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Never released
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ZX-Spectrum 48K
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At the end of Underwurlde, the player can escape through three different exits. Each exit mentions a different game in which Sabreman is to take part. The first two are Knight Lore and Pentagram. The third is Mire Mare.
Stuart Campbell, in his article "The Games Time Forgot" (in the last ever issue of Your Sinclair), says the game probably never got past the stage of being a title and this seems to be the general opinion of the game's status.
In 2002, a supposedly ex-employee of Ultimate claimed that the game did in fact exist. According to him, Mire Mare was coded before Gunfright. Chris and Tim Stamper were planning to sell out to U.S. Gold and wanted to keep Mire Mare back as a Grand Finale so Gunfright was released first. However the sell out was completed more quickly than first thought. U.S. Gold wanted to put Ultimate's back catalogue of games out on their budget label, Kixx and approached Chris and Tim Stamper asking where Mire Mare was as they wanted to put it out on the Kixx label as well. The Stampers weren't impressed with U.S. Gold and told them Mire Mare wasn't ready ("although basically it was"). However Martyn Carroll debunked this story in Retro Gamer #105, declaring it "clearly a hoax" after identifying the source and talking to other Ultimate/Rare staff stating: "no one remembered this guy or saw anything to support his claims regarding Mire Mare".

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