chess contest without chess , and with spells to make the match even more interesting .

Fascinating to play and to watch !!

Ps - Especially indicated for role-game lovers ...

Explorer XXXI, 26 Jul 2013 (Rating: 2)

Ridiculous !!

Dzeta, 26 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

Pretty slow for a shooter ...

Albatrossity, 26 Jul 2013 (Rating: 5)

Albatrossity is a master piece of late software combining golf , strategy , ballistics and good music !!!

5 / 5 FULL STOP .

1999, 26 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

An average shooter with nothing especially wrong to critizise .

Astro, 26 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

I used to be addicted to this sort of proto video-games in my early years here in Spain ... a 3 for the fond memories !!

Annoying ending sequence ...

MicroHobby Cassette 05, 26 Jul 2013 (Rating: 4)

I was only a child of 8 when my grandpa bought me this cassette ... it made me so happy !!!

A 4 just for the sweet , sweet memories !!!

Thank you , grandpa !!

Hooper, 27 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

Hooper is better than I expected but still below average ...

Neighbours, 28 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

Nice tune , average game ...

Vatman, 28 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

Cartoonish beat-em up where one of the main objectives is to avoid hitting the damsels ...

Monotonous , monochrome and erratic ...

Turbo the Tortoise, 28 Jul 2013 (Rating: 4)

A sort of Mario Bross sequel , and a good one this time !!!

Alien, 28 Jul 2013 (Rating: 4)

A little primitive for a 1986´s release ... but still , a very competent Space Invaders clone .

Sound fxs are great but hitting the enemy is quite hard because of the erratic movements . In spite of that and the basic graphics , Alien rise above mediocrity due to its brilliant game-play , mainly .

Space Fright, 28 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

Nothing wrong with Space Fright , but I prefer Alien ...

D.N.A. Warrior, 28 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

Am I the only one to find this program a bit gore ???

Hobgoblin, 28 Jul 2013 (Rating: 4)

Hobgoblin is a hidden gem !!!

Try it if you like platformers with an arcane & tetric flavour ...

Scarce playability is the big letdown here ,,, but the atmosphere seems supreme and there is some depth into this game , is not as simple as it seems at first sight !!

Hobgoblin is as near to excellence as one can get without finally reaching such status . MY VIEW .
This is a rather good conversion of a rather good arcade .

Stela, 29 Jul 2013 (Rating: 4)

Original conception , clumsy game-play -too many interruptions hinder the action- ... pretty addictive , nontheless !!

A different kind of labyrinth .

Delta Charge!, 29 Jul 2013 (Rating: 2)

Painfully slow !!

Vigilante, 29 Jul 2013 (Rating: 2)

Vigilante awards you with good graphics but movements are both limited and unresponsive ... this spoils the little fun Vigilante had been able provide had it had better movements .

Street Cred' Football, 29 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

What stops this game from becoming great is that , once you have managed the controls , it is almost imposible to lose a match ...

Pneumatic Hammers, 29 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

This game requires patience ... but it is not bad at all !!!

Helter Skelter, 29 Jul 2013 (Rating: 2)

This game tries to be original but ... "all that glitters is not gold" .

2,5 out of 5 .

Exolon, 29 Jul 2013 (Rating: 4)

Brilliant in almost every aspect !!

Mad Mix 2, 29 Jul 2013 (Rating: 4)

3-dimensional Pac-Man with a maddening tune and monochrome colors ... where have I seen this before ??

Turrican, 30 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

Shoot at everything that gets in your path no matter what it is and no matter how it looks like ... this seems to be the premise of Turrican !

If you like this sort of games you might like Turrican , but it is not my cup of tea , really .

2,5 out of 5 .

Turrican II, 30 Jul 2013 (Rating: 2)

If you loved Turrican you will loathe Turrican II ... and I´ll tell you why .

Basically is the same thing but with worse colors & graphics . This said , the movements are ok .

But the most annoying aspect of this program are the maddening colors !! This game really causes sore eyes and epilepsy ...

Avoid !!

Transversion, 30 Jul 2013 (Rating: 4)

Splendid and diabolical grid-game ...

Fast & furious !

3,5 out of 5 .

Eskimo Eddie, 30 Jul 2013 (Rating: 4)

Simple but truly challenging ... !!!

Mag Max, 30 Jul 2013 (Rating: 5)

One of the best shooters out there !!

Sir Lancelot, 30 Jul 2013 (Rating: 5)

One of the best platformers out there and , probably , the only one really able to hold a candle to Manic Miner ...

Fearless Frank, 30 Jul 2013 (Rating: 4)

Fearless Frank , apart from having one of the coolest titles out there , it is also a very original program in which you play the role of a well-paid stuntman !! original , isn´t it ??

A bit repetitive after a little while . . . 3,5 / 5 .

Garfield - Big, Fat, Hairy Deal, 31 Jul 2013 (Rating: 5)

I haven´t played this game long enough but it´s got so many qualities that really jump out at you !!!

First of all , the graphics : big , accurate , cartoonish , well-defined , funny , etc.

Secondly , the movements are smooth , responsive and precise ...

Then , the characters themselves ...

All in all , an astounding game ... Garfield couldn´t dream of a better adaptation !!!

Shao-Lin's Road, 31 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

This game becomes tedious after a very short while ... the tunes are nice , though ! ;-)

Slingshot, 31 Jul 2013 (Rating: 2)

Travelling outer space was never so boring !!!

Rick Dangerous 2, 31 Jul 2013 (Rating: 4)

Pretty good presentation and pretty good game-play , not bad for a sequel !!

Snoopy, 31 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

Good graphics , shallow game-play !

Oblivion, 31 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

Absurd game , charming graphics !!

Hypertron, 31 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

This is not an U.F.O. , this is rather an A.F.O. ( Annoying Flying Object ) ... !!!

Too difficult for my taste !!

Castle Quest, 31 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

This game looks like if it had been programmed by a 3-year-old child ... in spite of that , it still manages to be entertaining and challenging .

Valley of the Dead, 31 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

Fun but really taxing !! 2.5 / 5

Electro, 31 Jul 2013 (Rating: 3)

Original idea , diabolical game-play ...

Crime Busters, 01 Aug 2013 (Rating: 4)

One of the most original games out there ... !!!

Pippo, 01 Aug 2013 (Rating: 4)

Simply irresistible !!

XOR, 01 Aug 2013 (Rating: 4)

A labyrith inside a labyrinth , that´s XOR ... diabolical , isn´t it ??

Maddening puzzles to solve ... Not all of them easy !!!

If it wasn´t for the lack of sound during the game I would award this with a 5 ...

Count Duckula, 01 Aug 2013 (Rating: 3)

Interesting monochrome setting ,,, boring and monotonous game-play . END OF THE MISSIVE .

Count Duckula 2, 01 Aug 2013 (Rating: 2)

A very basic game , especially considering the year of its release ... nice graphics , though !! ;-)

MASK, 01 Aug 2013 (Rating: 3)

This ship runs faster than bullets !!

City Connection, 02 Aug 2013 (Rating: 5)

A different kind of platformer with smooth movements and many original features to enjoy ... !!!

City Connection is a game in a million with alluring landscapes and all ...

Drawbacks ?? I can´t think of one ... 5/5 .

Chip's Challenge, 02 Aug 2013 (Rating: 4)

This reminds me of Box Reloaded a lot !!

It is , basically , the same game with lesser options and a poorer presentation ... all in all , a decent game .

Viaje al Centro de la Tierra, 02 Aug 2013 (Rating: 5)

Spectacular Spanish super-production !!

