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ZX-Spectrum 48K
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As you down your last pint of the night at the pub you hear talk of pearls down in Bight Cove. Disappointed with your meagre catch of fish in the straights of Dogger, you had come to the Seamen’s Arm to drown your sorrows in ale. But this news of pearls has given you an aim - to go out early the next morning to see what you can find; who knows, you might return with a boatful of riches! When you arrive at the cove you must retrieve each oyster separately - the oysters are of such a size that you must collect them one by one. As you are only a poor fisherman you must make do with a small oxygen tank, enough just for 90 minutes of searching. Avoiding hazards costs time, but you may be lucky enough to find an old air tank on the sea bottom which will add a few extra minutes to your dwindling strength. In order to recover all five oysters you should map your journey through the deeps, or you may never see the sun again. The cove holds many dangers for the unwary diver… Good luck!

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