Reviews for Xmas Eve (#26073)

Review by Jordy on 24 Dec 2014 (Rating: 3)

This is actually a nice fun game. All you do is retrieve the falling presents and drop them down the chimney, when all houses have a present the game resets and you start again. The snow under the roof of a house is the timer and when you fail to deliver the gift when the snow melts the game ends. The one problem I have is its speed. I'm okay with it speeding up with each level but this game starts off fast and it doesn't give you a lot of time to get the presents, but the game can be helpful in that it drops the present directly in the chimney without your assistance, so did your gift come from Santa Claus or directly from the sky? A gift from God perhaps? But I really enjoyed this game but because it's the same level every time and it's fast from the start I can't score this more than 3. But this is pretty much how a Christmas game should be.

Review by snekeel on 24 Dec 2014 (Rating: 3)

I was expecting this to be a lot worse, but it's actually pretty decent. We shouldn't ask for much in a type-in game, and there isn't much in it, but it's quite an enjoyable game and while a number of type-in games are painfully slow, this plays at a nice speed. So I was surprised at the quality of this.

Review by YOR on 24 Dec 2017 (Rating: 3)

Simple and quite enjoyable but again it's too much of the same game throughout. But there's been a lot worse and so I'll give this credit but being at least playable.