Soldier of Light, 02 Aug 2013 (Rating: 3)

Remarkably average !!

Micro Mouse Goes De-bugging, 02 Aug 2013 (Rating: 3)

Archaic , but pretty engaging !!

Micro Mouse, 02 Aug 2013 (Rating: 3)

... Micro Mouse = Micro Joy ...

Robot Messiah, 02 Aug 2013 (Rating: 3)

There is not much to do here other than jump from shelve to shelve ...

2,5 / 5 .

Advanced Soccer Simulator, 02 Aug 2013 (Rating: 5)

A well-written and fairly addictive alternative to Football Manager and Football Manager 2 ... !!!

Chapeau !!

Speedboat Assassins, 02 Aug 2013 (Rating: 2)

I never fancied this sort of video-games back in the 80´s and I do not fancy them now ... !!!

The boat is so huge and moves so slowly that it becomes an easy target ... I hate that feature in any game , and this is no exception !!!


1,5 out of 5 .

Buran, 02 Aug 2013 (Rating: 2)

Below average material , especially for 1990 !!!

1.5 out of 5 .

3D Pinball, 02 Aug 2013 (Rating: 5)

I just love Pinball games and this is first quality material ... !!!

5 / 5 .

City Slicker, 02 Aug 2013 (Rating: 3)

Though clearly inspired by Jet Set Willy , this program has a character of its own ...

Chiller, 03 Aug 2013 (Rating: 2)

Below average platformer with very little to offer whatsoever ...

Dungeon Dare, 03 Aug 2013 (Rating: 3)

This could have been much better !!

Beebul, 03 Aug 2013 (Rating: 3)

A different kind of platformer , but nothing out of this world ...

3 / 5 .

Shadow Warriors, 03 Aug 2013 (Rating: 2)

Violence was never so boring ... !!!


Doomskulle, 03 Aug 2013 (Rating: 5)

Sabre Wulf meets Sabre Wulf !!

A knight lost inside a labyrith meets the creatures of the night ... !!!

Highly recommended !!

Double Dragon III: The Rosetta Stone, 03 Aug 2013 (Rating: 5)

Monochromatic brilliance !!!

Bumpy, 03 Aug 2013 (Rating: 3)

A different approach to platformers but nothing to lose sleep over ...

Crusader, 03 Aug 2013 (Rating: 3)

A poor precursor of isometric games ...

Mikie, 03 Aug 2013 (Rating: 4)

So far so good ...

A sort of Skool Daze variation !!

Tom & Jerry 2, 04 Aug 2013 (Rating: 3)

Primitive but cute !!

Chinese Juggler, 04 Aug 2013 (Rating: 1)

Cute presentation but nule game-play !!!

1,5 / 5 .

Gilligan's Gold, 04 Aug 2013 (Rating: 4)

A very funny platformer !!!

Once you get into it , Gilligan´s Gold becomes quite a competent game , if only a bit inferior to other classics like Manic Miner ... 3,5 / 5 .

Joe Blade, 11 Aug 2013 (Rating: 4)

Remarkable late shooter ... a game with cool graphics , smooth movements and a character of its own !!!

I like it !!

Lop Ears, 12 Aug 2013 (Rating: 5)

A fascinating game that , sadly enough , was never released in Spain ...

Lop Ears is like nothing you know .

Words cannot express its greatness ...

La Espada Sagrada, 12 Aug 2013 (Rating: 4)

A very interesting and , sadly , forgotten Spanish video-adventure ... recommended !

Assault Course, 12 Aug 2013 (Rating: 2)

Take away all the good things from Green Beret & Combat School and you got Assault Course ...

1,5 out of 5 .

Buriabeast, 12 Aug 2013 (Rating: 2)

This game is pointless and highly unorginal ...

Ps - The RIP tune is nightmarish and absurd in its atonality . Was it made by a hearing impaired programmer ? ? ?

Meltdown, 12 Aug 2013 (Rating: 2)

If only a bit faster this game could have been quite good ... now it is only below average .

The low speed ruins the fun ...

1,5 out of 5 .

Popeye, 12 Aug 2013 (Rating: 2)

This game is surreal and I don´t know how to take it ... !!!

Too slow , over-sized graphics , mad colors , atrocious movements , no sound ,,, need I say more ? ? ?

Still , in spite of all its faults , I understand people who like Popeye out of its sheer originality and its cool presentation .

Werewolves of London, 12 Aug 2013 (Rating: 3)

Not bad , but I prefer The Bride of Frankenstein ...

Invasion of the Zombie Monsters, 12 Aug 2013 (Rating: 5)

This gothic game is brilliant but our character is too vulnerable and gets killed easily ... this spoils part of the fun .

4,5 out of 5 .

Frightmare, 12 Aug 2013 (Rating: 2)

Creepy atmosphere , absurd game ...

2,5 out of 5 .

Cassette 50, 12 Aug 2013 (Rating: 1)

Spectrum at its worst .

1 / 1 .

Lone Wolf - The Mirror of Death, 13 Aug 2013 (Rating: 1)

This game seems to run in slow motion ,,, big graphics in monochrome settings do not help !

Pointless , at least for me ! :-(

1,5 out of 5 .

Cat 'n Mouse, 13 Aug 2013 (Rating: 5)

This sort of charming video-games made me fall in love with the Speccy some decades ago ...

La Corona Encantada, 13 Aug 2013 (Rating: 5)

Fabulous Spanish late production !!!

One of the cutest tunes ever heard over the Speccy ...

A game that combines action & strategy ... a must have !!

4,5 out of 5 .

Bodorrio Real, 13 Aug 2013 (Rating: 1)

The termns "worst ever" sound too gentle to qualify this proto-game ... AVOID LIKE PLAGUE !!

Cascamuelas, 13 Aug 2013 (Rating: 1)

This seems written in 1983 ...

Maru-ja!, 13 Aug 2013 (Rating: 4)

For intelectuals , only !!

The Well, 13 Aug 2013 (Rating: 1)

Pretty ugly !!

1,5 out of 5 .

The Well 2, 13 Aug 2013 (Rating: 3)

A challenge in its own terms !! and one of the cutest tunes out there !!

3,5 / 5 .

Relatos de Ahion, 13 Aug 2013 (Rating: 4)

An overslow wizzards game ...

Bomber, 13 Aug 2013 (Rating: 1)

Where have I seen this before ??

This must be the worst bomber around ...

1,5 / 5 .

Mega Bucks, 14 Aug 2013 (Rating: 1)

Mega Bluff ... !!

Everyone's a Wally, 14 Aug 2013 (Rating: 3)

Not as brilliant as Pyjamarama ... but still quite good !!

3,5 / 5 .

The Lost Tapes of Albion, 15 Aug 2013 (Rating: 4)

This game is cute from the title to everything else ,,, but I miss some shooting here .

The platforms system is pretty original and the game plays fairly well ,,, still that´s not enough to become a true classic .

Ps - The messages after each screen are hilarious and you don´t expect them . The authors must be smart people apart from Spectrum lovers .

3,5 / 5.

Mr. Heli, 16 Aug 2013 (Rating: 4)

Monochrome graphics are the big let-down here ... other than that : a perfect game !!!

3,5 / 5 .

Ruff and Reddy in the Space Adventure, 16 Aug 2013 (Rating: 3)

Not bad , but I miss some shooting action here ... !!! :-(

Avenger, 16 Aug 2013 (Rating: 2)

The premise is good ,,, but this game is as ugly as a sin !!!

Painful to look at !!

2,5 / 5 .

Saboteur II, 16 Aug 2013 (Rating: 3)

Great presentation and good music but far too difficult for my liking ... !!!

