Reviews for MODERATE RETRIBUTION (#28022)

Review by Stack on 27 Feb 2015 (Rating: 4)

An absolute must for anyone who loves to viciously stick a doughnut in the ring, or even shoot your load into an onrushing boss winkle.
At first this game lives up to its moderate billing, a nice but andante scrolling experiment of a game that is showing us what can be done using the SEUD game making utility, but the slow movement - reversing is treacle - is perfectly suited to the softening reactions of its haggard old audience of Spectrum Die-Hards, who have somehow managed to keep their wrist action supple enough to have a good old play on special occasions.
Its an admirable plan, flying in the face of Spectrum history by being eminently completable, so that you can actually get to go through all the loveable stages with a little practice. Some beforeplay to warm up is advisable before any all-in assault, or you may find the final passage too narrow in spite of your best attempts at rapid fire finger work.
So you can penetrate this space tunnel right to the brief congratulations climax without gathering a 'reward' brood of nagging teenage winkles.
Moderate Retribution at last.

Review by dandyboy on 27 Feb 2015 (Rating: 3)

A curious title for an average-monochrome shooter ! ! !

3 out of 5 .

Review by The Dean of Games on 05 Mar 2015 (Rating: 3)

2013 Stonechat Productions (UK)
by Dave Hughes and Dr Thomas

A fun tribute to shoot 'em up's. You get the usual nasties and a final boss for each level. No power up's, though. The game was authored by S.E.U.D. (which goes to show how good it is) with a few enhancements authorized by Jon Cauldwell himself.