Reviews for Skurff (#30026)

Review by Ketmar on 11 Aug 2020 (Rating: 4)

This game doesn't have great graphics or sound, but don't let that disappoint you: it is surprisingly playable! To complete all screens, you will need both your brains, and your arcade skills. Carefully plan your route, watch for your timing, and you'll succeed.

The game is small and simple, but it definitely has "let's try one more time" magic.

Review by The Dean of Games on 11 Aug 2020 (Rating: 3)

2013 Stonechat Productions (UK)
by Dave Hughes

A game authored by the Classic Game Designer, also written by Dave Hughes.
It's a platform puzzle-type game, with simple but quirky fun looking sprites, reminiscent of the NES games, it demands fast reflexes but also plenty of strategy, specially in the more advanced levels.
May look simple but it's in fact quite good and well written.