The droids are invulnerable and movements resent a little from oversized graphics ...

I was expecting more ...

2,5 / 5 .

Atom Ant, 17 Aug 2013 (Rating: 3)

Bomb Jacks´ poor relative ...

2,5 / 5 .

The Paranoia Complex, 17 Aug 2013 (Rating: 4)

This game is cool in an uncool manner ... but I happen to like it !!

A Gaunlet clone better than Gaunlet itself !!

The futuristic setting is very involving . Like in a low-budget sci-fi movie ,,,

I like games where you don´t know very well what you are expected to do , and this is one of those ,,, use your imagination ! ! !

4,5 / 5 .

Captain Planet, 17 Aug 2013 (Rating: 2)

This Captain was never popular in my country and now I know why ...

Ugly graphics, repetitive gameplay and an uncool hero ... what a cocktail !!

2,5 / 5 .

Vampire's Empire, 17 Aug 2013 (Rating: 2)

What an uncool game behind such a cool name ... !!!

2 / 5 .

Captain Slog, 17 Aug 2013 (Rating: 3)

This game is so cute that I cannot play it for long ... !!!

2,5 / 5.

Gregory Loses His Clock, 18 Aug 2013 (Rating: 1)

Am I the only one to find this game absurd beyond belief ??

1,5 / 5 .

Benny Hill's Madcap Chase!, 19 Aug 2013 (Rating: 3)

A very funny attempt ... !!!

Maybe Priestley´s finest hour ...

2,5 / 5 .

Invasion of the Body Snatchas!, 19 Aug 2013 (Rating: 1)

No sound and plain graphics make this game seem written for the ZX81 16k rather than for the Speccy 48k .

1,5 / 5 .

Anarchy, 19 Aug 2013 (Rating: 3)

The premise is good but the implementation seems to me rather poor and pretty confussing . . . both , the scroll and the transparent graphics add confusion to the mix .

This sort of mental games I like a lot , but the silly graphics and the poor movements of this Anarchy spoil most of the fun , at least for me .

2,5 / 5 .

Terramex, 19 Aug 2013 (Rating: 2)

This is a clear case of "form over substance" badly solved ...

1,5 / 5 .

Rocket Raider, 19 Aug 2013 (Rating: 1)

I wanted to like this game but this is utter trash !!

1,5 / 5 .

Factory Breakout, 19 Aug 2013 (Rating: 3)

This game is cute , but only averagely cute ... !!!

2,5 / 5 .

Wizard's Lair, 19 Aug 2013 (Rating: 3)

An above average Atic Atac clone but with a pace so fast that you can hardly think ... !!!

Rolling Thunder, 19 Aug 2013 (Rating: 3)

A sort of James Bond derivative ... and a rather good one !!

If it weren´t for the repetitive action I would give it a 4 ...

Galaxy Warlords, 19 Aug 2013 (Rating: 3)

A diabolical shooter and a test on the nerves ... !!!

2,5 / 5 .

10th Frame, 19 Aug 2013 (Rating: 5)

The best bowling game for the Spectrum without discussion ... !!!

5 / 5 .

Big Ben Strikes Again, 19 Aug 2013 (Rating: 2)

A very plain platformer with nothing new or special to offer ... !!!

Big Ben Strikes THE WRONG NOTE Again .

2 / 5 .

Mr. Wong's Loopy Laundry, 19 Aug 2013 (Rating: 2)

What´s wong with Mr.Wrong´s laundry ? Well , I´ll tell you : repetitive game-play ...

2,5 / 5 .

Ps - misspelling is premeditated .

Spinads, 19 Aug 2013 (Rating: 2)

Reduced movility & playability spoil an, otherwise, cool game ...

1,5 / 5 .

How to be a Hero, 20 Aug 2013 (Rating: 2)

Poor adventure with weird keys and uncool graphics .... !!!

Kendo Warrior, 20 Aug 2013 (Rating: 4)

This martial-arts game seems cute in its own termns with its cool music and all ,,, but its unclear goal spoils almost all the fun , at least for me ... !!!

3,5 / 5 .

1985 - The Day After, 20 Aug 2013 (Rating: 1)

As lame as it gets ... !!!

1,5 / 5 .

Toobin', 20 Aug 2013 (Rating: 3)

The idea behind Toobin is great but the controls are a pain in the neck ... !!!

3 / 5 .

The Wild Bunch, 20 Aug 2013 (Rating: 3)

A collection of mini-games inside a bigger one . Cool stuff ...

This original idea could have been exploited much more ... !!!

2,5 / 5 .

Tetris 2, 20 Aug 2013 (Rating: 4)

A very fine Tetris version ... !!!

Rebelstar 2, 23 Aug 2013 (Rating: 3)

Strategy ! Alien vs. humans ! Good stuff !

3,5 / 5 .

Yumiko in the Haunted Mansion, 28 Aug 2013 (Rating: 3)

The idea of playing the role of a girl lighting candles in the dark with phantoms chasing her is rather nice , but the game-play seems to spoil things a little .

ps - The tune is also very inspiring !

3,5 / 5 .

Poogaboo, 29 Aug 2013 (Rating: 3)

I remember having played this as a teenager and I still think it is a pointless revision of an all time clssic Spanish video-game . . . a step back for Opera Soft ! ! !

2,5 / 5 .

Feud, 29 Aug 2013 (Rating: 3)

There´s nothing wrong with Feud but nothing -or very little- ever happens so ... what´s the point ?

3 / 5 .

Olli & Lissa II: Halloween, 29 Aug 2013 (Rating: 4)

Superb video-game with everything on its side to please me ... a creepy atmosphere coupled with plenty of charming and glittering details ... a must !!

4 / 5 .

Universal Hero, 29 Aug 2013 (Rating: 3)

Interesting Jet-Pac variation ... or shall we say evolution ??

3 / 5 .

Mad Nurse, 29 Aug 2013 (Rating: 3)

Nice game involving lifters , babies and nurses , weird in its whole .

3 / 5 .

Rex, 29 Aug 2013 (Rating: 4)

Cool game , clearly above average ...

4 / 5 .

Nemesis the Warlock, 29 Aug 2013 (Rating: 3)

An average platformer with confusing graphics and poor movements , but still playable . Worth a look !

2,5 / 5 .

Nebulus, 29 Aug 2013 (Rating: 3)

Cool stuff , but nothing out of this world !!

Arkanoid - Revenge of Doh, 29 Aug 2013 (Rating: 3)

Good , but not incredibly good .

3 / 5 .

Greyfell, 29 Aug 2013 (Rating: 3)

Poor isometric abortion , but still playable !!

2,5 / 5 .

It's the Wooluf!, 31 Aug 2013 (Rating: 2)

A bit primitive , but not totally bad ,,, in which other videogame you play the role of a sheperd dog ? ? ?

2 / 5 .

It's Raining Bombs, 31 Aug 2013 (Rating: 1)

Pretty poor and simple rendition of a classic game ...

Alpine Games, 02 Sep 2013 (Rating: 3)

Winter Games´ poor relative ...

2,5 / 5 .

Olympiad '86, 03 Sep 2013 (Rating: 2)

Orthopedic simulator ... !

2 / 5 .

E-motion, 04 Sep 2013 (Rating: 3)

Original idea with Albert Einstain as a sponsor ... !!

This game is good but it could have been much better ,,,

This is why I´m giving it only a 3 / 5 .

Brian Bloodaxe, 04 Sep 2013 (Rating: 2)

An average platformer with poor movements and nothing very new or special on its side to offer ...

