General info for: The Story So Far Vol 4
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Distribution denied
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Machine Type:
ZX-Spectrum 48K
Maximum Players:
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Other platforms:
Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64
Average mag. score:
59.67% (3 reviews)
vols.1&3 were for 16-bit computers

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Compilation Contents
Tape/Side/#: 1-A-1
Release Year: 1984
Tape/Side/#: 1-B-1
Release Year: 1986
Tape/Side/#: 2-A-1
Release Year: 1987
Tape/Side/#: 2-B-1
Title: Wonder Boy
Release Year: 1987
Tape/Side/#: 3-A-1
Title: Quartet
Release Year: 1987
Tape/Side/#: 3-B-1
Release Year: 1985
Page: 92 (PDF) (VIEW)
Article Type: Review
Score: 60%
Page: 74 (PDF) (VIEW)
Article Type: Review
Score: 62%
Page: 105 (PDF) (VIEW)
Article Type: Review
Score: 57%
Page: 5 (PDF) (VIEW)
Article Type: News/Note - Pack to the future
Page: 75 (PDF) (VIEW)
Article Type: Feature - Attack of the Compilations!
Page: 9 (PDF) (VIEW)
Article Type: News/Note
Page: 41 (PDF) (VIEW)
Article Type: Advert
Page: 3 (PDF) (VIEW)
Article Type: Advert