Wonderful Dizzy
Release Date  2020/Dec/18
Original Publisher  The Oliver Twins (UK)
Min. Hardware  ZX-Spectrum 128K
Language  English
Genre  Arcade Game: Adventure
Max. Players  1
Graphical Views  Side-view 2D Graphics

     The Oliver Twins (UK) - Game Design/Concept
     Evgeniy Barskiy - Code
     Dmitri Ponomarjov (Estonia) - In-game Graphics
     Oleg Origin (Russia) - In-game Graphics
     Jarrod Bentley (UK) - In-game Graphics
     Marco Antonio del Campo (Spain) - Load Screen
     Sergey Kosov - Music

Series "Dizzy"
     1. Dizzy(1987)by Code Masters Ltd (UK)
     2. Treasure Island Dizzy(1989)by Code Masters Ltd (UK)
     3. Fantasy World Dizzy(1989)by Code Masters Ltd (UK)
     4. Magicland Dizzy(1990)by Code Masters Ltd (UK)
     5. Spellbound Dizzy(1991)by Code Masters Ltd (UK)
     6. Dizzy, Prince of the YolkFolk(1991)by Code Masters Ltd (UK)
     7. Crystal Kingdom Dizzy(1992)by Code Masters Ltd (UK)
     8. Wonderful Dizzy(2020)by The Oliver Twins (UK)

Main File Downloads
WonderfulDizzy.tap.zipOriginalZX-Spectrum 128K(None)English - v1.5

Additional File Downloads
     wonderfuldizzy0OriginalRemote link
     0036568-load-1.scr6,912OriginalLoading screen
     0036568-run-1.scr6,912OriginalRunning screen
     0036568-run-2.scr6,912OriginalRunning screen
     0036568-run-3.scr6,912OriginalRunning screen
     WonderfulDizzy_Front.jpg628,891OriginalInlay - Front
     WonderfulDizzy_Map.jpg663,404OriginalGame map
     WonderfulDizzy_IntroStoryboard.jpg544,843OriginalOriginal artworkEnglish
     wonderfuldizzy.zip0OriginalRZX playback file - Recorded by Pavel Plíva and Jamie Angus (with rollback)

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