2 / 5 .

Jock and the Time Rings, 04 Sep 2013 (Rating: 3)

Not bad for 1985 , only a bit slow ...

3 / 5 .

Master and Servant, 04 Sep 2013 (Rating: 3)

Colorful and charming ,,, C3PO is back on form !!

3 / 5 .

Jonah Barrington's Squash, 08 Sep 2013 (Rating: 4)

This is a great quality squash simulator !

A very nice and competent alternative to Match Point !

A bit difficult , though , but nothing too nasty !

4 / 5 .

St. Dragon, 09 Sep 2013 (Rating: 5)

A bloody marvelous shooter in the same vein as R-Type , for example ... in which you play the role of a sideral dragon facing intergalactic snails , wasps , squids , etc.

Incredible , supreme quality !

4,5 / 5 .

Rod-Land, 09 Sep 2013 (Rating: 4)

A nice kind of platformer ... !!!

3,5 / 5 .

Psycho Pigs U.X.B., 09 Sep 2013 (Rating: 4)

Pigs shooting bombs at each other ,,, sounds fun , doesn´t it ?

Original idea , although a bit chaotic at times .

3,5 / 5 .

Gimme Bright, 09 Sep 2013 (Rating: 3)

Original in its own bright terms ... !!!

SWIV, 10 Sep 2013 (Rating: 5)

Terra Cresta + 1942 = SWIV .

Too many bullets at the same time , but high quality stuff nontheless !!

5 / 5 .

Who Dares Wins II, 10 Sep 2013 (Rating: 5)

Excellent war-fare stuff with all the old virtues of games like Commando present on it !!!

5 / 5 .
This squash simulator is remarkable for several reasons ... but the key-system spoils part of the fun since it is almost impossible to hit two consecutive balls !!!

Transylvanian Tower, 13 Sep 2013 (Rating: 1)

Absurd from beginning to end !!

Devils of the Deep, 13 Sep 2013 (Rating: 2)

Whoever programmed this must get his brain checked ... !!!

1,5 / 5 .

Everest Ascent, 13 Sep 2013 (Rating: 4)

This game is a pretty decent challenge in which you must use strategy to climb onto the mont Everest ... think wisely before spend any peny , for your chance may not come again !!!

Good stuff !! Especially for strategy lovers like myself !!!

3,5 / 5 .

Ps - I don´t need to play a game to the full to realize its virtues , Boom Boom , and this is the case with Everest Ascent . I rate it so high because of the contrast it makes with the other two shitty games by the same author . This is , by far , the best of them !

Ps - You shouldn´t take my reviews so seriously , man !! I´m just a simple user who loves the Spectrum and everything related to it , including shitty games and shallow reviews ...

Boatit, 17 Sep 2013 (Rating: 2)

With improved playability this little game could have been a Spectrum all-time classic , but the discrete movements are so rough and random that spoil all of the fun , nevertheless , the presentation is cute and charming enough to remind us of the best days of the Spectrum . If only for this , Boatit deserves more than just 1 star .

1,5 / 5 .

Black Hawk, 17 Sep 2013 (Rating: 3)

This game is rather good , engaging and entertaining , but its scroll is kinda weird and it doesn´t contribute to the joy at all ... if it wasn´t for the scroll and limited movements I´d rate this much higher !!

2,5 / 5 .

Xevious, 17 Sep 2013 (Rating: 5)

This shooter is more than just good ... with many ingredients that make it satisfying and exciting for the player .

If you like Terra Cresta you will like this one too ... !!!

Advent, 17 Sep 2013 (Rating: 4)

An engaging video-adventure with a character of its own and very nice sound fxs !!!

A game where you can get lost , happily lost !!

3,5 / 5 .

River Rescue, 17 Sep 2013 (Rating: 2)

I prefer Boatit ...

1,5 / 5 .

Hard Cheese, 18 Sep 2013 (Rating: 4)

Hard Cheese is an amusing diversion combining several aspects of different classic games ...

The diabolical feature in this game is that you can kill yourself with your own fire , ironic , isn´t it ?

If you are like myself and enjoy simple but charming retro-games you will love this one !! ;-)

3,5 / 5 .

Road Racer, 18 Sep 2013 (Rating: 2)

What are you supposed to do in this primitive and ugly-looking racing simulator other than crashing your car time after time ?

1,5 / 5 .

Volcanic Planet, 18 Sep 2013 (Rating: 3)

Gauntlet´s poor relative ... !

Gold Rush, 18 Sep 2013 (Rating: 3)

A weird game with a very original plot , colorful and challenging , a sort of Tetris combined with some maze action , easy to get hooked ... a nice idea , for a change !!

If it wasn´t for the weird controls and akward movements I would rate this much higher ...

2,5 / 5 .

The Brick, 19 Sep 2013 (Rating: 3)

Arkanoid´s poor relative ... !

3 / 5 .

Moon Buggy, 02 Oct 2013 (Rating: 4)

A colorful and very interesting game in which you command a lunar vehicle over the surface of the moon ... shooting at baddies and jumping over a bumpy soil .

Nothng very new but still interesting ...

3,5 / 5 .

Star Warrior, 02 Oct 2013 (Rating: 4)

An above average space shooter with plenty of color and charm ,,, recommended !!!

Ps - Weird key disposition .

Infernal Combustion, 02 Oct 2013 (Rating: 3)

Not bad for 1984´s standards ...

Super Crap Invaders, 05 Oct 2013 (Rating: 5)

A very original, addictive and entrtaining mix between Jet Set Willy and Space Invaders with some very distinctive and funny touches -side fire included- ...

To be recommended !

4,5 / 5 .

Tai Chi Tortoise, 28 Oct 2013 (Rating: 3)

A very funny game full of screens with plenty of weird enemies and action !!

Recommended !

Earth Shaker, 28 Oct 2013 (Rating: 4)

Good but not excellent !

4,5 / 5 .

Bear Island, 06 Nov 2013 (Rating: 2)

Not bad for 1982 but this is primitive and dull ... 1,5 / 5 .

Birds, 06 Nov 2013 (Rating: 2)

This game is vintage in an ungraceful way ... 1,5 / 5 .

Bimbo, 06 Nov 2013 (Rating: 3)

This game is a true chase , but keys aren´t very responsive , otherwise I would have rewarded it higher !

3 / 5 .

Bullion Raider, 06 Nov 2013 (Rating: 3)

Plain but good !

Bronx, 06 Nov 2013 (Rating: 2)

Big and colorful graphics , excellent music but pretty rough and limited movements ... this aspect spoils an , otherwise , decent Spanish production .

2 / 5 .

Bouncing Berty, 06 Nov 2013 (Rating: 3)

Q-Bert´s poor relative ...

Q*Bert, 06 Nov 2013 (Rating: 2)

A very primitive attempt at making a video-game ...

Boomer, 06 Nov 2013 (Rating: 2)

This is how games used to be like in the early days ...

1,5 / 5 .

Moon Mission, 06 Nov 2013 (Rating: 2)

A 2-screens wonder !

Cheers and thumbs up for this Moon Mission !

Blitz, 06 Nov 2013 (Rating: 3)

Addictive and delightful !

BMX Kidz, 06 Nov 2013 (Rating: 3)

Cute , but not very playable !

2,5 / 5 .

Angler, 07 Nov 2013 (Rating: 2)

Cool and charming with the vintage old flavour of the Spectrum but , somehow , lacking something ... !!

2 / 5 .

Aerial Atak, 07 Nov 2013 (Rating: 2)

Too primitive for my taste ! Sorry !

