Reviews for Zbylut Owrzodzien w Kamiennym, Kurwa, Zajebanym Czarcim Kregu (#27943)

Review by Stack on 15 May 2013 (Rating: 3)

AKA: Crapbert Buttslut in the Muthafuckin' Damn Stone-Circle of the Devil

At the start of this game you are kindly invited to 'Fuck off to hell' a challenge I willingly accepted.
Collecting devil stones and vodka is only part of the platforming obstacle if you are to consequently escape from hell as you also have to contend with the most joyously lurid screens to ever grace the Spectrum as well as overcome a devil-may-care attitude to colour clash that often renders our hero, a kind of square headed calipers, to camouflage into the platforms.
CBITMDSCOTD is one of a raft of Arcade Game Designer (AGD) games to hit the Speccy in the last couple of years, testament to AGD creator, Jonathan Cauldwell's unique prowess in 'keeping the scene alive'.
Bar the lurid coulours it is nothing original on the surface – jump, collect items, reach exit, next screen – but there is a strong sense of identity about this game that is every bit as trippy aurally as it is to look at.
99 lives are given. Let the strange twitchy-trippy rhythm of the game suck you in and you will piss these lives away. I lost 50+ lives in the first 15 screens, before turning off the sound on my laptop and trying to come out of the trance, eventually limping across the completion line – screen 35 - with just 19 lives intact.

Misc Positives
Manic Miner, Egghead and Sir Lancelot are all influences, but taken as a whole, the game creates an atmosphere all of its own. The screen also wraps around and you can move a bit in the air leading to some nice novel challenges. Each screen is fairly well designed and is gurarded by up to 4 types of devil. The Flying Devils are the most fun to evade.
Not only that but you can learn some useful curses in Polish if you download that version from the archive.
Oh, and the musical composition is skilled beyond the call of duty.

Misc Negatives
Each screen is headed with 'Devil Will Tear Your Head Off!!!' and is accompanied by the same picture to the right of the playing area. It would be nice to change this in favour of variety, both to lend the player a sense of progression through the game and also to flourish more insults and threats and so be more in keeping with CBITMDSCOTD's arsy attitude.
It is a bit too easy to press jump twice when once was enough.
It would be nice if taking the vodka changed some element of the play - perhaps some staggerring, haze, vomit or an invite to become a Polish MP.

Its a bit gangsta. Its a lot magenta. It'll save you a stack of cash wasted on LSD. 3.1/5

Review by dandyboy on 16 May 2013 (Rating: 3)

Cool music , flashing graphics , good movements , still there is something lacking in here ...

Don´t know what it is but Zbylut doesn´t quite reach the charm and brilliance of other titles like Manic Miner , for example .

Nice try , though ... ;-)

Review by YOR on 05 Dec 2018 (Rating: 2)

I liked the simple concept of the game, then realised it wasn't so simple, the game gives you 99 lives for a reason. It has a nice look but the gameplay seems off with the constant quick deaths, hence they give you 99 lives. The in-game music is nice, but it doesn't help the game itself from being a bit of a frantic mess.

Review by DanielBzD on 22 May 2019 (Rating: 3)

Esse é um jogo de plataforma bem cru. A física, os controles, e outros detalhes são bem grosseiros. E no entanto, é divertido, e o design das fases tem momentos sapecas.

A arte em particular é ao mesmo tempo tosca e caprichada. Desenhinhos de palitos que não merecem ser chamados de pixel art, mas numa disposição de cores gritantes claramente intencional e, de certo modo, agradável!

Não tem efeitos sonoros, mas a música é ultra dançante pra compensar.