Reviews for The Lost Tapes of Albion (#27587)

Review by gabriele amore on 26 Jun 2013 (Rating: 5)

Well here is a very good, fun, crazy and addictive game.

I love every single bit about this game: the action, the idea, the colors and gfx.

The outakes are funny and the whole game is just a little gem.

Plus Dave Hughes has created a nice, very distinguished little character and I will always envy him for that!

I keep playing the game and I can never have enough of it even if I am not so good at it. Just for the fun of seen some of those huge colorful monsters coming out and chasing you.

I would gladly give it a 4.5 (just because i gave factory daze 5 and this one does not have a in-game tune) but since we do not have this mark in our system, well I will "have" to give it 5! :D

Review by spud on 15 Aug 2013 (Rating: 5)

I don't think it would surprise anyone to know how much I love this damn game.

The quirky tapes you are rewarded after each completed level are genuinely funny, the wonderful graphics of the sprites have so much character.

The difficulty level is pitched well although you'll need every single one of those 30 lives to get through it all. The final game over sequence should you win it is a marvel, and well worth persevering with - there is no lazy flashing GAME OVER nonsense here.

Not only the best game in the Moebius series, but I'd say it was the best game of 2012. No contest.

Review by dandyboy on 15 Aug 2013 (Rating: 4)

This game is cute from the title to everything else ,,, but I miss some shooting here .

The platforms system is pretty original and the game plays fairly well ,,, still that´s not enough to become a true classic .

Ps - The messages after each screen are hilarious and you don´t expect them . The authors must be smart people apart from Spectrum lovers .

3,5 / 5.