To the Center of Earth, 07 Nov 2013 (Rating: 1)

I wish I could like this game , but this is unplayable !!

1,5 / 5 .

Motor Force, 07 Nov 2013 (Rating: 3)

This looks like 1983 rather than 1993 but it is still fun nontheless !!

SHUTTLEBUG, 07 Nov 2013 (Rating: 5)

Excellent stuff reminding me of the good old days of the Speccy ... !!!

Charming , addictive and highly playable ...

Duet, 07 Nov 2013 (Rating: 1)

Commando´s poor relative !

Pretty awful indeed ...

BAUBLE BLAST!, 09 Nov 2013 (Rating: 4)

A MERRY game in itself !

Mole Rat!, 09 Nov 2013 (Rating: 4)

Pretty-looking game featuring moles and ships !

Crossfire, 09 Nov 2013 (Rating: 3)

Pretty looking but hard to control !!

Pi There!, 09 Nov 2013 (Rating: 3)

Pretty looking mess !!

Penalty Soccer, 09 Nov 2013 (Rating: 2)

This game is so basic that it is charming in its simplicity ... !!

Apparently , there is no so much difference or added difficulty between levels ...

Rastan, 10 Nov 2013 (Rating: 4)

Like Connan or Barbarian but with ropes and wild animals along the way ,,,

Very 80´s and with a fine-sounding tune !!

Worth a try !

Really Knight, 10 Nov 2013 (Rating: 2)

Can´t load this one but it looks fun !! ;-)

Al Toro!, 11 Nov 2013 (Rating: 3)

Olé Toro´s poor relative ... :(

Odd Job Eddie, 11 Nov 2013 (Rating: 3)

Jet Set Willy´s poor relative ...

Pyramania, 11 Nov 2013 (Rating: 3)

Hard as Hell !!

Soft & Cuddly, 17 Nov 2013 (Rating: 4)

This game is morbid but in a funny way ,,,

4 / 5 .

The Hobbit, 17 Nov 2013 (Rating: 5)

This game plays like a movie , an excellent movie indeed !!

5 / 5 .

Xecutor, 21 Nov 2013 (Rating: 4)

Excellent shooter ! Clearly above average ...

4 / 5 .

Journey's End, 26 Nov 2013 (Rating: 4)

This game is one of the cutest things ever seen on a Speccy !!

4 / 5 .

World Cup, 28 Nov 2013 (Rating: 4)

I disagree with THE DEAN , this game is superior to Football Manager , more challenging , at least ... !!

Almost excellent , that´s my veredict !

4 / 5 .

Cabman, 29 Nov 2013 (Rating: 3)

Level 9 is soooo difficult you would´t believe it !!

Still a fine game ...

2,5 / 5 .

Gatecrasher, 30 Nov 2013 (Rating: 4)

Challenging , colorful , original , pretty good indeed ... only a bit too hard !!

Paul and the Lost Chalice, 01 Dec 2013 (Rating: 3)

Interesting retro-game with lost keys , trap doors , cranks and ladders ...

A bit outdated for 1988 .

Terror at Walcote Canyon, 01 Dec 2013 (Rating: 3)

Very basic but still fun !!

2,5 / 5 .

Sherezade, 04 Dec 2013 (Rating: 3)

A funny variant over the old Pac-Man theme ... !!!

3 / 5 .

Keop's Revenge, 04 Dec 2013 (Rating: 3)

I used to love these basic games back in the old days of the Speccy ... !!!

I miss them ...

El Duende Perdido, 04 Dec 2013 (Rating: 3)

My memories of this game are pure magic !!!

Edd the Duck, 04 Dec 2013 (Rating: 3)

Marvelous game full of magic although the painful scroll spoils things a little ...

2,5 / 5 .

Frontline, 05 Dec 2013 (Rating: 4)

A valid and very competent alternative to Commando ...

Draconus, 05 Dec 2013 (Rating: 4)

In case you were wondering whether Reptilians existed or not ...

3,5 / 5 .

Sabotage, 05 Dec 2013 (Rating: 3)

Big targets , double fire ,,, almost imposible not to hit the enemy . . .

MicroHobby Semanal 041-044, 05 Dec 2013 (Rating: 3)

Even if this is not the best Microhobby compilation these tapes still occupy a special place in my heart ...

Froggy 2, 07 Dec 2013 (Rating: 2)

Primitive but cute ... 2,5 / 5 .

20 Tons, 11 Dec 2013 (Rating: 5)

20 Tons of excellence ... that´s what I say ! ! !

5 / 5 .

La Bodega, 11 Dec 2013 (Rating: 2)

A bit confusing and with no clear goal , but still quite amusing and with a character of its own ... ! ! !

Two-Gun Turtle, 13 Dec 2013 (Rating: 2)

A sort of highly-playable Jet Pac mini-clone with a nice introductory tune but with not enough variety on it to keep us entertained for long ... ! ! !

Willow Pattern, 13 Dec 2013 (Rating: 3)

Nice and colorful Sabre Wulf variation with smooth movility and pretty cool decoration . . . not bad at all ! ! !

2,5 / 5 .

Attack of the Empire, 16 Dec 2013 (Rating: 2)

This game present some nice features , none of them redeems it from being a true failure , , ,

This could , and SHOULD be better ! !

1,5 / 5 .

Black Horse, 19 Dec 2013 (Rating: 5)

These are the sort of games I love ,,, a TRUE CHALLENGE for your brains !!!

Mr. Freeze, 14 Jan 2014 (Rating: 2)

Cute and charming retro-platformer , but nothing out of the ordinary ... ! ! !

1,5 / 5 .

Airwolf, 19 Jan 2014 (Rating: 4)

In spite of its maddening difficulty and awkward controls I still consider Airwolf to be a classic ! ! !

There is something quite appealing about this game that I cannot put into words . . .

3,5 / 5 .

Spectipede, 08 Feb 2014 (Rating: 3)

More than decent variation of an old theme ... 2,5 / 5 .

Paranoid Pete, 09 Feb 2014 (Rating: 2)

Cartoonish bullshit !

1,5 / 5 .

T.L.L., 12 Feb 2014 (Rating: 4)

More than good 3-dimensional flying-simulator . . . this game seems to have a good reputation in WOS but I don´t think it reaches perfection so I won´t give it a 5 but a 4,5 instead .

Great view and great flying feeling ! !

Golden Axe, 13 Feb 2014 (Rating: 4)

I don´t know why I hadn´t reviewed this game before but this conversion of the SEGA arcade classic is remarkably well done .

Not as spectacular as the original but colorful and utterly playable , nontheless ! ! !

Good job ! !

3,5 / 5 .

Super Mario Bros., 21 Feb 2014 (Rating: 4)

Monochrome magic !

4 / 5 .

Underwurlde, 07 Mar 2014 (Rating: 5)

This game looks so glamorous you cannot resist it ! ! !

A MUST HAVE for every Ultimate lover !

4,5 / 5 .

Soft Aid, 10 Mar 2014 (Rating: 4)

This must be one of the coolest compilations out there ! ! !


4,5 / 5 .

3D Vortex, 14 Mar 2014 (Rating: 1)

This looks poor and plays poor !

1,5 / 5 .

Sky Ranger, 20 Mar 2014 (Rating: 3)

A competent chopper simulator , but nothing to lose sleep over ! !

2,5 / 5 .

Nifty Lifty, 20 Mar 2014 (Rating: 4)

A dream of a game , and from the early years . . . 4 / 5 .

Dictator, 20 Mar 2014 (Rating: 4)

I used to enjoy this , and other games like this . . . 3,5 / 5 .

Galaxian, 20 Mar 2014 (Rating: 4)

Topnotch space shooter . 4 / 5 .

World Cup Carnival, 23 Mar 2014 (Rating: 1)

Awful mess with no redeeming feature at all ! ! !

How could this horrible bunch of bytes be ever released ? ?

World Cup Trash should be its title . . .

Tron, 23 Mar 2014 (Rating: 1)

Much worse than the film ! ! !

1,5 out of 5 .

Pi-Balled, 24 Mar 2014 (Rating: 2)

Ugly variation of an old theme . . . ! ! ! 2,5 out of 5 .

Lemmings, 25 Mar 2014 (Rating: 1)

Below average conversion of a legendary late game . . . this should have been much better ! ! !

1,5 / 5 .

All or Nothing, 25 Mar 2014 (Rating: 4)

This game is a killer ! ! This is The Great Escape two years before The Great Escape . . . 4 /5 .

Rifle Range, 27 Mar 2014 (Rating: 3)

If you enjoy fun-fairs you cannot miss this one ! ! ! Shoot for the prizes and don´t miss the target ! ! ! Quite fun ! ! ! This time ugly graphics don´t spoil the diversion . . . 3 / 5 .

Darkman, 28 Mar 2014 (Rating: 2)

As vulgar as the film ! !

2,5 out of 5 .

Matrix, 28 Mar 2014 (Rating: 2)

Grids , grids , grids , and more grids . . . ! ! !

1,5 out of 5 .

Gutz, 30 Mar 2014 (Rating: 2)

A very original plot spoiled by ugly graphics ! ! !

OCEAN misses the point once again .

2,5 out of 5 .

Castle Master, 02 Apr 2014 (Rating: 4)

Supreme atmosphere provided by supreme isometric graphics ! ! !

4 / 5 .

Zombie Calavera Prologue, 20 Apr 2014 (Rating: 5)

This is a superb videogame ! Fast and furious ! Highly playable and never boring ! 4,5 / 5 .

Juggernaut, 05 May 2014 (Rating: 5)

This reminds me of a golden era of the Spectrum gone forever . . . 4,5 / 5 .

Galactic Gunners, 16 May 2014 (Rating: 3)

This game is a lame copy of Penetrator .

Cowboy, 20 May 2014 (Rating: 3)

Wonderful year for the Spectrum and wonderful game . . .

This sort of basic / colorful games made me fall in love with the Spectrum many years ago .

Ideal for kids !

Fun , fun , and more fun !

3 / 5 .

Ps - The Dean , you are not the only Spectrum freak around here ! ;-)

Marcas, 20 May 2014 (Rating: 2)

This game seems written in 1982 instead of 1992 ! ! ! Good for the ZX81 but not for the Speccy . . .

1,5 / 5 .

Ps to The Dean - Yes ! We are a family ! ! Sir Clive Sinclair would be proud of us ! !

Beach Volley, 02 Jun 2014 (Rating: 3)

A fine attempt at simulating a volley match at the beach . . . sun , girls , and much fun ! ! !

Beach Volley is a winner with very fine graphics and a cool presentation .

Very recommended ! 3,5 / 5 .

Gangsters, 03 Jun 2014 (Rating: 2)

A cute and colorful mess . . . 1,5 / 5 .

Sai Combat, 29 Jun 2014 (Rating: 5)

More than decent martial-arts simulator .

Not as superb as The Way of the Exploding Fist but quite good indeed ! ! !

4,5 out of 5 .

Ps - For once , I must agree with Mr. Alessandro about this little matter .

Dynasty Wars, 29 Jun 2014 (Rating: 3)

This 90´s super-production misses the point almost completely . . .

2,5 out of 5 .

Thunder Blade, 29 Jun 2014 (Rating: 1)

I find this sort of simulators ? ? ? nauseating and boring and I wonder how on Earth can anybody play them . 1,5 / 5 .

Super Seymour Saves the Planet, 29 Jun 2014 (Rating: 3)

Cute , but not great !

2,5 out of 5 .

Tetris, 07 Jul 2014 (Rating: 4)

This game is a classic in its own right and it was a groundbreaking experience when it fisrt appeared ! ! ! 4 / 5 .

Tiger Road, 07 Jul 2014 (Rating: 3)

Although poor in its graphic presentation , my memories of Tiger Road are so fond that I cannot give this little classic a bad review . . . 3 / 5 .

Magic Johnson's Basketball, 29 Jul 2014 (Rating: 2)

A below-average basketball simulator with the name of Magic Johnson on it .

1,5 out of 5 .

El Mundo Magico, 29 Jul 2014 (Rating: 2)

I love this sort of graphic adventures but the authors of this game were not much inspired when they wrote this .

1,5 / 5 .

Pinball, 09 Aug 2014 (Rating: 3)

This is midway between Thro' the Wall and a Pinball Simulator and still retains a curious appeal in spite of its age , , , worth a try ! ! ;-)

2,5 out of 5 .

Mermaid Escape, 12 Aug 2014 (Rating: 3)

I just love these vintage old games in which the most important thing was to use your imagination . . . how I miss those good old days ! ! !

3 / 5 .

Ransom, 24 Aug 2014 (Rating: 3)

These old bytes made me fall in love with the Spectrum many years ago and they still retain some of their vintage charm ! RECOMMENDED !

2,5 out of 5 .

Blood Valley, 28 Sep 2014 (Rating: 3)

Blood Valley is a superb idea spoilt by a poor presentation . . . 2,5 / 5 ! ! !

Fred, 28 Sep 2014 (Rating: 4)

A very nice and accomplished Spanish ropes & ladders kind-of-adventure , precedent for the legendary Sir Fred ! ! !

Excellent stuff ! ! !

4 out of 5 !

Base de Datos, 29 Sep 2014 (Rating: 3)

This sort of utility used to rule back in 1986 ! ! !

Charming , good-looking and very useful program . . .

3 / 5 .

Brisca, 29 Sep 2014 (Rating: 5)

One of the best card-games for the Spectrum and one I used to play a lot with my missed grandfather . . .

5 stars for the memories ! ! !

I am about to weep right now . . .

Caramelos, 29 Sep 2014 (Rating: 3)

I used to play Caramelos - Sweets in Spanish - in my early years and , although I never quite understood it , I always fancied the colorful graphics and the simplistic setting ! ! !

. . . 3 points for the memories !

The Chess Player, 29 Sep 2014 (Rating: 2)

I never fancied this chess simulator although I tried . . . sorry , too slow for my liking ! ! !

2 points out of 5 .

Las Cuatro en Raya, 29 Sep 2014 (Rating: 3)

It has been ages since I last saw this . . . ! ! ! . . . whoau ! ! !

A cute-little game .

3 points for the fond memories . . .

Daley Thompson's Supertest, 29 Sep 2014 (Rating: 2)

Daley Thompson´s Decathlon was good enough , I never fancied this sequel . . .

2 out of 5 !

Espia, 29 Sep 2014 (Rating: 3)

A nice & cute hangman variation . . . ! ! !

3 out of 5 .

Gobbleman, 29 Sep 2014 (Rating: 5)

For me , there is no other . . . Gobbleman FOREVER ! ! !

1 , 2 , 3 , 4 . . . 5 / 5 .

International Match Day, 29 Sep 2014 (Rating: 4)

A little step back for Ocean , but still quite good . . . ! ! !

4 / 5 .

Match Day II, 29 Sep 2014 (Rating: 3)

A step further back for Ocean . . .

3 / 5 .

Millipede, 29 Sep 2014 (Rating: 5)

One of my fav games ever ! ! !

Fast-pathed and addictive . . .

5 / 5 .

Spectrum Micro Chess, 29 Sep 2014 (Rating: 4)

A game I used to love !

4 out of 5 .

Travel with Trashman, 29 Sep 2014 (Rating: 5)

This game is so nice and cute I don´t even need to play it for liking it . . .

5 / 5 .

Willy's Holiday, 15 Oct 2014 (Rating: 4)

Charming , cute , little game . . .

4 / 5 .

Jack Charlton's Match Fishing, 04 Nov 2014 (Rating: 4)

I just love strategic and eccentric games like this one here - glamorous and addressed to the mind , with picturesque landscapes - , and this is why I award this little gem with 4 big stars . . .

Lander, 06 Nov 2014 (Rating: 2)

Pure Spectrum !

Roborun, 06 Nov 2014 (Rating: 2)

These old Spectrum games used to be so charming that we can forget about the poor graphics ! ! !

2,5 out of 5 .

Spellbound, 06 Nov 2014 (Rating: 3)

This game is ugly in an attractive way . . . 3 / 5 .

Jackpot, 07 Nov 2014 (Rating: 2)

Sweet & glamorous ! ! !

Flux, 07 Nov 2014 (Rating: 3)

This game has a vintage flavour that I enjoy intensely in spite of its crude simplicity ! ! !

2,5 out of 5 .

Buccaneer, 09 Nov 2014 (Rating: 3)

Firebird used to excell at everything they did but this time they didn´t quite make it . . .

Limited movements = limited fun ! !

Too bad ! Wild hordes of enemies and only one bullet at a time ! ! ! !

This could have been good but it is only average , bad for FIREBIRD . . . 3 / 5 .

The Covenant, 11 Nov 2014 (Rating: 3)

The exploration element of The Covenant is almost the only good thing on its side . . .

Poor implementation of an old idea !

2,5 out of 5 .

Chickin Chase, 11 Nov 2014 (Rating: 3)

A cartoonish 48k wonder ! ! !

VALUATION : 3 / 5 .

Xavior, 11 Nov 2014 (Rating: 2)

Below average and pretty uninspiring . . . 2 / 5 .

Jason's Gem, 12 Nov 2014 (Rating: 5)

Jason´s Gem is a gem and a galactic wonder . . .

The old magic of the Spectrum is alive in this game ! ! !

LOVE IT ! 5 / 5 .

Basket, 12 Nov 2014 (Rating: 1)

This is rather paralympic basket . . .

0,5 out of 5 !

House of the Living Dead, 15 Nov 2014 (Rating: 2)

Too repetitive to be fun for long . . .

2 / 5 .

Death Before Dishonour, 17 Nov 2014 (Rating: 2)

If it wasn´t for the poor gameplay this could be a nice game . . .

2 out of 5 .

Ps - The music is clumsy and spoils things a little too much !

Alien Swarm, 20 Nov 2014 (Rating: 1)

Pointless & ugly . . . don´t bother with this one ! ! !

1 / 5 .

A Trick of the Tale, 21 Nov 2014 (Rating: 2)

Nice presentation but too complicated for my taste . . . ! ! !

1,5 out of 5 .

Mega-Apocalypse, 27 Nov 2014 (Rating: 2)

Nice 128k tune but gameplay here leaves a lot to be desired . . . 2,5 out of 5 .

Star Dragon, 04 Dec 2014 (Rating: 2)

Great 128k tune and sound fxs but the space here is too narrow to play ! ! !

2 out of 5 .

Ned's Garden, 04 Dec 2014 (Rating: 1)

Back to the beginning after losing a life . . . so damn hard ! ! !

1,5 out of 5 .

Poseidon: Planet Eleven, 05 Dec 2014 (Rating: 3)

Nice and colorful platformer with many chambers to explore . . . ! ! ! 3 / 5 .

Rocket Sid, 10 Dec 2014 (Rating: 1)

Poor Jet-Pac variation with plain graphics and very little to offer . . .

1 out of 5 .

The Yellow Submarine, 10 Dec 2014 (Rating: 1)

This proto-game is ludicrous in its crude simplicity . . . ! ! !

1 out of 5 .

Ps - The Beatle´s tune is a funny thing but is not enough to save this from mediocrity .

Gremlins, 10 Dec 2014 (Rating: 1)

. . . a very ugly game . . . !

1 out of 5 .

The Life of Harry, 23 Dec 2014 (Rating: 2)

Persia , Egypt , Brazil , Russia , America . . . The Life of Harry is a real tour around the world ! ! !

A shallow and childish idea presented with plain graphics .

Not much of a game but still playable !

2 out of 5 .

Summer Santa, 23 Dec 2014 (Rating: 2)

Too poor , even for the Spectrum ZX !

Especially considering the sheer brillaince of similar games like Pyjamarama . . . 1,5 out of 5 !

The Official Father Christmas Game, 24 Dec 2014 (Rating: 3)

Cute presentation but the game-play is tedious . . .

2,5 out of 5 .

Talos, 26 Dec 2014 (Rating: 3)

Pretty original but only average . . . ! ! ! !

2,5 out of 5 .

Mrs Mopp, 02 Jan 2015 (Rating: 3)

This game is charming and full of humor . . . I like it ! ! !

A girl designed and programmed this game , no doubt ! ! There is a female touch that you cannot resist in every detail ! !

Congrats miss Billet !

2,4 out of 5 . . .

Bubble Trouble, 03 Jan 2015 (Rating: 3)

Cute and full of the old Spectrum magic . . . Bubble Trouble should get more recognition from gamers all over the world ! ! !

2,5 out of 5 .

Raider of the Cursed Mine, 04 Jan 2015 (Rating: 2)

The idea is nice but the game-play is clumsy . . . . 2 / 5 .

Space Professor, 06 Jan 2015 (Rating: 2)

Ideal for kids ! ! Nice music and sound fxs ! ! !


1.5 out of 5 .

Lunar Rescue, 06 Jan 2015 (Rating: 1)

I cannot excuse this mess . . .

1 / 5 .

Tobor, 06 Jan 2015 (Rating: 1)

Uninspiring collection of old bytes . . .

1 / 5 .

Ali Baba, 08 Jan 2015 (Rating: 3)

A very interesting premise decently implemented . . . GOOD JOB ! ! !

3 / 5 .

Galactic Raiders, 10 Jan 2015 (Rating: 1)

Poor , very poor version of an old idea . . . 1,5 out of 5 .

Desert Burner, 12 Jan 2015 (Rating: 1)

Nice background , poor game ! ! !

1,5 out of 5 .

N.O.M.A.D., 14 Jan 2015 (Rating: 4)

N.O.M.A.D. was a very popular videogame back in its day and although I never played it I always fancied its fame & glamour . . .

N.O.M.A.D. is good for what it is and presents many hidden virtues . . . the inertia fx being one of them ! !

The movement of the Android is confusing at first but soon you get into it . The graphics are colorful and very attractive ! !

The shooting is poor and slow and doesn´t add action to the game . . .

This is a fine product , addictive and very 80´s . . . ! ! ! !

4,5 / 5 .

One on One, 15 Jan 2015 (Rating: 1)

This must be a joke ! !

0 / 5 .

Critical Mass, 15 Jan 2015 (Rating: 4)

Critical Mass is a cool game . . . but I don´t know why ! !

4 out of 5 .

It's a Knockout, 18 Jan 2015 (Rating: 3)

Some of the events are a pain in the arse but this is a truly engaging experience ! ! ! ! 3 / 5 .

Tales of the Arabian Nights, 18 Jan 2015 (Rating: 3)

Nice presentation , poor game-play . . . 3 / 5 .

Moon Cresta, 20 Jan 2015 (Rating: 4)

As the precursor of Terra-Cresta this is a very fine shooter ! ! !

The movements are slow but fluid , the shooting is ok . . . only one bullet at a time .

The graphics are a bit primitive but they do the job . . .

This looks like an good old-fashioned arcade-shooter .

Highly playable ! !

4 / 5.

Short Circuit, 20 Jan 2015 (Rating: 2)

Nice tune , nice graphics . . . but all the rooms look the same ! ! ! 2 / 5 .

Spectrum Cross, 20 Jan 2015 (Rating: 4)

This shit is good ! 3´5 / 5 .

Devil's Crown, 21 Jan 2015 (Rating: 2)

Pyjamarama´s poor relative . . . 2 / 5.

Roland's Rat Race, 22 Jan 2015 (Rating: 3)

Easy to get lost here ! ! ! Cool nontheless . . . 3 out of 5 .

Spitfire, 24 Jan 2015 (Rating: 3)

Big sprites , tedious game-play . . .

3 out of 5 .

Curro Jimenez, 24 Jan 2015 (Rating: 3)

Those were the last days of the ZX Spectrum . . . in the year 1989 I was 12 years old and I fancied these games almost too much ! ! ! But the Spectrum splendour was declining . . .

The monochrome graphics are annoying but the game-play is o.k. ! ! !

This is Game Over in a new dress . . . Nice scroll and nice shooting routine ! ! !

This game is highly playable but the monochrome settings are painful to look at ! ! !

Based upon a Spanish TV series . A late example of Spanish software . . .

3 out of 5 .

The Time Robbers, 24 Jan 2015 (Rating: 3)

Snakes & Gangsters . . . cool combination ! ! !

2,5 out of 5 .

Un, Dos, Tres Responda Otra Vez, 24 Jan 2015 (Rating: 3)

Based upon a Spanish TV show . . . this quizz software is entertaining enough for me ! ! !

Ps - The questions are in Spanish .

Nuclear Bowls, 25 Jan 2015 (Rating: 3)

Not bad , but a little bit primitive for a 1986 release . . . 3 / 5 .

Highway Encounter, 26 Jan 2015 (Rating: 5)

One of the best isometric games out there . . . 5 / 5 .

Alien Highway, 26 Jan 2015 (Rating: 4)

Good . . . but I see no serious improvement regarding the first part ! ! ! 4 / 5 .

Project Future, 26 Jan 2015 (Rating: 5)

Good stuff . . . ! ! ! Outstanding ! !

A labyrinth in a futuristic setting where you can easily get lost . Fast path , easy movements , colors everywhere . . . I love the idea and the execution ! !

4,5 out of 5 .

Android One, 26 Jan 2015 (Rating: 3)

Interesting premise . . . but to control the android is quite a task ! !

Nothing out of the ordinary but decent and playful . . .

3 out of 5 .

Android Two, 26 Jan 2015 (Rating: 2)

Diabolical maze game with no real sense of progression . . . a test to the nerves ! !

2,4 out of 5 .

Halaga, 26 Jan 2015 (Rating: 2)

Uninspiring and hard as hell ! ! ! !

1,5 out of 5 .

Dominator, 27 Jan 2015 (Rating: 2)

A poor late shooter with an ugly main tune and ugly sound fxs . . . ! ! !

Unoriginal and unrewarding , especially for 1989 ! ! ! !

2 out of 5 .

Trap, 27 Jan 2015 (Rating: 3)

Excusable shoot them up with some nice 3D backgrounds . . . worth a try ! ! !

Bangers & Mash, 27 Jan 2015 (Rating: 3)

Imaginative platformer with a nice tune and nice sound fxs . . . ! ! ! !

Colorful , charming and playful . . . A very nice experience ! ! !

Kids will love this sort of diversion ! ! ! 3 / 5 .

War Machine, 27 Jan 2015 (Rating: 4)

A very competent game but I prefer Game Over by Dinamic . . . 4 / 5 .

Mica Spremacica, 27 Jan 2015 (Rating: 3)

This game reminds me of Pick-Pocket almost too much . . . ! ! ! 3 / 5 .

Devil's Descent, 28 Jan 2015 (Rating: 4)

40 caverns full of amusement ! ! ! ! Some of them are tricky and devilish .

Colorful mini-game with plenty of charm , challenging and easy to master .

Not bad by any means ! ! 3,5 /// 5 .

Icicle Works, 29 Jan 2015 (Rating: 2)

I love wintery games involving snow and things like that but the scroll is so painful this time that my nerves won´t take it ! ! ! !

2 out of 5 . . .

Grand National, 29 Jan 2015 (Rating: 3)

This game scores too high in WOS and I wonder why . . .

Grand National is a correct video-game but it doesn´t deserve such a high score in my opinon .

Monochrome graphics and a cenital view of the race are the main features here . . . the fences are hard to negotiate ! !

Not bad , only average . . . 3 // 5 .

Subterranean Stryker, 02 Feb 2015 (Rating: 4)

A step further into the abyss . . .

Bad scroll , cool game ! ! ! !

4 out of 5 .

Herbert's Dummy Run, 04 Feb 2015 (Rating: 5)

The Spectrum at its best ! ! ! !

5 out of 5 .

Luna Rover, 04 Feb 2015 (Rating: 4)

This game is tricky but I like it ! ! !

Krypton Raiders, 05 Feb 2015 (Rating: 4)

I would have loved this back in the 80´s ! ! !

Stunning video-game with a seducing futuristic setting . . .

Soft movements and cute graphs make a perfect game . Pure enjoyement ! ! !

Spanish software at its best ! !

Ps - The scroll is the main letdown here . This is why I am not giving my 5 stars , , , also because you die too fast ! ! !

4.5 / 5 .

Timezone, 06 Feb 2015 (Rating: 2)

A green pony - faster than light - lost inside a labyrinth chased by killer umbrellas . . . if that´s your idea of fun this is for you ! ! !

1.5 out of 5 .

Grand Prix Tennis, 08 Feb 2015 (Rating: 1)

Decent tennis but miles away from Match Point . . . 1,5 out of 5 ! ! !

Drug Watch, 09 Feb 2015 (Rating: 2)

This game is sinister in a very funny way . . . ! ! ! ! !

1,5 out of 5 .

Robotron, 11 Feb 2015 (Rating: 1)

Absurd from start to finish ! ! ! !

1 out of 5 .

Wild West Hero, 12 Feb 2015 (Rating: 2)

A very poor and unispiring diversion . . . 2 / 5 .

Astroball, 25 Feb 2015 (Rating: 3)

A very original and interesting premise marred by poor presentation , poor scrolling and lack of perspective ! ! ! Playable nontheless . . . 2,5 / 5 .

Ps 1 - The intro tune is stunning ! ! !

Ps 2 - Touch the ground and you are dead .

MODERATE RETRIBUTION, 27 Feb 2015 (Rating: 3)

A curious title for an average-monochrome shooter ! ! !

3 out of 5 .

Squamble, 01 Mar 2015 (Rating: 2)

Monochrome rubbish ! !

2 out of 5 .

Witchfiend, 05 Mar 2015 (Rating: 3)

Atic Atac´s poor relative . . .

2,5 out of 5 .

Tidy Tony, 05 Mar 2015 (Rating: 2)

Poor but not awful . . .

1,5 out of 5 .

Strike Force Cobra, 16 Nov 2016 (Rating: 4)

A fine action game that caused a sensation back in the day because of its cute graphics and all . . .